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Everything posted by Ehjookayted

  1. Made a vlog talking about our upcoming charity stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuoFGg44sMk

  2. I agree with @way2g00d. His guides were incredible and he made lots of contributions. In addition to the NML game, he was confronted with several pieces of evidence that some of his other games may have been modded. He did not comment on those allegations and deleted his youtube channel.   He was a really nice guy, and his guides were so guide that he had no reason to mod anything (allegedly). If he were to come back, I think he would be welcomed with open arms, but only for his guides and his friendliness. Most of us will be very skeptical when it comes to high rounds from him. However, in my opinion, I have to say that his guides are his helpfulness far outweigh any high rounds or achievements. It's unfortunate that he'll probably never come back, but it's wrong to say that zombies has died since; it's only gotten bigger and better, though obviously we are in the midst of a dry spell now.
  3. I'm so excited for KH Final Mix 2, finally get to play arguably one of the best games ever made. I love KH 1, but the story makes me so sad it's so hard to get through it sometimes. It's kind of like their innocence is so sad to watch, if that makes sense? Plus, everything is like a giant pit in my stomach leading up to Hollow Bastion. That's when you know it's a good story.   Currently in the middle of a Proud Run on Final Mix HD. Started staff, dropped sword, had to go for those balanced stats; plus with the changes to abilities and how awesome magic is in Final Mix, staff seemed like the best choice.
  4. Thanks No problem man. It helped that I'm a huge Hollywood Undead fan myself. You're a man of good taste.
  5. @, I went for something minimalist, but something that still reflects what you have. It's gritty, and I don't know if you'll like it. But here: [url= @Electric Jesus, unfortunately I could not find a picture like the one you were looking for. Is there something else you would like?
  6. I will work on the requests I'll try to find that EJ; I don't make my own pictures unfortunately, just photoshop manipulation but I'll do what I can. I should have these done fairly soon, though I am somewhat busy moving house.
  7. For you, Nai, I did something simple, with a twist. I think it's very you. [url=
  8.   Sure thing, Nai! I'd be happy to whip up something.   Same Slade. I wish they could be larger on our profiles though. That would be cool.   Thanks a lot guys!
  9. I'm bringing this back. You can see the front page for samples of my work; feel free to ask me for something! I love photoshop editing as a hobby, and I'm hoping to keep getting better at it.
    1. Slade


      Congrats on achieving your goal in just 3 hours!

  10. Oblivion is awesome. The combat is definitely lacking in terms of fluidity, but the story just feels so much more... epic. The Shivering Isles is probably one of the best expansions to ever come out for a game. 
  11. Most important thing I've done in my internet life? I think so. http://tinyurl.com/k59lf9d

  12. No problem Heather! Enjoy it, it'll change your life
  13.   You get the shout from doing the Main Quest of Dragonborn. Have you been to Solstheim yet? You get attacked by Cultists after you visit the Greybeards for the first time, and they drop a letter saying something about Solstheim, and you can then take a ship out of Windhelm to get there and start the main quest. You can return to Skyrim at any point when you get to Solstheim though.
  14.   Do you have the Dragonborn DLC Eternal? You can ride dragons with it installed. You learn a cool shout, and it lets you tame dragons. Pretty badass.   And from what I've seen, vampire builds are really really strong if you synergize everything, covering weaknesses and enhancing strengths. Werewolf builds are pretty straightforward, you just want lots of crowd control, like a fear spell or a mayhem type spell so that when you transform, everyone is really easy to pick off.
  15. Magic is definitely underwhelming on consoles. There are the usual combos and synergies, but there is no "master magician" feel. I'm definitely trying to create that with my latest character.    I've found that a great part of Skyrim is the armor choices you can have. By the end of the game, you already hit the armor cap, so you can mix and match armor pretty nicely.   My favorite armor set is easily Ancient Falmer Armor... That white glow is too good.   Have you guys seen the Demonhunter build? It's easily one of the most popular Skyrim builds and makes great use of archery without having to cower behind things.  
  16. Hahaha ZOTD. Eternal, I think it's because Dragons are supposed to see everything. They probably have true vision. Anyway, I've always had an issue with Sneak being gamebreaking. Or any skill really. I love PC for that reason, since you can mod it to create a more balanced feel and more strategic combat. Plus, gotta love the graphics. If you guys don't mind a short video, here's a look at the graphics I get right now. Watch in HD obviously!
  17. 2.5 years later... Are YOU still playing Skyrim? One of my favorite games ever, I bought the Legendary edition on PC and have it modded quite a bit. Currently playing a Dark Elf mage using the SkyRe mod, which is a complete overhaul of the game as well as a HUGE improvement to magic and perk trees, etc, etc. I can honestly say that this is a game I can see myself playing for a very long time. 5 years in between ES games, with Oblivion to Skyrim, and mods give the game a whole new life. 
  18. It is indeed the cosmonaut! Well done Eternal, you're up.
  19. Brains are back! Let's revive this thread and bring it back to what it once was.   For every right answer, brains! No more than 3 brains per day per person though so as to prevent inflation.   My embrace extends across time and space, your best bet is to shoot me in the face.
  20. The data battles are going to be so fun. Ah man Roxas v. Sora is also going to be the best.    Can't wait for Critical mode too. I've always wanted some crazy challenge from KH 2. Felt that once you got Explosion it was pretty much an easy ride.   Side note, was I the only one who used Oathkeeper and Oblivion for Final Form and only exclusively used Final Form after I got it?   It just looked so sick.
  21. On a different note, does anyone remember the Axel/Roxas fight near the end of your days in Twilight Town in KH2? I really wish we had the opportunity to replay that battle nearing the end of the game. I really wish that KH2.5 HD Remix came out sooner! I can't wait to battle all the Organization 13 members once again.
  22. I totally envisioned this thread to be what we posted with regards to Naitrax when I made it over 2 years ago. I did not envision it to be anything like the way we are conducting this back and forth with TAMB.   If people give you advice, take it respectfully even if you don't agree with it. If you act like a know it all jackass then you aren't going to improve as a person; you're just going to continue being a jackass. With what we said to Naitrax, a lot of it was harsh reality; my post was very blunt, but he took it to heart. He may not agree with it at all, but he thanked us and moved on.   Life isn't about being right all the time. If you see advice you don't like, you don't have to apply it, but there's no need for this discussion right now. 
  23. There's nothing wrong with you. You're a kid still. Hell, I'm somewhat of a kid still, but Naitrax, you need to get it together man.    Being yourself may not be good enough, but that is right now, at this moment in your life. You're going through things; you are intelligent and motivated. I honestly mean that. But let me tell you something: if you consistently compare yourself to people in life, you will always fail. There will always be someone better than you. Always. But if you use other people's successes as a measure of failure, then you will never get anywhere in life.   You have potential, you really do, but you saddle yourself with the most bullshit excuses and complaints about the state of your life. Look at the post you made; friends will come and go, people suck, and you struggle with identity. Your life is not broken, your problems are that of a well-educated, wandering teenager; your problems are solvable, they are temporary.   Look at what Craig just posted; his daughter, the love of his life and his entire world, is saddled forever with struggle and prejudgments from hundreds of people, not giving her a second glance, writing her off, as almost incapable of anything when, in reality, she has the potential to be, and is, a wonderful human being and capable of teaching the world about compassion and love in their purest forums.   That is a permanent problem. And yet, you are growing, maturing, and rapidly evolving as a human being, capable of the change that can turn your so-called sad life around. You have a family, a house, a smart phone, a PC, an Xbox, a collection of video games, and so many other things so many people covet in this world. You have a great enough life that you have the opportunity to be on a site like CoDz.    What you lack is perspective. You ask, "What's wrong with me?" I already said nothing. You ask the wrong questions. The question you should be asking is, "Why am I the way I am?" Look at who you are, look at what you hate about yourself, and make the change. It will not be easy, you will need help, but your parents, the friends you have, and us at CoDz can and will guide you through your maturation.   Your first step is letting go. Let go of the insignificant things in life. Life gets a lot harder, it really does, and if you stress about things like this all the time, you will drive yourself to the fringe of madness. Learn to let go of control, free your mind from the minds and lives of those around you. Allow yourself the freedom to not care what is going on all the time. Allow yourself the freedom to not care all that much about CoDz.   Our site is great, it really is, but for real man, we are one site, dedicated to one game mode in a single game. We're not that big of a deal, certainly not worth the stress you assign to happenings on CoDz.   As far as your friends' lives go, they aren't that interesting. Let go of control, of your desire to be a part of every single thing, to be noticed every single time you try and do something. Focus within, change the person you are into the person you want to become. And that is only possible if you just let go.   What will you gain by letting go? Nothing. But let me tell you what you will lose: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death.   Good luck.   Ehj~    

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