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  2. Wtf are you guys smoking? It's been on ps3 since day 1 it's an annoying glitch especially when I'm running trains the red beams go to the bank and go through the buses head lights its nothing more than a glitch it will get patched soon hopefully :)
  3. Add xterizorz on Xbox live and ill show you it in theater it happend at round 11
  4. I have heard 115 an arcade version today while playing nuketown it's wired because its normally coming home that plays has anyone else experienced this?
  5. I had the same orb in the mystery box it looks like the lights from shangri la also the laundromat door shoots out beams of light when I aim at it. The orbs are red And blue
  6. I think Treyarch haven't brought them back yet because we would get bored of them and maybe they'll be back in the final dlc
  7. So I was repeatedly shooting the bus driver with my M1911 and suddenly sparks came out of the bus driver has this hAppend to any one else? And I'd be more than happy to show you on theatre my Xbox live is my forum name :)
  8. You can do this in other places to I think I heard someone mention it before
  9. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YHxPpsHR62k what the heck?
  10. I can show you it on theatre mode add lonelyisland123 (Xbox live)
  11. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fSX2eigz8jY
  12. Pacification evoloution Norad Independence Sucker
  13. I was near the laundry room and I heard Nikolai say something I checked the game files and there voices are no where to be found I have it saved in theatre mode I can upload it to YouTube Btw I have not completed the tower of babble yet all I have is a nav card The exact quote was by Nikolai saying you know I was on fire once it was no fun.
  14. Go to charlie intel.com I would post the pics but I'm on my phone and its not a pornogrophy website throw ack to Der rise?
  15. Firstly they're is a big power box and you can destroy it by throwing grenades at it and there are wires connected to the power box which keep spewing electric out of them also you can damage the fallout shelter with grenades it gets all cracked and they're are two small power boxes on each house which wires connect to and also at the start of a game you can hear Samantha laughing in an innocent way sorry for the grammar I'm on my iPhone
  16. I miss the original characters that's my only disappointment
  17. Why do I have a nav card every game I play I have honestly not completed the tower of babble I don't understand how I keep having nArds
  18. In the juggernog room there is a window with a glowing orb in it I used to be able to break the glass on the window but now it's impossible to break I emptied a whole mag of my hamr into it to
  19. I never have experienced frame rate drops on black ops 2 I'm on the Xbox
  20. I found something funny Tank dempseys character model is in black ops 2 on the mission with karma on the hotel hes wearing casual civillian clothes haha
  21. I Was Playing Tranzit With A Bunch Of Randoms We Were All In The Farm Area I Was Upstairs In The Creepy House Someone Got Down :roll: But Then I Heard An Alarm Ringing Similar To The Sound In No Mans Land Does Anyone Have Any Idea What It was??? Thanks btw First Post Ftw :D
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