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  1. There is a possibility that they didn't grab quick revive.... I mean not everyone grabs it immediatly. Besides it says they died round 4, I don't know about you about I would never grab quick that early in the game. Don't even get me started about round 1...
  2. Alright so far every wonder weapon in zombies has been made to take out whole hordes for the most part -Thundergun -wunderwaffle -Wavegun -Jetgun -Winters howl Excluding VR-11 The Sliquifier is the only weapon I've seen where there is a different concept to it. Different concept as in its the first one that kills one at a time instead of all at once. So what do you think the next wonder weapon will be going by the latest one?
  3. I honestly consider Turned a beta for something that could be much more.Good concept poor execution, something that needs to be worked on
  4. Just made an account on here yesterday and am looking to create a team for zombies for Black Ops and Black Ops 2 for having a good time while also going for records and doing challenges.
  5. 295 kills on xbox and going for higher
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