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  1. Just a thought, but what if this is a trailer for zombies and multiplayer? The picture Vahn posted said that the trailer is a little over 2 minutes long. And the reveal MP trailer for Black Ops was a little over 1 minute. Maybe 1 and a half minutes of MP, then a short little montage of zombies clips.
  2. This article seems to suggest the JFK and Nixon will escape "FIVE" alive. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/34 ... top_banner
  3. I agree. In an interview, they said that Treyarch is allowing the zombies team complete freedom. Maybe these guys are staying in the Cold War era.
  4. Some people complain that the VR-11 is underpowered. So, I've come up with a solution; make it like the Shrink Ray! You can change the coding so that the beam fired from the gun can hit multiple zombies. It would be much more useful then!
  5. My reviews with Mule Kick on the maps: Kino der Toten- Even easier. FIVE- The Pentagon Theif is less of a piss of, little bit easier. Ascension- Putting the perk in this map is a joke. It takes 1 hit for a monkey to take it down. Call of the Dead- Now you can upgrade a sniper to kill George, and still have to other weapon slots. Shangri La- I really don't notice a difference. Nacht der Untoten- Not that much of a difference. Verruckt- Again, not really different. Shi No Numa- Easier to conserve ammo. Der Reise- Also easier to conserve ammo.
  6. Just a thought, I think it should also have the effects of all wonder weapons, like this: Monkey Bomb: the QED begins to play a rough-techno version of the monkey bomb tune, and then it explodes. Wunderwaffe DG-2: Blue electricity shocks all the surrounding zombies. 31-79 JGb215: All the zombies in the general area shrink (includes Cosmonaut). Wave Gun: The zombies in the caught in the explosion begin to expand, and then POP! VR-11: Turns all zombies in the radius into humans, who rush too the inside of the base or the teleporter. However, it should also be able to spawn new zombies- Napalm Zombie: Would only work on the inside parts of the base, as oxygen is needed for fire. Shreiker Zombie: His screams could crack your PES, and you woould need to get a new one. George: He spawns, grabs PES, and then attacks either you or the Cosmonaut. Dogs: Spawns Dogs. Nova Gas Crawlers: Either spawns new ones, or turns all existing zombies into them.
  7. Why, when Samantha takes Richtofens body, does her voice still sound all demony? You'd think her voice would return to normal without all of her powers. The only explaination I can come up with it is that Richtofens vocal corals are not adjusted to her voice, and a grown mans vocal cords have a hard time trying to sound like a 10 year old girl. It just kinda bothers me.
  8. Maybe Mule Kick will allow you to buy all perks, instead of just the normal 4. Just a though. Because I doubt they would make you get downed to do the "Perks in Spaaaaaaaaaace" achievment.
  9. Maybe Mule Kick will allow you to buy all perks, in addition to its 3 gun ability.
  10. Tier 1: Scavenger- Replenish ammo, Pro- Replenish equipment and underbarrels Slieght of Hand- Reload faster, Pro- Swap weapons faster Quick Draw- ADS faster, Pro- Shoot faster after sprinting Bling- 2 primary weapon attachments, Pro- 2 secondary weapon attachments Overkill- 2 primary weapons, Pro- An additional piece of equipment and special grenade Tier 2: Scout- Hold breath longer, Pro- No firecaps for semi autos and if enemy walks into your scope crosshairs he appears on the minimap Assassin- Invisable to UAVs, heartbeat senors, and thermal, Pro- Unaffected by CUAVs and EMPs Blind Eye- Invisable to harriers and predator missiles, Pro- Invisable to helicopters, and all other air support FMJ- Increased bullet penetration, Pro- Rockets ignore flairs Lightweight- Move faster, Pro- No falling damage Tier 3: Ninja- Quiet movement, Pro- Completely silent Extreme Conditioning- Extended sprint, Pro- Unlimited sprint and climb over objects faster Sit Rep- See enemy equipment through walls, Pro- Hear enemys louder Point Guard- 2 assist count as 1 point towards your pointstreaks, Pro- Bonus XP for avenging someone and playing the objective Steady Aim- More accurate hip fire, Pro- Less flinch when shot
  11. Redemption? Sounds like Richtofen is going to "redeem" himself, by makeing a great sacrafice. Maybe instead of using the Golden Rod and the Focusing Stone to rule the world, he has to use them to defeat Samantha. And with the "Feeling Perky?" achievement, I have a feeling you can buy more than four perks now, or normal zombies can drop perk bottles.
  12. I like that he pointed that out. Here is what I have noticed from past Black Ops maps returning: Every map- Quick Revive in the spawn Mystery Box (Duh) Kino Der Toten- Teleport to PaP (Area 51) Nova Gas Crawlers FIVE- Elevators (One is seen crushing a crawler during the trailer) Death Machine Free transportation (In Moon's case, jumping pad things) Ascension- Stammin-Up and PhD Flopper (Possibly) Perk Botltle (Possibly) Call of the Dead- Deadshot Daquiri (Possibly) Golden Rod (Possibly) Shangri-La- PaP accessed through spawn room (Though in diffrent forms) Underground/cavern gameplay The Focusing Stone (Possibly) ANything that I'm missing?
  13. How about this: This new perk allows you to have three weapon slots, and also allows any SMG, Pistol, or Wonder Weapon to be Dual Wielded. I think that would be pretty well ballenced.
  14. Though it will take up the Tactical Grenade slot, I'm sure we will also be able to get the Gersch Devices from the box. Here are some ideas on what it could randomly do: - Disintigrate all zombies in the general area (Good) - Automatically end round (Hugh mushroom cloud explosion) (Very good) - Turns them back into the living, with spacesuits, who then might assist you or just waddle off (Ok) - Makes all zombies bigger and stronger (Bad) - Tunrs all zombies into Phaser zombies (Very bad)
  15. I see it as something like the Fog in Call of the Dead. It happens alternates every couple minutes. Under normal gravity, normal CoD Laws of Physics would apply. However, under low gravity, you can jump higher and run faster. And by jump higher, I mean you could jump to reach parts you normally couldn't by trying to jump. Like the parts that you normally can jump back up on in Call of the Dead (Rock ledges, jump off between boats). And maybe even high gravity at some points, where you run slower and can't jump. However, Stammin-Up would make you run normal again. Also, how about an airlock trap? It sucks zombies into space. However, if you get caught in it, it sucks you out, and you float in space for a few seconds, then you float down to a random place on the map.
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