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Everything posted by Phantom

  1. I just turned 21 James, I'm not sure how to feel about that D:
  2. Dat thread reviving. And these posts are from 2011? Omg...have I really been with this site for almost 4 years now?
  3. http://puu.sh/1NHid Ponies...who would have guessed
  4. I don't have my PS3 anymore right now. So...
  5. CoDz is banned because "CoD" is in it, anything with that in it won't work. Coincidentally I was trying to put "pony" because of my little pony...that's banned. So I tried "ass" just to see...that's not banned. I was mad.
  6. Finally got you in too Rissole at 51 now
  7. I posted this on the comment page over there: Anyone who's having errors accepting invites appears to be getting errors when I accept the applications as well, I'm sorry but that's nothing I can fix, it's a server side error and it's completely on them. The only thing I think that might solve it is unlinking the accounts from your profile, then making a new one and linking it there. It's a hassle, but I had to originally do that due to the same error when I made the clan.
  8. @Rissole & Alpha....it seems to be your profiles that for some reason causes an error when trying to accept the applications. I tried inviting both of you, see if that works
  9. I saw 21 applications and went to accept them and had a server error when I did, 19 got accepted so if you're one of those 2 that didn't get in apply again please, I can't tell who the ones are that got rejected because of the server error.
  10. PS3 Clan: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/4266216
  11. Way! It's "Phxntxm!" There's an 'n' there! I even made my name clearer now by making it Phantom! :evil: oh well. Getting mentioned there was actually pretty nice way :P
  12. No one is arguing with each other, everyone is giving their opinions on this topic and an argument hasn't ensued. The biggest it's gotten is a debate, and I don't even see that. Some people see this as a big deal, some people don't. What's funny is the only people getting close to flaming are the people defending him (and a few others towards the beginning that went a bit far) but for the most part, the ones who care about this are being the mature ones.
  13. I remember your name.
  14. The reason I do not believe this should be locked is because there is no flaming. There's a difference between flaming, and a debate with a target. Superhands put himself out there as the target by making a public apology, and not locking the topic (because he is able to as a Dweller). He left it up for discussion and that is what happened, I doubt he would want people defending him, which locking this topic would be doing in a way. Personally I would feel insulted were I in his position and it got locked for the reason it would be. If there were actual FLAMING, then that person should be warned and that should be the end of that, I would probably have that post removed too, so more flaming did not ensue. Flaming...in my eyes...would be uncalled for, immature, or unnecessary insulting. No one here has just been like "gtfo Super no one wants you!" or ANYTHING along those lines. This whole topic has been mature. If Super ever asks that this got locked, I'll immediate do so. But until then, or it actually gets out of control, it shall remain up.
  15. The one little thing is a world record. Trust me, if I lied about one of my world records in spec ops, I'd lose all the respect I've gained by becoming the best on console. Personally, I wouldn't throw that away for something like that. The scores are not that important to me, but the respect I've gained is what is important. I would say it's the same on zombies.
  16. I want to point out that for the most part, the people that are dissapointed are the ones that are a little more known as the really good players. There's probably a reason for that.
  17. I was going to make a long post about all the things that I did to get here...but I thought nah forget it...YO HOLMES TO BEL AIR! >Cruises away in a cab. But in all seriousness, why would you want to become admin of a site you've only just joined? You don't have the desire and love we have for this site, and the only reason I see why you want an admin position is for personal gain. Which I guarantee you will never get near staff if that's what you want. I've never done anything on this site for personal gain, it has all been for the community and it alone...never selfish reasons. Selfishness will get you no where.
  18. I feel like I should give guys an update, the 3 mods that are the biggest are the safe gamertag, medals, and brains. I've completely installed the gamertag mod (along with the donate mod), and am working on medals now. All the medals are back on the site, and as far as I see the only thing missing is the medals page in the ucp (because Nick made that page himself, it's not part of the mod so I need to make it myself as well...which is what I had to do for the donate tab up top). And...if you haven't noticed...you guys don't have any medals, even though I said they're all up again...that's right...it lost all data of the medals...I have to go through and make them all again (not the images, the details) and everyone has to be awarded them again. I'm sorry but I couldn't do anything about that, so you guys will get your medals back...and now it can be the whole staff doing it, instead of stuff that only I can do...so it shouldn't take as long as I am doing to put everything back. However this makes me really afraid to attempt to put the brains back...if we lose everyone's information on that too...I don't know what I'd do...
  19. Phantom


    Yeah black ops was very difficult to snipe on mainly because of map design. (Bullet lag didnt help either :| ) On the other hand I also hope sniping is not as easy as in MW3...You don't even have to hit them for god sakes! Cod 4 had a nice balance of sway and responsiveness. They should replicate that. MW3 wasn't actually THAT easy, MW2 was easier than it
  20. Phantom


    I hope they don't do anything stupid again like with the snipers in Black Ops so that we "scum" can actually have fun doing what we like.

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