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  1. Its fall damage. You have to take it slow and heal up before you keep going.
  2. If you just read what he wrote it would give answer to your comment... Anyways I don't think its a glitch. Richtofen laughs when it happens. It has only ever happened to me when I had Who's Who and I believe I also had an AN. It is a risk involved in going that route.
  3. They are called Jumping Jacks This video will explain: 4-ARbkHzaX0
  4. You can't activate them all at the same time. So for example you shoot off the heads. When u try to activate the bears it will not let you. Also it is best to shoot the heads off first because if you do so while another song is going it will not count the heads you shot off and you will not be able to activate it. (
  5. Thanks guys. And no. I refuse to look at coding. Like I said in the video. I spent all day and tried EVERYTHING! As soon as I thought of this I knew it was how to do it.
  6. Just an update. I wanted to check to see if the bomb was necessary and it isn't! You can get any drop from the drop shelter.. Which is nice because you can active the song at more convenient times.
  7. Here you guys go! HY3eW_OviYg EDIT: You do NOT need to grab a bomb. You can get any drop as long as the clock is at 1 and the population counter is at 15.
  8. Now technically speaking this is glitching. So let me start off by saying that I am completely against glitching/hacking 100%. However if it is only for your fun and does not count toward any stats or leaderboards than I say have fun. That is my opinion. So I wouldn't post this if it affected leaderboards/stats. Now onto the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... P5hcAk-UKE 6P5hcAk-UKE
  9. a2ffasf8qUw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2ffasf8qUw
  10. Im actually pretty surprised at how many chose Richtofen. I thought the majority was going to choose Maxis for sure.
  11. I chose Richtofen. I feel that in the end he will make the more morally correct choice. So far everything he has done has helped. He has released Samantha from the pyramid. While under its influences Richtofen/Samantha don't really have much control under their actions or behavior. Looking at Maxis he has Nuked earth and currently as much as we know is destroying all electronics. Although personally I think Maxis is a better person.
  12. Who do you follow? Richtofen or Maxis. Place your vote and leave a message why you chose that person. Also this doesn't matter on what side of the easter egg you have done, just your personal preference.
  13. I noticed that both the in game images and the TRANZIT map have lava in them. Also there is a lot of ash floating around that I know people previously thought could have been from the "MOON" explosion. The North Highway Diner and the bus stop obviously are all in english and while that could be anywhere I want to say I think this map takes place in the US. Looking at this map we can see the most active volcanoes currently ( http://geology.com/most-dangerous-volcanoes.shtml ). Now the explosions from moon could have created this elsewhere. But just going with facts lets see if we can take some guesses as to where this map takes place? Hawaii?
  14. There usually is an audio que or some sort of visible button to start the EE. After that they give you clues on what to do for the next step. Usually these things are new items on the map that weren't there before, interacting with weapons that are new to that map, or deciphering clues with things like morse code.
  15. Easter Eggs are what I play zombies for. I think I have the most fun trying to figure them out. Honestly I want a challenge. Something just so insanely hard to figure out. I would love the return of a bunch of informative pieces like in Der Reise. Like that brick that lowered into the ground with the paper under it. But seperate from the main EE. Actually I would love to create some of these EE. I think that would be fun. Im always doing puzzles.
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