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  1. Cool story bro, but this thread is about things we dislike about random games. not bag on way2g00's opinions. take it somewhere else please.
  2. I'll be there to watch! It'll be the first time i'v ever seen anyone else try it. Get ready for a racing heart man, it gets hectic and extremely fun up there at the top of the tower xD
  3. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Great work guys, wonderful strategy :D
  4. Made this a while ago, don't know why I never posted it till now. It can be started on round 40+ and averages 18-19 seconds per horde. Enjoy VdhpU-UeOwE
  5. Great find, looks like a solid kiting spot and easy enough to run you should try switching between sidedrop and this when you get your 'lopsided' spawns let us know what you find
  6. Kino - 50/50 Five - 35/50 Nacht - 25/50 Verruckt - 22/50 Shino - 35/50 Der Riese - 35/50 Ascension - 43/50 CotD - 32/50 Shang - 29/50 Moon - 41/50 34.6 if im not wrong... >.>
  7. Uploaded a recent game, I think this is the place to post it sRAsGewdL1k
  8. EVERYTHING Way2g00 said! Pinpointed a lot of annoying things in random games that i'm sure all of us have experienced at some point or another :/ But even if I find the most annoying people to play with in the world who do a majority of these things on a daily basis, I still play respectfully. I still go for revives like a bat outta hell, I still keep that crawler at the end of the round, I still escort downed players to their perks even after being trash talked for 25 rounds. This is for a few reasons: #1 - Because it's simply the right thing to do. Trolling people back and holding
  9. I agree with this, I think were looking too hard into it.
  10. Watching games like this makes me wish I could just hop online with a friend and blaze it to round 50 on every map xD Nice gameplay Way, sucks about the game crash :/
  11. This is indeed the fastest I have ever seen Shino Numa run, good work. Definitely going to use this if I try shino anytime soon ;)
  12. Nicely done man! Sucks that you weren't the first to make it to 100 co-op, but damn is it an achievement all in itself! Keep up the good work :)
  13. We're gonna miss you Eye. Good luck in whatever life holds for you man
  14. Brilliantly put as always Eye! I don't think this topic could have been phrased any better :D
  15. I've never seen a glitch like that happen before xD Good job on the record btw
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