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After inspecting that poster:

1. These ARE the four [email protected] characters

2. Richtofen is missing his hat, just as he is in the Ascension clips we saw

3. Tank is holding the Wunderwaffe

4. Richtofen is holding what looks like a Thundergun, with some diffrences, enough for it to be a diffrent gun as a whole

5. Takeo is holding the Winter's Howl, meaning he will return

6. Nikolai is holding the Ray Gun

7. The picture has 3 types of zombies, normal Standers, Gas Crawlers, and Space Monkeys

8. Richtofen looks younger, like the pic in KDT

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This is SO sick!

Are the guns each character is holding from their own specific Country? I feel lightweight noobish for asking that since I've been here since the begging. Haha. But I feel like it's a needed question. &&if that's not the Thunder Gun, which I'd assume that it is, does that mean the Gersche* Device is indeed the new 'Monkey Bomb'? And I have a gut feeling that the Ray Gun might change to the position of a WunderWeapon; it being only obtainable by one player, like the DG-2, Howls, and Thunder Guns. Idk. Just a thought.

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