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  1. Well here we are. In honor of my brother, and in true fashion of the greatest bromance CODZ has ever known, DarkJolteon, better known as Jolteon, also known as hjotl, is retiring from staff. I'm not sure how many words need to be said about Jolteon, or rather, Kieran, but many of you will know him as the friendly, jolly, and amazingly witty moderator. But if you haven't been around CODZ for too long, you may not know that Kieran wrote some of the best and brightest theories around here, the stuff of legend. His DARVAS and Parisian Catacombs theory (some of which can be found here) spawned a
  2. Thanks so much for everything guys. I really appreciate it. Don't worry, I'll still be around every now and again. Lurking. Waiting.
  3. Congratulations Craig! Thank you for everything my man.
  4. At times I feel like my username is more a reflection on other people than it is me.
  5. Made a vlog talking about our upcoming charity stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuoFGg44sMk

  6. Who are you again? You remind me a lot of my friend Andrew.
  7. @Rissole25 Yes Rissole! Zach (Grill) is currently working on an update thread, and it'll be posted tomorrow. However, you can see some of the changes we discussed as well as the two new members in green
  8. Well earned and well deserved. I remember you guys when you first joined. It's been a wild ride since then. Glad to see you're still here. Much love.
  9. I'm so excited for KH Final Mix 2, finally get to play arguably one of the best games ever made. I love KH 1, but the story makes me so sad it's so hard to get through it sometimes. It's kind of like their innocence is so sad to watch, if that makes sense? Plus, everything is like a giant pit in my stomach leading up to Hollow Bastion. That's when you know it's a good story. Currently in the middle of a Proud Run on Final Mix HD. Started staff, dropped sword, had to go for those balanced stats; plus with the changes to abilities and how awesome magic is in Final Mix, staff seemed like the
  10. Bottom line is that we're generating great revenue during a two year offseason with zero zombies' news to keep us hungry. That's awesome. Imagine what the next drops of information will do for our site's traffic, as well as our ad revenue.
  11. Excellent. It's amazing how far you've come as a writer man. Keep writing!
    1. Slade


      Congrats on achieving your goal in just 3 hours!

  12. Oblivion is awesome. The combat is definitely lacking in terms of fluidity, but the story just feels so much more... epic. The Shivering Isles is probably one of the best expansions to ever come out for a game.
  13. Most important thing I've done in my internet life? I think so. http://tinyurl.com/k59lf9d

  14. No problem Heather! Enjoy it, it'll change your life
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