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  1. Well here we are. In honor of my brother, and in true fashion of the greatest bromance CODZ has ever known, DarkJolteon, better known as Jolteon, also known as hjotl, is retiring from staff. I'm not sure how many words need to be said about Jolteon, or rather, Kieran, but many of you will know him as the friendly, jolly, and amazingly witty moderator. But if you haven't been around CODZ for too long, you may not know that Kieran wrote some of the best and brightest theories around here, the stuff of legend. His DARVAS and Parisian Catacombs theory (some of which can be found here) spawned a nearly viral YouTube video. His threads throughout the offseason between Black Ops and Black Ops II earned him fame as a user and would later place him charge of the CODZ YouTube channel. But it wasn't just zombies that Kieran excelled at. It was his will and desire to help others. I can't let my undying brotherly love for our electric type Pokemon here cloud my judgment, but ask any user. If you needed someone to talk to, Kieran was there. Throughout his time on CODZ as both a user and a moderator, Kieran's role evolved and he never lost his love for this site. One of the oldest tenured members of CODZ at nearly five years time, he has seen it all and become one of the most well-known and respected members of our community. Often times, it's hard to believe that time has flown that fast, that our lives have changed, but maybe that's what makes zombies, and this forum, so great. The game always remains the same. Hundreds of zombies, dozens of weapons, a few tactics, and one goal: survive. Kieran has done more than survive the zombie onslaught. He has turned it into something that has altered the very course of his life and mine as well. It seems silly when speaking in such broad terms, but for him, it's the truth. CODZ changed his life. It's only fitting, then, that Kieran managed to change our site more than we changed him. His contributions from way back in 2010 to all the way until 2015 have affected users in many ways, beyond just the game. For him, it was never about just theories and strategy or helping give us a kickass reputation for being an Easter Egg hunting machine. It was about the passion for the game, and more importantly, the people who make the game so great. It was about me, it was about you, it was about all of us. Now, it's about you, Jolteon. This is your moment. Your story is a great one. One that really matters. And as long as CODZ is around, I hope that what you have done for this site and its users stays with them. For what you've done means something, even for those of us who may not truly understand. Your legacy will never die for the site you helped mold stands strong, one nation, under Richtofen, with liberty and zombification for all. Thank you for everything.
  2. Thanks so much for everything guys. I really appreciate it. Don't worry, I'll still be around every now and again. Lurking. Waiting.
  3. Congratulations Craig! Thank you for everything my man.
  4. At times I feel like my username is more a reflection on other people than it is me.
  5. Made a vlog talking about our upcoming charity stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuoFGg44sMk

  6. Who are you again? You remind me a lot of my friend Andrew.
  7. @Rissole25 Yes Rissole! Zach (Grill) is currently working on an update thread, and it'll be posted tomorrow. However, you can see some of the changes we discussed as well as the two new members in green
  8. Well earned and well deserved. I remember you guys when you first joined. It's been a wild ride since then. Glad to see you're still here. Much love.
  9. Bottom line is that we're generating great revenue during a two year offseason with zero zombies' news to keep us hungry. That's awesome. Imagine what the next drops of information will do for our site's traffic, as well as our ad revenue.
  10. Excellent. It's amazing how far you've come as a writer man. Keep writing!
    1. Slade


      Congrats on achieving your goal in just 3 hours!

  11. Most important thing I've done in my internet life? I think so. http://tinyurl.com/k59lf9d

  12. I like the PM idea, it's kind of like other forums do it. The way it is now, I don't really mind it. It's there if you want to read it, and it can always be ignored. Wish some of the users who are new to the site could give their feedback on this. Doesn't really give us the best insight if everyone who responds is a regular.
  13. Alright, this rocks. Great to hear! Hope you're doing well Covert. Liam, do you know if he knows about the new look site, the changes regarding Lissa, and Carbon's reemergence?
  14. I might be able to be coerced into streaming zombies if the time is right. Would be able to bring along some of my regular viewers. Just let me know.
  15. Once again, amazing work. You never fail to do great things. Thanks again, Craig.
  16. Great idea, Craig, and awesome emotes, Al Can't wait to see some of these implemented.
  17. Wish I still enjoyed playing zombies to do this, but have fun everyone! I wouldn't mind doing some custom zombies if anyone wants to, but I've kind of veered away from the vanilla selection of maps. Happy 115 day everyone!
  18. Hey everyone; it's pretty common knowledge that our host is not the most reliable, with all the downtime we've had in the past. While the staff is diligently researching various hosting options for the future, it'd be great to have your guys' input, those of you who know what the best hosting services happen to be. For now, we are not expecting a lot of traffic, due to the nature of the offseason, but it'd be preferable to have something that is easily upgrade-able when the time comes. Any recommendations, professional or otherwise well-researched, would be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays, Ehjookayted AKA EyeCntSpel~
  19. My answers and opinions are based on a relative scale of achieving high rounds using efficient strategies, so they may be different than others' thoughts. My hardest is definitely Verruckt World at War. The sprinters, the lack of a great gun. The World at War mechanics (crappy knife lunges, zombies that love hugging) make this the toughest one overall. 24 zombies a round makes this a fast map, but the lack of Quick Revive combined with all those reasons mentioned pushes this one over the top for me in terms of difficulty. I would have said Bus Depot for second, the lack of perks, no Thundergun (like Nacht BO). Mark 2 makes this slightly easier, but its box rarity means you're more likely to get that regular Ray Gun. Splash damage death possibilities but its necessity as the only way to break 50? Risky, dangerous, tough. But for the poll, Five is so hard because of changing the windows starting at 40+. Top floor strategy requires incredible finesse. I was watching a stream of someone getting to round 115+ on Five with 0 downs. That top floor strategy is beautiful, fast, and dangerous. With nothing but the Awful Laton, high rounds on Five are timing based, and sometimes, you'll even need a little luck to get out of those hairy situations. Good topic now that we have all the great strategies out for every map and 5 years of experience playing zombies under our belts.
  20. Chopper, I think Frenzy is doing it to show that it's pointless to keep the door closed and that everyone who plays Town with the door closed for high rounds doesn't play Town "like a man." Regardless, it's the best strategy on the map either way. Nice one, BSZ.
  21. We must play sometime man. I've got a busy work schedule, but I would love to get into some great games over the next couple weeks. I usually run with DarkJolteon and AvengedLullaby, and we really want a fourth. :)
  22. One of the best strategies I've seen. Great videos, my friend. I love the excitement yet safety of this strategy right here. How far did you end up making it this game? Mark II over Boomhilda should you pull it from the box?
  23. Thanks a bunch for doing this, Naitrax! Also, big shout out to BEAST for putting together an amazing compilation of work-arounds, kind of a brain dump of sorts on Origins.
  24. On a non-storyline, purely zombies' experience, related note, how scary was this for everyone? If I'm honest, I just kind of laughed a bit when I saw it. Cool find, without a doubt, but fear to me is not a jump scare.
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