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Official No Man's Land Records

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Awesome job, Lemonade. I hope we are still updating it because some of us are planning on getting a 350 game soon.

Thanks man. Means a lot coming from a player such as yourself. ;)

I'm sure if push comes to shove, we can get a dweller in here to update the OP.

I am always on top of this.

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Is this still going or have we all laid NML to rest?

I'm not content with my record so,no. This is very much so going.

Same here. 334 isn't good enough for me.

Played for an hour today. I started pulling out some new tricks, hitting 55+ on every PAP now, around 110 with 6 shots but I need more practice. 340 is coming but 350 is the goal. I gotta keep going.

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Thanks to the help of perfect and chopper (but mainly perfect :lol: ) I got 300 kills on NML. :3

unfortunately I can't make a screenshot.

So if Way (or someone else) could add me on psn to confirm it I would appreciate that.

Oh and where can I get that fancy medal? :3 :D

The psn id is:Leendert_

Thanks in advance.

And thanks again to perfect. ;)

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