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  1. Cool story bro, but this thread is about things we dislike about random games. not bag on way2g00's opinions. take it somewhere else please.
  2. I'll be there to watch! It'll be the first time i'v ever seen anyone else try it. Get ready for a racing heart man, it gets hectic and extremely fun up there at the top of the tower xD
  3. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Great work guys, wonderful strategy :D
  4. Made this a while ago, don't know why I never posted it till now. It can be started on round 40+ and averages 18-19 seconds per horde. Enjoy VdhpU-UeOwE
  5. Great find, looks like a solid kiting spot and easy enough to run you should try switching between sidedrop and this when you get your 'lopsided' spawns let us know what you find
  6. Kino - 50/50 Five - 35/50 Nacht - 25/50 Verruckt - 22/50 Shino - 35/50 Der Riese - 35/50 Ascension - 43/50 CotD - 32/50 Shang - 29/50 Moon - 41/50 34.6 if im not wrong... >.>
  7. Uploaded a recent game, I think this is the place to post it sRAsGewdL1k
  8. EVERYTHING Way2g00 said! Pinpointed a lot of annoying things in random games that i'm sure all of us have experienced at some point or another :/ But even if I find the most annoying people to play with in the world who do a majority of these things on a daily basis, I still play respectfully. I still go for revives like a bat outta hell, I still keep that crawler at the end of the round, I still escort downed players to their perks even after being trash talked for 25 rounds. This is for a few reasons: #1 - Because it's simply the right thing to do. Trolling people back and holding grudges isn't worth the effort for the couple hours that game will last. #2 - Because I like to think that playing the way I do will teach others how to play the same. Monkey see, monkey do. #3 - Because players like us who understand the game in ways that average everyday randoms don't can probably play the game to any situation. (I.E. - letting the other players decide which doors to open and what spots to train won't affect the way we play our game.) While a lot of these things are annoying, they don't make the game impossible to play. Think about it, if every single game you played went exactly the way you wanted it, how much variation and fun would you have in it? I think of little things like players taking my kills and opening up the wrong doors as small challenges that keep the game fun I guess my message here is even though there are frustrating people out there to play with, we should still be calm and courteous :)
  9. I agree with this, I think were looking too hard into it.
  10. This is indeed the fastest I have ever seen Shino Numa run, good work. Definitely going to use this if I try shino anytime soon ;)
  11. Brilliantly put as always Eye! I don't think this topic could have been phrased any better :D
  12. I've never seen a glitch like that happen before xD Good job on the record btw
  13. For me, RelaxingEnd was my first real mentor. I used to be an average player, getting to the mid 20's and feeling accomplished. I didn't care about records or leaderboards, all I cared about was having fun. I never in my wildest dreams thought it was even possible to get past round 40 until moon came out. Everybody in random lobbies were going crazy because there was a new solo leaderboards on it so I took a look at them. I saw the scores and thought to myself "I can do that." so I hopped my happy ass on over to solo and gave it a couple tries and after 30 games I went back to the leaderboards to find that I was rank 44 with a measly 37 kills out of all the people who had bought moon. I felt so proud, so happy. I wanted to go brag about it to everyone I met, but my rank started going down as other people got higher and higher kills. Soon I was rank 100, 200, 500. I had to question just how these people were getting so many kills, and that's when started looking for NML videos and stumbled into RelaxingEnd. Watching the way he played the game AMAZED me and I thought to myself "....why can't I do that?" so I started analyzing his videos and trying to mimic the way he played. Soon enough I started to understand the way that the zombies moved, and all the different ways I could move around them. I started looking at the game from a strategical standpoint and wondered just how far I could take it. After a week of practice, I had gotten my score back into the top 100 and was satisfied with it for the time being, and that's when I wanted to start getting all of my scores that high. If I could do it on one board, why not all the others? I started looking all over the internet for strategies on all of the different maps, techniques, information on the different guns and perks and eventually ended up here on Codz. I had stumbled onto The Master Strategy guide here and was amazed and overwhelmed with not only the content of the guide, but the people who had written it. So many awesome players coming together to write a whole world of information on the game. That guide and this community are my second mentor. With the knowledge from these forums, I turned from a mid 20's player to a round 50 player, and I'm still getting better and better everyday.
  14. Jugg is essential, therefore I don't really consider it like a "Perk". A perk in my eyes is something extra that adds to the game, not something you practically can't live without. With that said, Stamin-up is my favorite. It's always the perk I buy right after Jugg. It just makes the entire game play more smooth, especially in Co-op or with a team of randoms that constantly go down while hitting the box when its in the farthest corner of the map... >.>" I also personally like Deadshot. Everybody has their own play-style, and mine involves tight trains and a lot of close quarters with the zombies. I don't always have that much time to shoot at my train, so when turning around for a quick shot I like to make the most of them. With reduced spray, it makes hip-firing MUCH more effective and as for zooming into the zombies heads, its another one of those things that just makes the game a little more smooth and enjoyable. However, Stamin-up and Deadshot arent on all of the maps, so when not available, I'd choose Speed-cola to replace stamin-up as my favorite, and double tap to replace deadshot :)
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