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  1. I have had this happen to me before but my rank stayed the same. In order to rank up you have to play constantly, it cant be just one solo game that you got to round 30 plus on.
  2. It's what i thought of at first but it's not as easy as it sounds. If you take the teleporters you can easily get trapped by zombies spawning everywhere in the fog, if you take the bus zombies will spawn and you have them potentially getting in the bus trapping you.
  3. Great vid. I thought people would automatically know it heats up by looking at the gauges but i guess not. This gun would work great with 2 people, 1 could hoard and the other cools it down in a corner.
  4. You can PAP more than once during a game but there seems to be a glitch because sometimes my turbine dies out even though it's a fresh one and has never been place down anywhere. Keep trying and make sure it's a new turbine that hasn't been placed down. The game is buggy, but hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  5. I have no idea how these ranks work either, it would be nice if Treyarch told us how they work.
  6. Glad it helped you guys out. If i find anymore useful tips ill let you know.
  7. I have had a weird glitch happen that if you place a turbine in a wall it will disappear so maybe you are putting it through a wall. It looks like i place it close to a gun wall but it will appear inside a wall and then go away.
  8. I didn't know about that but i sure do hope they fix it that problem soon.
  9. The perks don't disappear but i think i know what you are talking about. If you throw an emp grenade at a perk machine the perk will go away for a short amount of time. It will show you still have the perk but it will be not as bright as your other perks so you know it's disabled. Im not sure about the Pack-a-punch machine because you don't need to turn on the power to use it.
  10. I was curious how people found out their names?
  11. I hope this helps you guys out, this way of Pack-a-punching is way easier and faster. Please let me know here in the thread if you found it useful. XBHxyYCtzEo
  12. It's a trap for the zombies, i think it's best if you place it near a door so zombies get shocked when they are trying to get in.
  13. Thanks for the guide, i wanted a full tutorial but everyone on youtube is posting it in parts.
  14. yea, you can use one of the bust parts to get to the rooftop, on the roof top are the galva knuckles. The bus part you need is the hatch that you equip on the bust on top.
  15. Wow really? I didn't know you could get it in your next game, thanks for the tip.
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