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  1. I'm now going to assign all the medals to myself x3
  2. Sorry but I don't like this. An auto-message that has this stuff in it? Yeah sure that's cool and useful, an auto reply by a bot? If I just joined a forum and I saw that I would be instantly turned off of the site. I work in customer service also, and I'm a supervisor there. People want to see that PEOPLE care for them and are helping them, not that it is automated. Sure you guys put work behind it and make sure that it's a helpful post and everything, but people don't see/understand that at first glance, all they see is the automated response. If it was me seeing it, one of my first thoughts is going to be "wow that is actually...quite lazy." I don't mean to be rude at all but I really really do not like this.
  3. I just turned 21 James, I'm not sure how to feel about that D:
  4. Dat thread reviving. And these posts are from 2011? Omg...have I really been with this site for almost 4 years now?
  5. I can never 100% leave this place, it's taken too much of my life :3
  6. Hah I'd join this but it would almost never be related to zombies xD
  7. Good to see this place is still moving forward. Also oh no, I'm not longer an admin. What do I do with my life
  8. I was searching for a post for something and saw this real quick.
  9. I don't have my PS3 anymore right now. So...
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