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  1. An interesting and well thought out theory. You've clearly put a lot of time and thought into it, which I can appreciate. I'm sceptical however, as people have been trying to make some kind of connection between campaign and zombies since Black Ops 1. And while most of the theories are enjoyable reads, I just think Treyarch like to tease us a little bit. Take the whole GKNova 6 thing in in Blops 1 for example. They were blatantly trying to stir things up with that, and a lot of people have speculated that Nova 6 is related to the gas crawlers from Kino Der Toten. Whether or not there is any concrete evidence to back it up I'm not sure. And don't forget in Vorkuta when one of Reznov's steps was "ascend from darkness" people went nuts over that! I think that campaign and zombies are their own seperate entities, and 3arc just like to put little nods and ambiguous references in there to make people ponder. PS. It's worth noting that not all 300,000 casualties of the Singapore Disaster were test subjects. I think there were only the ones that we see in the depths of the Coalescence building. (And maybe a few more behind the scenes.) It states in the data vault that a "quarantine zone was established that encapsulated roughly 25 square miles..." So the majority of casualties were civilians who lived near the facility who either died from the release of the Nova 6 or were shot by the SAF for trying to leave the quarantine zone.
  2. I got really excited the first time I heard him say "Operation Shield" as I thought they were going to give us some answers to a really old question. In Shi No Numa, in a certain area you can hear voices whispering "So close to the shield..." I remember years ago @carbonfibah made a post or a tweet about it, and I think I remember a developer (or perhaps the 3arc community manager at the time JD_2020) teasing him by replying "but what does it mean?" Or something like that. I don't recall that question ever being answered.
  3. I believe the quote is around round 7 or 8. But I'm not sure. I think it's a round based quote rather than an action based one.
  4. No harm in throwing ideas around! They might lead to something after all. The only problem with that idea is that Richtofen says "I shall continue with operation shield and join you shortly." If operation shield was to do with the shield around the MPD he would surely have to join Groph on the moon first, before he could continue with the operation.
  5. Bear in mind that I haven't yet finished the DE Easter egg or seen the cutscene, so I'm not sure if there's relevant information I've yet to uncover. Also being an Xbox player I haven't played ZNS and am avoiding gameplay/spoilers at all costs, but... My immediate thought process regarding the exchange between Richtofen and Groph was that Operation Shield is the code name for Richtofens mission to acquire the Golden Rod and Focusing Stone as per Black Ops 1. My main reasoning for this is that Groph says "The machine is ready, and awaiting the conduit." I believe the machine in question is the MPD and the conduit is the Golden Rod key. This is backed up by the fact that in the projector images we can see that the MPD is closed, and we know from Moon that the GR key is required to open it. The only thing that makes me question my little theory here is the fact that we know from previous radios that Samantha materialises on the moon and runs straight into the MPD. (Which would have to be open.) This leads me to believe that sometime between the happenings of DE and the events of [email protected]/BO1 original Richtofen would have gone and gathered the pieces of the key to open the MPD, completing "Operation Shield," when he would then meet Groph on the moon and use the key aka the "conduit" on the MPD, but somehow Samanatha interrupted their plan. There are holes in this idea, such as it would mean that Sam wasn't instantaneously teleporter to the moon. Which currently I can't find evidence for, but that's just my two cents. TL:DR I believe "Operation Shield" is Richtofen's mission to acquire the Golden Rod and Focusing Stone.
  6. I was right!! Sorry for the double post, but... I called this 6 months ago from a two sentence audio clip and I'm feeling a little bit pleased with myself! "Also among the cast is Stargate SG-1 and Once Upon a Time’s Tony Amendola as Dr. Yousef Salim." Full article - http://www.ew.com/article/2015/10/02/call-of-duty-black-ops-3-voice-cast-christopher-meloni-katee-sackhoff
  7. Hello all. This isn't a giant revelation or a complex theory, I'm more of a reader than a poster here on CoDz, however I just had to say something having just watched the new story trailer. Firstly I'd like to begin by quoting myself from the day the first Black Ops 3 teaser trailer was released: The original post can be found in this thread - http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/index.php?/topic/178987-cod-2015-viral-campaign-videopictures-codz-official-discussion-thread/ And now after watching the new trailer I'd like to further back up my claim with the following two images. Have a look at the likeness of the character in the trailer and good old Master Bra-Tac. I strongly believe that the guy being grabbed in the trailer is Dr Salim, and Dr Salim is Tony Amendola. As I said, I really hope that I'm right about this one.
  8. Bring on April 26th! Having just watched that trailer, the chap who says "our greatest barrier is our own fear" sounds quite a lot like Tony Amendola to me. If there's any Stargate fans here he played Master Bra-tac in Stargate SG-1. He was also in Continuum among other things. Can anyone else hear the similarity or just me?
  9. if it is possible to rip the video/audio, do we still have any audio buffs around? I vaguely recall someone running some of the GKNova6 audio though a sonic visualiser and there being images/words hidden within the audio. The snap that sounds a bit like a distorted car horn seems like it's worth analysing.
  10. It's been wet and miserable all day here so I thought I'd have another go at the Origins Easter egg, as I still haven't gotten round to finishing it. Spent a couple of hours getting to round 19, by which point I'd built all if the staffs, almost upgraded two, (had placed them in the crazy place) got the gloves and the air strike grenades, and had managed to not make any stupid mistakes that would result in death, when, in real life, there was a flash of lighting and my screen went black. A split-second later my telly came back on and I was greeted by the Xbox logo. I could have screamed. Anyone had any similar disaster moments?
  11. Wow, that definitely sounds familiar! Nice one. I posted this in a wishlist type thread on another forum back in May 2010, (shortly before I found CoDz I think.) "How about having an electronic door/gate which has to be opened by pulling four levers, but.. The levers are in four seperate rooms and they have to be pulled simultaneously. "Easy" you say? There's more.. When the levers are pulled the door/gate opens but at the same time shutters come down that isolate each of the players in their rooms where they must each deal with three or four windows until the shutters open after three to five rounds and they can regroup and advance through the newly opened door/gate.. This is the sort of thing I'd like to see. Along with incentives to make players strive to get to later rounds.. I.e. A door that will only open once you reach round 30, and inside it is a nice shiny new gun and.. The Stopping Power Cappuccino Machine!" I know it's a huuuge long shot, but I like to think that just maybe someone at Treyarch read it and moulded the multiple lever idea into the multiple switches that open the stairs to the Pack-a-Punch machine on Shangri-La.
  12. Almost ready to press that prestige button for the fifth time! Wish I could get my K/D up to 1.00. I'll keep on trying though!
  13. I might be wrong, but I believe this was in reference to the power cut that happened during the SuperBowl.
  14. Just started downloading from the in-game store. UK. 10:40am. Boom!
  15. Slightly off topic, but it just occurred to me that some of the newer users might not know why I referred to him as the almighty. Anyone remember the epic Verruckt theories, finds and predictions he put together? Killed many an hour at work reading them back in WaW days!
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