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What is your favorite game mode?

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HQ, all the way. With a little Domination on the side.

u get mad kills in hq n its 20 min long that's y I like it

The length time does provide a nice opportunity to get a boatload of kills, not to mention points as well, especially if you start holding down the HQ a lot and rack up those defends/attack bonuses alongside the points you get every couple of seconds for holding it down.

It is also easy as shit to sneak up on noobs who don't really know any better and wipe out a whole team from behind.

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In general I do enjoy domination & demolition, I like the suspense, can you hold/plant it quick enough.

I have recently been playing a little bit of sabotage because of the 20 minute time limit, for some reason I haven't played HQ in a while... I will at some point!

I don't like S&D because I like to rush & get into the game, when I play S&D you don't respawn so I don't tend to get far. I also dislike capture the flag, don't ask why but I just don't enjoy it.

I too am looking forward to hardpoint & am looking forward to playing the 'party games' again, I loved them in Black Ops but I'm worried this time there won't be that thrill there was before because we aren't betting anything.

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