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  1. TakedownCHAMP97

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    That was what I was kind of getting at, I just worded it wrong like you said. By front I mean a "Warehouse 13" type of thing where they have all the power and authority of an agent, but their actual job is more secretive. Not "dirty", just important enough to not tell the public. The type of fighting I meant was also like you said, more bureaucratical than anything for the second idea, and just giving incentive not to help for the first. Thanks for translating my thoughts it's a pain to type what you want to on an iPod.
  2. TakedownCHAMP97

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I'll take a shot at the CIA vs. CDC. The CDC (center for disease control) is self explanatory. When people start coming back to life, the CDC was called in to investigate, but they ended up fighting for their lives. So the CDC belongs but why the CIA? Well if you look back at "five", you'll find CIA seals all over the place (I don't have pics so you have to take my word for it.) You could say they are there because of the pentagon, but what if they are the front for American 115 research or they have a branch for research. Also as rissole said, they took interest in the storyline in the dreamland servers. Ok so that explains why they are there, but why do they fight? Well I have 2 theories. 1) Based on the quote by Richthofen, they are on the same side, but Richthofen forced them to fight in some sick game. 2) The CDC officials discovered the truth about zombies and the CIA ran a cover up mission. If this is true, then the CIA could be responsible for the electric man thing. The first one could very easily be true, but the second could fit the story together well.
  3. TakedownCHAMP97

    ELITE will offer Weekly Clan Challenges for Zombies!

    I'd be game for this

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