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  1. Rank: Skull w/ Shotguns and 4 TallyMarks I can't check my K/D because I'm on CoDz on my PS3. :? I've noticed when I go down quite a bit in a game (public/custom games) I get deranked. Maybe your rank has to do with downs per game? I don't know, just an assumption. Last time I was playing Nuketown Zombies, was messing around, downed 8 times(Best Zombie Player? LOL), and was deranked to Skull w/ Dagger. :oops:
  2. Been doing the same. I'm too lazy to do early rounds, so I skip to 20 and play town on normal. Only takes me about a hour and 20 minutes to get to 40. Or if I don't have time and want to stay active to prevent a tally mark loss: play till 25, takes about 10-15 minutes I believe. ;)
  3. This happened to me ONCE before. o: It was a 8 man lobby tho. I was waiting like an idiot thinking someone would join me..
  4. When people put up Christmas lights BEFORE December.. B!TCH that Holiday isn't till next month! >,
  5. DS emulator. It'll be using the Soul Silver engine, sooo. Q_Q I'll have to wait for the emerald version. I have a DS emulator on my tablet but it's extremely slow. :cry: Guess I'll go play Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends then. :/
  6. Is this going to be compatible with a GBA emulator or DS?
  7. Dougie_All_Day97. Why will you be leaving again?
  8. :o I remember you! I had name change so you don't know who I am. :?
  9. :lol: This was my face after reading your post:
  10. I wouldn't mind playing with the same species. What are you putting as the starter pokemon(s)? You should include a Shadow Lugia in there Shapeshifter. :p
  11. I play on everything default but I play ''claw.'' If you don't know what that is look up on youtube, ''how to play claw.''
  12. I left for a while, not that anybody noticed.. same here Well let me say this. Welcome back! :D
  13. Can I get a "Z" in 3D Text, sweet text format, effects, and "Zkreym" written bellow? One re-sized to be put as my avatar and a copy but larger sized. Please. :D
  14. I left for a while, not that anybody noticed.. :(
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