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  1. Made a vlog talking about our upcoming charity stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuoFGg44sMk

  2. I agree with @way2g00d. His guides were incredible and he made lots of contributions. In addition to the NML game, he was confronted with several pieces of evidence that some of his other games may have been modded. He did not comment on those allegations and deleted his youtube channel.   He was a really nice guy, and his guides were so guide that he had no reason to mod anything (allegedly). If he were to come back, I think he would be welcomed with open arms, but only for his guides and his friendliness. Most of us will be very skeptical when it comes to high rounds from him. However, in my opinion, I have to say that his guides are his helpfulness far outweigh any high rounds or achievements. It's unfortunate that he'll probably never come back, but it's wrong to say that zombies has died since; it's only gotten bigger and better, though obviously we are in the midst of a dry spell now.
  3. I'm so excited for KH Final Mix 2, finally get to play arguably one of the best games ever made. I love KH 1, but the story makes me so sad it's so hard to get through it sometimes. It's kind of like their innocence is so sad to watch, if that makes sense? Plus, everything is like a giant pit in my stomach leading up to Hollow Bastion. That's when you know it's a good story.   Currently in the middle of a Proud Run on Final Mix HD. Started staff, dropped sword, had to go for those balanced stats; plus with the changes to abilities and how awesome magic is in Final Mix, staff seemed like the best choice.
    1. Slade


      Congrats on achieving your goal in just 3 hours!

  4. Most important thing I've done in my internet life? I think so. http://tinyurl.com/k59lf9d

  5. It is indeed the cosmonaut! Well done Eternal, you're up.
  6. Brains are back! Let's revive this thread and bring it back to what it once was.   For every right answer, brains! No more than 3 brains per day per person though so as to prevent inflation.   My embrace extends across time and space, your best bet is to shoot me in the face.
  7. The data battles are going to be so fun. Ah man Roxas v. Sora is also going to be the best.    Can't wait for Critical mode too. I've always wanted some crazy challenge from KH 2. Felt that once you got Explosion it was pretty much an easy ride.   Side note, was I the only one who used Oathkeeper and Oblivion for Final Form and only exclusively used Final Form after I got it?   It just looked so sick.
  8. On a different note, does anyone remember the Axel/Roxas fight near the end of your days in Twilight Town in KH2? I really wish we had the opportunity to replay that battle nearing the end of the game. I really wish that KH2.5 HD Remix came out sooner! I can't wait to battle all the Organization 13 members once again.
  9. 36 with 3, all ultimate staffs. After they left, I went to 40 and ended the game.
  10. Last time I posted here was nearly 2 years ago (I think).
  11. The two main games are KH 1 and KH 2, which are just PS2 games. There is Chain of Memories, a GBA game. Then you have 358/2 Days (DS), Re:Coded (DS) Birth by Sleep (PSP), and Dream Drop Distance (3DS). The HD Collection 1.5 that I am talking about features, KH 1 Final Mix HD, Chain of Memories HD, and cutscenes from 358/2. The HD Collection 2.5 (which is almost confirmed) features KH 2 Final Mix HD, Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and Re:Coded. Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to be released on both Xbox One and PS4, shortly after Final Fantasy XV is released (since Square Enix makes both titles). Kingdom Hearts 3 will conclude the Xehanort saga but will not end the series of games.
  12. Apparently Dream Drop Distance is a huge story progression. Anyway, a Star Wars world would be fantastic, if done right, but Square does everything right usually. I think the Death Star would be a fantastic map. Darth Vader a boss who then becomes your party member for that map? Epic fight with the Emperor. It's all there!
  13. Without a doubt, the original Kingdom Hearts game is my favorite video game ever. I still need to beat it on Proud, but that is a story for another day. Anyway, Kindgom Hearts 1.5 HD is coming out on the PS3 on September 10, 2013 in North America! I cannot wait for this day, and I'll be picking up this game for sure. Obviously Kingdom Hearts III is looming, and there's quite a bit I need to catch up on story wise. Anyone else excited for this release? I'm picking it up straight away and hopefully doing a playthrough on my youtube channel. Sora, Kairi, Riku, Donald, Goofy... ah the memories!
  14. Not quite sure if this will help, but here's a thread on CoDz about book titles in the library. viewtopic.php?f=149&t=31741 Also, here's a video I found, so you can verify that this is the one you saw, MMX.
  15. Jay! I don't have BO II yet, and when I get it, I'll mostly play it for the multiplayer. As far as BO 1 goes, that's my go to for zombies for sure. Look forward to seeing you there my friend.
  16. Tac would have gotten that Nice one MMX.
  17. I am down for this. Let me know when you need one more, way. I'll be giving brains, too. I'll also post my availability, because I'm focusing on some NML right now. I hope I'm on to something big here. :)
  18. I like it. It adds a nice touch, and I actually wouldn't mind it like this for a while. I've learned that it isn't the numbers that define you, it's what you do, your actions, your threads and your contribution to make everything a little bit more interesting and entertaining for everyone. Nice question. Ehj~
  19.      Something that causes discomfort. Question religion all you want but do not cannot discriminate against with words such as imaginary and then make such a bold inquiry, specifically directed at blacks.      If you believe religion to be an archaic mode of thinking, and an ignorant belief, fine. But remember this: ignorance can be considered an evil, but seeking to punish the ignorant can be considered an even greater evil. The object of life is to coexist and emphasize the individual beliefs of man over the overarching equality that some seek. Often times the need to achieve knowledge (in the case of conflicts against religion) leads to conflict, unnecessary and often of regressive nature. [tab][/tab]I am by no means questioning anyone's beliefs or discriminating against any parties. Don't do the same. There is a difference between genuine questions and rhetorical questions. Remember that. Ehj~
  20. It's a little bit funny this feeling inside, Putting down my pride and getting into stride A whack ass rapper has been here for too many pages I guess I can wreak havoc with nothing but basics Simple rhyme scheme? Man, you like that Lil Wayne flow So why does he rap about money when his rap doesn't even make sense though? You're praising, I'm razing your ideas of good rap to the ground I'm back motherfuckers, Ehjookayted's now in town A mind so crooked, I read right to left like a Japanese booklet But I can twist whack lines into smack time where I debilitate the basest of rhymes and segregate my dope lines like a racist, let's face it, you can't erase it Your flows made this thread so sketch I gotta mace it Applause for you not being a quitter but now I'm bitter that I let you run over this thread It'd have been better off dead. Now your competition is the best rapper who ain't gonna bore 'em Anarchy's in the house fuck the decorum Killallzombies, what happened to his good lines? I guess he must store 'em Now they're nonexistent like his presence on the forum I'm the cutting Ehj so everyone's gonna bleed No quick revive here so it looks you need a steed for speed like meth Sorry my friend but true to the name, it's time for your death. Ehj~ (pronounced as edge)
  21.      Let me make this absolutely clear. Tac and Telixion were the first to come through with theories on this, and as we all know, the first one to break through the glass gets cut the most. Remember that when Alpha posted his thread about Moon, people believed him to be crazy. And while Moon was never originally planned, let's remember that Treyarch uses CoDz to craft the story. Samantha was this site's creation. So, did they see Alpha's ideas as an alternative? Perhaps. We are the creators of this story and we need to remember to create it collaboratively instead of in an aggressive, forceful manner. There are plenty of logical theories; this one just has the biggest cache to its contents.       I'm not going to completely agree with Tac on his theory even though I see his points and understand that this is the best option, as of right now. I just want a little bit more. There is solid evidence, but perhaps a part of me doesn't want Shangri-La to be on Mars because it would then ruin the grandeur of Moon. But that's my opinion. I digress.      So we must understand that Tac is probably getting heat for this elsewhere. Respect this thread like any other theory, but see its creator as someone who is in the midst of getting flak for it not being "just another theory." As members of the community, we should hold ourselves responsible to keeping Tac motivated as well as the others dedicated to solving the mysteries in this thread. Do so constructively. That's about all I have to say.       If things continue to get worse, I will move this thread to the asylum and all posts that are not constructively commenting on this topic will be disapproved.  [tab][/tab]Thank you. Ehj~
  22. That's so hauntingly good dude. Best one you've done so far, tied with your current avatar at the least. ;)

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