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  1. Ah yes, the prayer ritual. Cult members often believe that they bring favor from the box. The more elaborate and difficult the more likely to obtain a blessing. If cornered by the brethren, follow these instructions to live. Most cultist are recruited as young children, lost due to a lack of a proper leader. If threatened, and you have a mic, use your superior knowledge to frustrate and make them take their own lives out of rage. Otherwise grief them through other methods (knifing, etc.). Also just keeping enough distance will save you trouble. Good luck and be safe.
  2. Just some comments from a former cult member. I was one a few years ago, mainly because I only played at friends houses. A cult member doesn't think for more than the current round. Often times they sit in one spot near the box because they are to preoccupied by their "lord" to commit "sins" such as buying perks or running trains. The PaP is only for elites who gain a lot of points and have 1+ wonder weapons. Otherwise 950 points mean an immediate trip to the box. A cultist would not hesitate to forsake a brother who blocks their path to enlightenment. Saving them requires watching online videos, experienced teammates, and the CoDz forum. Thankfully, I was saved before it was too late. You can ask me any questions about the mind of a former cultist :D
  3. Bring Me to Life would be awesome. Some other ideas: Uprising by Muse, Buried Alive or anything by A7X, Machinehead by Bush
  4. On farm you can knife someone off the balcony after they open the box. You can then either have one guy stand in the balcony door to stop them from getting there or 2 on the stairs to keep them from the box, jug, and the mp5. If everyone on your team goes down, stop shooting. Often times people will try to kill the zombies to try and help there team, but if everyone is down, your just helping the other team. Let the zombies go so they will be at full strength to down the other team and give you a second chance. Let the other team open doors to make them waste money. Only having one or two people train and have the others camp seemed to work for me because the maps are small and get hectic if everyone trains.
  5. Now that would be awesome. Maybe have all the other characters at the performance running around in terror with zombies chasing them as an EE :lol:
  6. I'm not sure either. I was sitting at two cross bones with 5 tallies after I played some Tranzit and a lot of grief. Then after I played 2 custom survival (easy w/o hellhounds since it was with my little brother) in town I got blue eyed skull without the knife and with 5 tallies.
  7. I got the sound glitch on farm grief. It happened as Richthofen was saying his opening part and then it just repeated his first four letters in a distorted sound. All I could hear was my teammates mic. I ended up finishing but the fact I couldn't hear and lagging later on lead to 8 downs. I haven't had it since though. I've also had the crashing and balancing teams probs. Also, I was one of the first people with the 1.03 update and I could play with others for an hour since they didn't have it. Hope these are fixed.
  8. I figured that out too and the other team went down trying to knife me because the zombies didn't come after me! Needless to say they all quit 1 thing I really wish they would change is if everyone goes down and it resets, you should restart with everyone with 1500 points. I had a game where I got stuck with an empty gun and an RPG and everyone died like 8 times since no one had points. Other than that I love grief and I hope they make more
  9. Elena not being on there sucks, but don't replace her with crappy music. If anything have A7X do it all! (They're my favorite band)
  10. You're not alone. :cry: I'm with you guys. Got a football banquet tomorrow though so I can't get to St. Cloud to pick it up, My mom is getting it Wednesday for me. :(
  11. I know but other than a name and a pic, nothing. It doesn't help you with what the gun does (3 round burst, semi-auto, etc.) I actually used that thread to determine the catigories. Think of this not as a list but more of a critique for people new to multiplayer or someone who just wants a new set up to spice things up. Thanks for the feedback though.
  12. Based on the info we've received from Treyarch, Black Ops 2 will contain new guns that Treyarch made up. Since the guns aren't real, we won't have an idea what each gun is like, so I'm going to make this thread to describe each gun, then compare it to a weapon in either Blops 1 or MW3 for people who are struggling to find a gun they like. I'd really like some help doing this because it will take some time. Primary Weapons Assault Rifles:
  13. Lol, that would be terrible. Walking around aimlessly in the fog until a zombie decides to attack you from our of nowhere. Then teammates suffer the same fate when they try to find you. :lol:
  14. I've loved MITD since it came out(sabotage with bomb carrier being a jugg), then infected because of the similarities to zombies . TDM, Domination, and Kill Confirmed are cool too, but I'm not that into FFA. I'll play it, but I like teams better.
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