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  1. Jloves2game

    Storing money in the bank

    Wow really? I didn't know you could get it in your next game, thanks for the tip.
  2. Jloves2game

    Isn't it kind of calming without the brains?

    I haven't been on the forum for a while and i just noticed now that they got rid of the brains. I didn't mind having the brains function.
  3. Jloves2game

    Hello! :D

    Welcome to the site. Feel free to pm me if you ever wanna play zombies.
  4. Jloves2game

    Pre-Order Transfer

    yes you can, i asked the employee before i pre ordered mine.
  5. Jloves2game

    Highest round on Der Riese?

    50 solo and 62 i think in co-op. Really fun map and i don't ever seem to get bored of it.
  6. Jloves2game

    NML from 290 to 300, how?

    Great job man, i am currently trying to get 300+ kills myself. I thought it was hard to get 300+ kills but the more i play it the more i can say it isn't difficult at all. Just keep trying and if i reach 300+ soon i will try to help you out.
  7. Jloves2game


    In some ways it is. For instance, killallzombies. He really hasn't posted much in awhile. Phsycokiller also left just like he said. Lot of the bronies have. Strictly, it isn't. Leaving is not coming back at all, or not coming back for a while. Not going from posting 10 times a day to once every couple of days. From recent memory Doggy and Jolteon have made "leaving threads" enclosed with a speech that wouldn't be out of place as an Oscar acceptance; both of which never actually ended up leaving, with the former "coming back" the very same night. Threads like these just grate on me, if you're going to leave then do so. No need to make a song and dance about it. I have to agree with this guy. If you're gonna leave, then leave and let the forum be.
  8. Jloves2game


    To make people know of his departure. If I were leaveing from a place, no matter how much I disliked it, I will always announce my departure. I am glad this forum isn't like other ones where they tell that person to "fuck off" or "glad you are leaving". If someone i knew didn't like the forum i could care less if they left.
  9. Jloves2game


    Why make a thread saying you are leaving and also say you don't like the forum?
  10. Jloves2game


    The weapons will depend on the time the game is set in. I think it would be cool if they added the AK-47 and for a melee weopon i would like to see some crazy ass sword.
  11. I love double tap and i consider it one of the top 3 must have perks. I hate that they put mule kick on every map instead of double tap and i would have loved to see it in Ascension.
  12. Jloves2game

    Who Brought You Here?

    I was just looking for some people to play zombies with because i hated playing with randoms.
  13. Jloves2game

    Logo, I got bored.

    Looks good, do you use photoshop?
  14. Jloves2game

    *Undead's Art Thread*

    I love it, add some color to it.
  15. Jloves2game

    ascension monkey's

    In higher rounds I only try to protect Jug and quick revive, after round 40ish i have over 80k points and it wont be a problem buying them all again. It's also easier to collect points in those high rounds so it shouldn't be too big of a problem.

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