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  1. The claymores disappearing was added in a patch, if you get hit holding a claymore it will disappear, dont get hit by a zombie while holding it and you'll be fine. Some glitches for ps3, * After jumping through a teleporter you can come out the other side but the screen stays black, you can move around until you die but you can't see (only ever happened above round 30) * If you have mustang and sally and a ray gun and they both run out of ammo you will have crazy glitched out gun parts blocking the screen when you switch weapons (probably possible with other weapons) * If host migrates while playing tranzit the sky will be a different colour and lamposts will lose their green lights for the rest of the game. * Sound will randomly become a garbled mess and not work again until you restart black ops II * If standing on top of the bus zombies that are also on top can hit you from the other end of the bus * No beams of light on laundromat doors * After patch on 31/01 in green run map selection the left arrow function has moved to the up arrow
  2. DashedDreams

    Green run is traversing different levels of space and time

    Aren't all those things explained away by using element 115, I wasn't aware that group 935 made the robotic bus driver.
  3. DashedDreams

    Green run is traversing different levels of space and time

    This is the quote that is heard when turning off the road out of the tunnel to the diner. What it seems to suggest is that T.E.D.D uses the GPS system until his collision detection detects the roadblock at which point it switches to automatic pathfinding mode. I think there is plenty of evidence to place at least T.E.D.D after 1994, first lets assume that his intended course was to continue down the road that is blocked, everything excluding the bus depot may have been sitting there for a long time which explains why he may not fit in exactly. The Global Positioning System was not begun until 1973 and not completed until 1994, so until it had been fully completed there would not be complete coverage of the globe which would result in it being an unreliable system to guide a vehicle which is meant for the transportation of civilians. And realistically it would take years after that before such a system would be trusted to be actually implemented. Also T.E.D.D's A.I is on the verge of being sentient which is obvious in his acute situational awareness and organic responses. The capability for this sort of sophistication is far from being feasible even now if you take a look at our best A.I systems. So it has to be at least in the 2020's. Maybe I'm just over analysing.
  4. DashedDreams

    Green run is traversing different levels of space and time

    Also, GPS wasn't developed until 1973 and even then wasn't fully operational until 1994 (according to wikipedia) and TEDD has his Global Positioning System navigation error en route to the diner which I would assume means that he uses GPS yes?
  5. DashedDreams

    Numbers in Green Run Question

    It's 0246378 43006 On the keypads in the PaP and there are also buttons under the numbers that are lit up although I can't make anything of them. 22708 in the power station next to the switch I already had a photo of this in my collection :D

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