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  1. You can also get the red insta-kill now, and the zombie pathing seems to be screwed up badly, half the zombies are just running in completely random directions i swear.
  2. The claymores disappearing was added in a patch, if you get hit holding a claymore it will disappear, dont get hit by a zombie while holding it and you'll be fine. Some glitches for ps3, * After jumping through a teleporter you can come out the other side but the screen stays black, you can move around until you die but you can't see (only ever happened above round 30) * If you have mustang and sally and a ray gun and they both run out of ammo you will have crazy glitched out gun parts blocking the screen when you switch weapons (probably possible with other weapons) * If host migrates while playing tranzit the sky will be a different colour and lamposts will lose their green lights for the rest of the game. * Sound will randomly become a garbled mess and not work again until you restart black ops II * If standing on top of the bus zombies that are also on top can hit you from the other end of the bus * No beams of light on laundromat doors * After patch on 31/01 in green run map selection the left arrow function has moved to the up arrow
  3. It could be similar to what happened to me once, I was playing in the tunnel, ran to the diner at the end of a round (30) and when I got there a lot of things were missing like signs, the gas pumps etc and there where just random black boxes where they should've been. My game froze as soon as we started the next round. I'm assuming it was just the game slowly dying. Possibly the same thing?
  4. Does anyone know why when you throw grenades through the crack in the bridge they still explode, even though they fall into a river of lava, while everywhere else on the map they will not explode when they touch lava?
  5. It's spelt Navcard, not NAVcard or NAV card, no capitals = no acronym = no net asset value. But i do think it is a good idea to track the navcards throughout games and note when and where they are appearing and dissapearing etc.
  6. There is no way they will stop making zombies it just draws in too much cash, which is what it's all about at the end of the day, and I for one am happy to throw them whatever they want in return for zombies. The enjoyment I get out of playing zombies is rivalled only by minecraft. I personally think that we will see Richtofen and Maxis begin to work together against a common enemy, that is, whoever is controlling the controller inside the pyramid. Probably the vrilya, although I'm not that well versed on all the theories around that. Just my $1.15 worth
  7. Getting heaps of kills on easy won't help your stats much, you need to be playing standard. Edit: it may raise your k/d quickly but won't affect your emblem ranking as much as playing on standard does.
  8. I saw the orb on the traffic light today for the first time and i was playing as Samuel, I have also seen the orb on the mystery box with every character. I have also completed Richtofens side about a month ago.
  9. There was an update a couple of days ago on the ps3 and now I've noticed a couple of scores over 9,999, Is this an unrelated case of people glitching the leaderboards or has Treyarch upped the limit seeing as how it's been beaten so easily? Anyone know?
  10. He might get confused because when you play TranZit on green run it doesn't say playing TranZit on Green Run under your gamertag it just says TranZit, whereas if you're playing survival it says playing survival on Nuketown/Town/Farm/Bus Depot
  11. I noticed yesterday that there was a new high score on the PS3 Town Survival 2 player leaderboards where a player got 15688 kills, 0 downs, and 0 revives, is this a cheat or what? Also I've seen a few of the top PS3 records where the players have 0 downs, how is that possible? Do you not need to down yourself to end the game for the score to count? :!:
  12. This seems extremely similar to L4D to be honest, and as a zombie in that it was extremely hard to actually kill the person, and wasn't much fun since basically all you're doing is running straight at them and then dying, and since the zombies in black ops don't even have any special abilities like in L4D well.. I think I'll stick to my TranZit and survival, but it's good to see that the diner will possibly be playable as a survival map finally.
  13. At 0:18 listen between the firing of the bullets and reloading the clip, there is some strange noise, but it could just be atmospherics.
  14. This actually happened to me today as well, I teleported to town, grabbed cash, got jug and stamin up and then ran to turn the power on and noticed that my stamin up was lit up still even though I had my turbine with me and hadn't turned on the power? I thought it was just glitching out? I'm going to go back and try and find that game right now.
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