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  1. I agree. I don't play public matches for the first week or so of a map releasing, I like to get my bearings on a map, have a look around, find a good spot to camp so I know I can survive comfortably before I start digging. you are right about hearing bits and bobs, I try to avoid spoilers but you will inevitably come across some whether it's from other people's mouths or from topic titles on here etc. I just try to minimise what I see/hear. For example, I read a title mentioning "the wisp" on DE, but that was it, so I knew there was a wisp but not what it was or where it would come into play. If you want someone else to play ZNS with when it drops I'll happily play with you, and there certainly won't be any false discoveries/drip feeding. It'd be cool to play with other people who are like minded and interested in giving the Easter egg a go. I'm a proud person and if I happen across spoilers, I wouldn't pretend like I worked them out myself.
  2. I know that @NaBrZHunter kind of already did a post about this but I thought I'd do a little poll because I'm interested to see the results. As the title suggests, I like to try and work out the easter eggs on my own without the use of the internet or other sources (like randomers spouting spoilers in public matches) I've just seen a video of a guy complaining about how he thinks the easter eggs aren't fun and are boring because, in his words "you have to hold a crawler for 15-30 minutes while another player watches the walkthrough on youtube and then does the step." And he implies that the vast majority of players do the easter eggs this way, and the whole time I was thinking to myself, perhaps it would be more fun for you if instead of holding a crawler while someone else consults a video, you tried to work it out yourself. As an example he talked about the paintings for the Wolf Bow and said that they were stupid and that he doesn't want to spend ages wandering around the map pressing X on everything until something happens. I personally think that the paintings actually weren't that hard to figure out, once I realised they changed positions between games I knew that they were significant and so investigated them further. I personally enjoy the added challenge of trying to figure out what's next. It's taken me a while but I have been working my way through the Der Eisendrache egg, mainly solo, but sometimes with a friend of mine. I play a game or two every couple of days after work and have progressively been working it out since (xbox) release. It can be time consuming and frustrating at times, but I enjoy the satisfaction of making progress. They're certainly not easy, and I'm not as quick as some of the pros who manage to work things out mere hours after the maps drop. It took me about 3 weeks to work out all 4 bow upgrade quests, then I stopped thinking about easter eggs for a week or two and just had a bit of fun with the bows and went for high rounds (round 49 solo is my record) and then picked up the trail again. I'm hoping to have the easter egg completed by the time ZNS releases for xbox. So... My question is, do you try to do it yourself without consulting guides on here/videos on youtube? Or do you wait for the guides and then follow them step by step?
  3. @NaBrZHunter I gotta say, I very much appreciate this thread! It's good to know there are others like me out there! I resisted all temptations to watch any footage of DE for the month before it dropped on Xbox, I do my best to avoid spoilers and pretty much refuse to google things. For me it's all about the discovery, and nothing compares to working things out at your own pace. So far I've managed to upgrade one bow and have discovered a couple of steps for another. The third ragnarok DG-4 part is still evading me too! Good luck to all my fellow non-googlers! PS. If anyone with a similar mindset wants to join forces on any of the current/future maps, hit me up on Xbox, gamertag same as username.
  4. Just started downloading from the in-game store. UK. 10:40am. Boom!
  5. "PE2HR" is exactly what the sign says whem the lights flicker. so its an obvious nudge towards the diner. To be fair, there are parts and things related to the Easter egg pretty much everywhere else. Bus depot(navcard, meteorite) tunnel (jet gun part) farm (tvs) power station (jet gun part, table) town is where you build the jet gun. And obv Faux-Nacht, Bowie hut and Tower. I've not got very far into the Easter egg yet so I may be wrong, but when I think about parts and stuff related to the EE the only place I don't think of is the Diner. And the roof makes me suspicious. Granted the galvaknuckles are up there, but is that the ONLY reason to go up there? Surely not. I think a thorough search of the diner needs to be conducted. I've gone prone and looked under cars and in the booths in the diner for things but no joy so far. My thinking is, in order for the writing to even show up to pick up the meteorite, you must crouch, so there may be a part somewhere that you need to lie down next to for the "press X to take part" to show up.
  6. I have a feeling Jimmy Z's tweets about the zeros are referring to all of the people on the leaderboards who somehow have high rounds but zero kills, zero revives, zero downs etc. as all of them appear to have been removed from the leaderboards.
  7. Round 35, Solo. Took so long that I had to pause on round 32 to go to work for seven hours and by the time I got home I just wasn't in the zone anymore :(
  8. Hello everyone, I'm a new user but much like alot of people I have been spectating this whole thing since it begun.. Firstly, Carbon, congrats (or hard luck maybe lol) for being the one selected for the drop.. I can't stop thinking about the pencil.. Obviously, it's in there for a reason and I've got a feeling that it's connected to the Caeser Cipher rings.. We all know what the Caeser Cipher is as of Transmission One and they know that, so obviously there must be something in that briefcase that requires decoding using it. So, back to the pencil. I couldn't come up with anything for 357945, but I came up with an idea that maybe the "X's" represent how many times this number should be multplied or squared to give us a number that could be decoded somehow. Sadly I couldn't find a calculator that could square that number 7 times and give me a whole number. Any ideas?

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