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  1. Having all these maps available to play on one game now is going to be absolutely incredible. Also it'll be cool to see how Gobblegums will change the maps up. Presuming they put Gobblegums in the remade ones. You'd think they'd want to...
  2. I wrapped the entire thing up in a handy PDF for anybody to download if they wish. Sorry for the massive gap before the Dimension 63 section, Word's just being funny. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7xfcqw1iw2no0xj/The Complete Zombies Story.pdf?dl=0
  3. Having followed the Zombies story since World at War, having played these maps to death for almost a decade, basically growing up with this story, talking to so many people on here, I am honestly stunned that we finally got a proper laid out timeline of events from Treyarch themselves. Never thought it would happen. This is history people :P
  4. Dude, I started doing this and I got to 1942 before giving up xD. Nice job. Massive help.
  5. I love the bots on this game. I love the fact you can play Objective modes too. Played a bit of Capture the Flag the other day, but I went in and turned the spawn delay off. So much fun. Really shows how much better CTF is without the Spawn Delay
  6. ccm404e

    Favorite map?

    Hijacked & Cargo are my two favourites. Love the way those two play out. Worst maps' gotta be Turbine. Can't seem to play well with that map. Maybe it's because I'm not much of a sniper. Ah well :P
  7. I really, really enjoyed this one. The story was absolutely incredible, and when you had to snipe *INSERT SPOILER HERE* and *INSERT SPOILER HERE* has to run up and pull the bag off his face, my heart sunk. That bit was incredible. The whole thing was incredible.
  8. As you can see, pretty big fan of Domination & TDM. Nice to see Domination put into Combat Training. That's gunna be fun :D
  9. Very cryptic. I think we could interpret this as an extended metaphor based around the theme of personification. I would rule out any zoomorphism because of the "two wheels" line. The "wheels" shake this whole thing up and make it more difficult. However, as I said, it could be a metaphor. If they're not literal wheels, then what are they? Possibly just a means of getting around. Transport. When discussing the "I am non-existent" line, I would look much deeper into it than the subject being physically, not there. Perhaps it is a person or animal's sense of un-importance. Or perhaps an object that nobody takes notice of. "I gratify another commodity" is also interesting. Gratifying is pleasing something, indulging it in something. And a commodity is a useful or valuable thing, of which we have two of. At a guess, this riddle is personifying the Bus Stop. In relation to the "two eyes", I really don't know how a bus-stop has two eyes. Perhaps the bus stop is fitted with security cameras, something like that. The "two wheels" line, to me, connotes the Bus/Buses. There could possibly be two buses that circle TranZit so we don't have to wait ages for one to turn up. The Bus stop is talking about its two lives, one where we are in it, and another where we are elsewhere. In one, it is non-existent. Nothing happens. It just stands there and nobody takes any notice of it. However, when we are at the Bus Stop fighting off Zombies, it helps us out as best it can. It "gratifies another commodity". It acts as a place for the bus top possibly re-fuel or for us to fix it up and add parts to it. I link the bus to being the commodity, because it fits in with my idea of there possibly being two buses. That's just my rambling brain spewing things out. The more I read through what I just typed the more I find holes in it. I don't think there are two buses in TranZit. I'm pretty sure there's only one. But hey! There's probably something useful in all my nonsensical babble CCM
  10. Most definitely. I'm gunna buy the DLC anyways, and I might as well just get it in one chunk for a cheaper price. Really liked the way Elite handled that in MW3.
  12. Scrap what I said... TOi6VVs4qck
  13. Personally, I'm fine with the amount of info we've got about Zombies. Two Trailers, hints towards new locations and bosses, and the reveal of a new feature! What did we get for WaW? One trailer. What did we get for Black Ops I? Nothing. I mean, GKNOVA6 was incredible, but focused much more on Campaign. We got pretty much no information at all. This year we've got loads. And it's good. :D
  14. Yeah, pretty much nothing has been announced expect that it will include all DLC.

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