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  1. Rank: Skull w/ Shotguns and 4 TallyMarks I can't check my K/D because I'm on CoDz on my PS3. :? I've noticed when I go down quite a bit in a game (public/custom games) I get deranked. Maybe your rank has to do with downs per game? I don't know, just an assumption. Last time I was playing Nuketown Zombies, was messing around, downed 8 times(Best Zombie Player? LOL), and was deranked to Skull w/ Dagger. :oops:
  2. Been doing the same. I'm too lazy to do early rounds, so I skip to 20 and play town on normal. Only takes me about a hour and 20 minutes to get to 40. Or if I don't have time and want to stay active to prevent a tally mark loss: play till 25, takes about 10-15 minutes I believe. ;)
  3. This happened to me ONCE before. o: It was a 8 man lobby tho. I was waiting like an idiot thinking someone would join me..
  4. I play on everything default but I play ''claw.'' If you don't know what that is look up on youtube, ''how to play claw.''
  5. Keep trying for kill switch! xD This thread has helped me in so many ways... Ehh I doubt I'll get a WR on Kill Switch, I'm no where near Phxntxm's level. I think I can hit Top 5 tho, I'm currently Rank 10.
  6. Well I can't update the leaderboards for a while because my laptop has a virus and I can't use it. So I'll have to leave the updating to someone else.
  7. Hey I don't think we met before. You'll love it here Sol, seeing how I know you love the story line. There's a bunch of theorist on the site so you can share your theories with them! Oh and these '' [brains] '' are brains, they're reputation points. You can give them to someone if you like their theory, post something funny, etc. Conor beat me to welcoming you. :evil:
  8. Can someone explain this better to me? If I pre-order it do I have to pay full cash immediately or can I pay it when the game is released? If so do I still get the items included in Wave 2/3/4?
  9. I am sure Dougie will update leader board pretty soon but This will put you on Top2 Codz. Congrats man. My mistake, I forgot to update the leaderboards. :oops: They should be updated in 10 min.
  10. Nice. I need to start playing NML again... I'll update the leaderboards later, I have to check how many points Phxntxm has.
  11. I love you Spiderbite! Yes I am a fanboy. :?
  12. Couple of hours ago I was playing Kino with randoms. Everyone was down (3) except for me. They went down in the stage and I was running a train in the spawn room. As soon as they went down I made a mad dash to them. By the time I'm by jugs I see a ton of zombies running my direction. I had no where to go, backwards or forward. I ran towards Juggernog and stared kiting in a Moon crescent shape, I managed to get out escaping with my life.
  13. I'll never be able to get a WR of my own... :cry:
  14. As Silentcrisis said, 40 but we got the damn G_Spawn Error. I'm going to go for 40(again) or 45 pretty soon. I don't try solo because well I get bored as hell.
  15. Nice Thread! [brains] PSN - iGaugezzz Playing Time: almost any time. Mic -yes Nacht 26 SNN Don't Remember Verruckt Don't Remember Der Riese 40 (G-spawn Error) Kino 40 Five 29 Ascension Don't Remember Shang Don't Remember COTD 39 Moon 50 NML 313 Kills I'm usually the "medic" of the group. I prefer plannig ahead what strategy we are to do. I'm a team player. I don't always play for high rounds, some times I may mess around.
  16. Its good to hae you back. I knew you would never be able to leave us. :twisted:
  17. Now that you've joined I guess I have to update the NML Leaderboards. Welcome! It's great to know yet another great player join.
  18. Welcome! Hope you have a great stay. I'll add you on PSN.
  19. :shock: I'm going to have to try Shangri-La. Question, do you have to keep the door leading from the MPL closed?
  20. Updated. @way I've recently have gotten internet again so I'll be able to update more frequently. ;)
  21. Really? I just see that one record needs to be added.
  22. Phxntxm recently got me into Spec Ops records and I slowly seem to be progressing at it! :D
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