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  1. You've been banned for editing your post. That kind of stuff is not allowed on CoDz.
  2. "Even if your wretched daughter is still alive, she has MY BODY!"

  3. You are of course entitled to your own opinion on what you consider canon or not. Personally, I wouldn't omit certain evidence while including other evidence just to make a theory work, but that's just me. If you want to ignore a certain calculator watch that was manufactured in 1980 (I doubt Zombies devs would be so specific with the texture to completely replicate a Casio C-80 for no reason), or a sign that says "since 1996", then that is your decision, and I can't criticize you for it. But keep in mind I could easily just point out that the zombie's clothing in NTZ are the same one from multiplayer because the dead have been sitting in the ground for decades. I could also argue that the blast after the MP level would have destroyed whatever clothing they were wearing. The Zombies clothes are not a deciding factor in determining the date of NTZ in my opinion. Also, not a lot of people brig this up, but the map description for NTZ might also hint at a date. "Mass-energy equivalence, secret tests, crash-landing perks. Survive in the iconic Nuketown, where the past and the future come together." "Where the past and future come together". If Nuketown and NTZ occured one right after another, the map description wouldn't make sense, it would all just be the past. Just something else to consider.
  4. Yes, they would be 2011 onwards. We know Shangri La matched up with this time frame, based on the type of electronic voice recorders left by Brock and Gary. Moon was the questionable one. But given the fact we can't move backwards in time with the MTD, along with other supporting evidence, I think we can conclude that Moon/NTZ occured 2011 or later. And thus Tranzit is post-2011 as well. Keep in mind that the map description for NTZ does not specify how long after the original Nuketown that NTZ occurs. All it says is "after the end of Nuketown". It could be days after or decades after, it's not very clear. Also, there is plenty of solid evidence against it being in the 60's, namely the "since 1996" poster on Die Rise, and Marlton's calculator watch from the 1980's. There's a lot of evidence that contradicts itself. The best thing we can do is go by the most solid evidence presented, and look at the bigger picture.
  5. I personally don't think Kino was set in another reality. But I do think Kino doesn't really matter, like at all lol. I know we have to take it as canon and all, but it serves no purpose. We go there for no apparent reason and accomplish nothing. And the story contradicts itself during Kino as well. During the loading screen Richtofen says he doesn't know where Sam went, yet during the game he asks why Sam is helping him when he gets a power up. Nothing about Kino makes sense, and I'm pretty sure it's because they didn't know what they were doing with Kino in terms of the story. Since it was originally planned for WAW, the story behind Kino was simple. But then we never saw a DLC4 and it got pushed back to Black Ops, where the story got very complex and Kino didn't really fit in. And that's why Kino pisses me off. But since we can't just ignore it, this is how I see the whole Kino-Five-Ascension going down: -In 1945 we're fighting zombies at Der Riese and get overrun. In a last ditch effort to escape, Richtofen and the O3 use the MTD to travel to another location. But someone has the Wunderwaffe and ends up overloading the system, sending them forward in time to 1968 Kino. -During the 23 years that the O4 skip, the Pentagon is attacked in 1963. During the fight, the Five 4 lose all communication with the outside world. The only option left to communicate is the Moscow Washigton hotline, so they send a message to 1963 Ascension. -The O4 arrive at 1968 Kino and accomplish nothing. Richtofen then uses the MTD to travel to 1968(or later) Ascension. When they arrive, they discover a red telephone with an old message from the night the Pentagon was attacked, back in 1963. That's the way I see it going down. That, or you can just discredit Kino entirely. Is what I'm saying just a theory? Sure. But it's just as much a theory as Ascension occurring in 1963 at the same time as Five is. The fact is the one and only evidence of Ascension being in 1963 is the red telephone, and it quite easily could have been a recording from a long time ago. The phone could have been black, or grey, or blue, or any other color. But it's red. Just like the real life Moscow Washington hotline. I don't think that's a coincidence by Treyarch. What they were referencing was the MW hotline, and in real life, it was not a phone. And yes, there's never any mention that the MTD isn't capable of backwards time travel, but you have to look at the big picture. Every map has been forward time travel, except for MotD and Origins, both of which end in cycles being broken and the player surviving. There's not one quote, radio, transcript, map description, anything that mentions the MTD going back in time, only forward. That doesn't mean that it wasn't capable of backwards time travel. It could have been. Hell it could of been capable of turning people into bottled nose dolphins. But since there's zero evidence to support either one of those claims, you have to assume that it wasn't possible. It's all about the bigger picture. Ok Rissole, you can shoot me now for dragging this thread completely off topic.
  6. There have been several travel in the past like Kino Der Toten in 1968 and Ascension/Five in 1963. We traveled forward to 1968 Kino Der Toten from 1945 Der Riese, so we know that's forward time travel. No question. The questionable one is Ascension. Ascension was always thought to take place in 1963, based solely on the red phones on the map that are connected to the characters from Five. But those "telephones" aren't what we think they are. I've been meaning to make a thread about this for a LONG time now, but I guess I'll just post it here. The Moscow–Washington hotline (formally known in the United States as the Washington-Moscow Direct Communications Link[1]) is a system that allows direct communication between the leaders of the United States and Russia. This hotline was established in 1963 and links the Pentagon with the Kremlin (historically, with Soviet Communist Party leadership across the square from the Kremlin itself[1]).[2] Although in popular culture known as the "red telephone", the hotline was never a telephone line... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow–Washington_hotline The "telephones" we hear in Ascension are not telephones at all, but actually recorded messages being sent from Russia to America via a secured hotline. It is not a live line. The thought was always "Ascension happens the same time as Five because we can hear Five occuring at the same time on the red telephones. But what we're actually hearing is a recorded message from the Pentagon sent an undetermined time ago. It's plausible to think that the message we hear is the last message recorded from the Pentagon, before it was overrun with zombies in . I know most people would disagree with this, but it's something to think about. You'll also notice during all of WAW, BO, and BO2, Richtofen never talks about going back in time, only forward. And sorry for going so far off topic on your thread Risk. Please don't hate me.
  7. I seriously doubt it's in the 60's, at least not anymore. If we think back to the time frame of each map, we've only been moving forward in time. CotD: around 2011 Shangri-La: late 2000's (I presume around 2011 or later) Moon/Nuketown: unknown Tranzit: unknown Die Rise: presumably late 2000s (based off poster) Buried: directly after Die Rise (presumably late 2000s) We're always traveling forward in time, never backwards. The only maps we've gone back in time for are MotD and Origins, both of which were cycle ending maps that had an ending where the player is not killed. I'm under the strong impression that the MTD was never capable of backwards time travel, only forward. And thus, Richtofen didn't travel back in time to Moon from Shangri La, but forward. Which would place Moon in the late 2000's at the earliest. There's a lot of contrary evidence for when exactly Tranzit/Moon/NTZ takes place. Maybe Treyarch didn't have a clue what they were doing with the timeline, maybe there's a method to their madness. Who knows. For me I try to look at the bigger picture than all the contrary evidence. Also, let's not forget about Marlton's calculator watch from the 1980's. I can't remember the exact year I'll have to look at my old threads. I could understand Marlton knowing about future weapons because he studied the mystery box. But I just don't see how a watch manufacturer was making watches in the 80's if the Earth was bombed in the 60's.
  8. MIND IS BLOWN. My heart is racing. Got an epic thread coming...

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  9. "I can see it now: Edward's Walnut Delivery!"

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  10. No amount of 115 or QR could revive my Saga from the depth of the old CoDz, could it?

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  11. You're banned for being such an awful character to play as. :twisted:
  12. I love me a good Richtofen quote reference. Seriously though, that's all that evil rat was good for, funny quotes. #teammaxis
  13. +100 Absolutely correct. There is no provided answer of yet. Mars is just specualtion and always has been. The evidence for the Mars theory is nowhere near concrete for it to be accepted.
  14. Wow, that's an awesome little find there Rissole! I always love when we find these connections to mainstream movies. Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and now Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Pretty interesting stuff!
  15. Lol trust me MMX, nobody here WANTS you to be hostile. We all just know that's how you are, and we deal with it. You're hostile because you want to be hostile MMX, not cause we want you to be. Don't act like we made you this way or something lol. I'd tell you my theory on what I think is happening, but per your request, I'll just go make my own thread on it.
  16. Finn: "How's my more times? What do I need to understand? This is some kind of black magic voo doo shit?! Someone make this all happen? The warden? Was it the stuff in his office that caused all this?
  17. Before I begin, I think we all should give ourselves a friendly reminder that this is MMX's storyline theory thread. We may not agree with everything he has written, but it's not mine, or your's, or CoDz's storyline, it's MMX's. He will always have the final say on what he wants to pick for his story. I think we all forget this sometimes, myself included, because we tend to look at this thread as the primary storyline discussion thread for CoDz, which it is. Their is a wealth of knowledge and information from all of our members, but we need to remember that it's an MMX story, not a CoDz story. All we can do is provide our opinions on things and support them in debates, but if he ultimately chooses not to include something than that is his choice. Let's try to drop the hostility a bit folks Onto the responses. Then we're agreeing, because I do NOT entertain the idea of a Lucifer nor an underworld. The being we call Lucifer is only for lack of a better name. I have said that from day one. And wow. Arlington, an American in the '30's, knows of the existence of Christianity. Was that really what you're bringing to the table? Arlington murdered Ferguson. Was I the only one who watched the intro cutscene? And don't go and tell me that that murder doesn't count. It was done viciously. None of these characters are black and white. They ALL have done horrible things. And they ALL have sympathizing qualities. This is the trademark of zombies. These attributes are shared with the original four characters. Ah,I apologize for the confusion. But I would make a huge recommendation to not refer to the announcer or control in Mob of the Dead as "Lucifer". Lucifer is a very specific person, and to label this controller as Lucifer himself only greatly confuses things. When I read your original post and you start talking about "Lucifer", I'm going to instantly think you're talking about the Hell-Satan kind of Lucifer and not the Mob of the Dead Controller. Just a tip to avoid mass confusion in the future. So the possibility of this being Lucifer himself and a level of Hell that they're in is simply not an option for you, that's what you're saying correct? My point in mentioning Al's quotes about not going to Heaven is the fact that these characters themselves mention Heaven and Hell and their ultimate fate within the two. Would it not be crazy to consider these things when explaining our story of Mob of the Dead, as our characters have various quotes about it. I'm not saying it's what we ultimately have to go with, but it's simply something to consider. MotD has done almost everything outside the box of what we've previously known, we must be open to ideas that may be new to the existing storyline. I'll be the first to say I didn't really like the whole Satan Hell talk with zombies before Mob of the Dead. Alpha had been one of the biggest advocates of this angle. And while I loved his old theories (best threads on CoDz really), they lacked any true evidence. It was all circumstantial, and the quotes about Hell were very limited. But now we have Mob of the Dead, which blows everything out of the water. For me, it had finally confirmed that the whole Hell thing had some relevance, and was worth discussing. Why you see no need to discuss it at all is beyond me. And you and I look at Ferguson's death and the opening cutscene much the same MMX, but we seem to interpret some things much differently. Think about it. Stanley Ferguson never died in reality, he went on to work at the prison until 1942. So technically, Al never murdered him. It's not until he's in Purgatory does he kill Ferguson and break the original cycle of Al dying that night instead of Ferguson. Al needed to break the cycle somehow. A much more justified killing than any of the other three mobsters could compare to. We've got to look at the events of Mob of the Dead very closely. Here's how I see the event's to place, in as simple of a way as I can. [*:1di8jztn]Original event. Events described in the EE ("the Truth"). The group never builds plane. The three kill The Weasel on the roof. Al doesn't kill Ferguson on NEw Year's Eve after playing sick, Ferguson lives. [*:1di8jztn]Al goes to purgatory immediately afterwards. Repeats night of his death and original event (Al doesn't kill Ferguson after playing sick, Ferguson lives.) [*:1di8jztn]Other three mobsters arrive in Purgatory 19 days later. First break in the original event: Al goes through with it, Al lives, Ferguson dies. New cycle begins (original event rewritten.) Alcatraz transformed to Hellish state seen at end of MotD opening cutscene. Mobsters die in the end of cutscene. [*:1di8jztn]Mobsters repeat cycle of building the plane, dying , and having to rebuild the plane and die. [*:1di8jztn]Cycle repeats as we pick up playing as the mobsters in the start of game, as we need to build the plane again, complete the events of Pop Goes the Weasel, and break the repeating cycle. [*:1di8jztn]History rewritten. Stanley Ferguson dies, Al survives and is able to escape. I was under the strong impression the Al had only been in this to make sure his soul would rest peacefully, but based on the quotes I've come across since the audio files were released. I'm starting to believe Al somehow got out of this whole thing alive in the end. Will we see Al again in the storyline? I seriously doubt it, but I'm going to leave the possibility open. Btw, both Billy and Finn have killed people. I've heard a quote from Finn that says that he killed someone as well. I haven't begun Sal's quotes yet, but I have a feeling I'm going to hear one from him as well. I'm under the impression that Al wasn't nearly as bad as the other mobsters, in retrospect.
  18. In my opinion, if you're gonna entertain the idea of Luciifer and Hell, then you must at least be open to the idea that there is a heaven for these characters. Besides... “Five, six, seven. Nobody’s going to Heaven.” - Al Arlington One of our characters mention it directly. Sure, he mentions they won't be going there, but still the idea of it existing for our characters is there. Edit: Also, you guys are correct, Al was never a murderer. The other three all have quotes admitting that they've murdered people, and that they don't even feel bad for it. But Al hasn't commited murder, and he feels bad for the petty crimes he commited. Al said it best: "he's nothing like the others".
  19. Well like I said I've been under this impression since the end of Black Ops, when I wrote the 115 = Vril thread, it is not a new concept for me. Hence why I was not too surprised when MotD was dated before 935. There is a reason that Vril, Aether, and all that has been tossed into the mix, and why element 115 connects directly to all of it. They are one in the same thing. Element 115 and it's powers is something much bigger than anything Group 935, or any other human organization, could have ever created.It is something that is literally, out of this world. I've always been a supporter that Element 115 is not the sole reason for zombies, and now we have a map that seems to actually support this. This does not contradict any of the other maps. I've said that Element 115 is a way to create zombies, but it's not the only reason zombies can exist. Lucifer put these mobsters through purgatory as a form of punishment. As a way to punish them while they're there, he uses the Aether energy to reanimate dead prisoners. Group 935 later uses this same Aether energy when first experimenting with 115 to create zombies. This is just how I see it. I'm not trying to knock your thread, simply providing my input on the matter. Change is the law of life my friend. We must embrace it, not fear it.
  20. Well I've been under the impression that the maps have proven that Group 935 alone was not responsible for the creation of zombies. It's not like it something specifically that Richtofen or 935 did that created the zombie. They used Element 115, and the side effect was the reanimation of dead cells. It was more like they tried to brainwash zombies rather than create zombies themselves, hence why there's never been evidence provided from when Richtofen or 935 would have created them. Zombies in Green Run, Nuketown, Ascension, Die Rise, all locations where Group 935 were not present, and zombies were still there. It goes beyond 935 in my opinion.
  21. Well I personally have a different opinion on how the zombies were there. I've been working on a MotD analysis the last two weeks that ill hopefully release tonight, but here's a tiny part of that. I strongly believe 115 was not responsible for these zombies, but rather Aether energy instead. The same energy that would later be found in Element 115 meteors by 935. The '115' code stating "maybe next time" and "I don't think so" was another indicator this. I hope that makes . Just how I've always interpreted it.
  22. I was iffy about the whole Warden worshipping devil thing too Mac, but it seems like a quote from Finn does indicate that it may have something to do with why Alctraz was changed to the hellish version we see during the map. "How's my more times? What do I need to understand? This is some kind of black magic voo doo shit?! Someone make this all happen? The warden? Was it the stuff in his office that caused all this?"
  23. I know that's an old post, but those emblems are absolutely incredible yourmapper. I'm amazed at how talented some of you guys are with the emblem creator. I probably shouldn't post mine...out of peer embarrassment :oops: :lol:
  24. MMX is 100% correct. MotD is the only map to break this pattern, and for good reason. MotD adds very little to the overall story, except to show who was in charge before Sam was in control. That's it. People have gone so far out with their theories to make MotD fit in with the overall scheme of things, yet it may not even play a big role on the storyline. People really jumped the gun with all this. MotD was not created by Jimmy and the guys, and having the MotD team date their map in the 30's was a brilliant way for them to do what they wanted, without messing up the regular zombies storyline which started in 1939. It would be wise to wait until DLC3 to see what MotD's overall impact will be. But that's just me. As for Turned, it has little significance to the storyline as well, and is not worth discussing.
  25. :lol: Ain't it funny PRZ was UOTM for this incredibly detailed thread that was counting down to BO2's release, and then when the game actually did come out, he left. :lol:

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