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  1. RavensFTW

    'Cryogenic Slumber Party' + 'Perks in Spaaaaace' talk

    Maybe Mule Kick will allow you to buy all perks, in addition to its 3 gun ability.
  2. RavensFTW

    Achievements! (might be a leak)

    Redemption? Sounds like Richtofen is going to "redeem" himself, by makeing a great sacrafice. Maybe instead of using the Golden Rod and the Focusing Stone to rule the world, he has to use them to defeat Samantha. And with the "Feeling Perky?" achievement, I have a feeling you can buy more than four perks now, or normal zombies can drop perk bottles.
  3. RavensFTW

    A good Strategy fro shangri la solo?

    Like past maps, most solo players have found that "Zombie Trains", or Rape Trains are the supperior playstyle. Here are some places i have seen people doing them: - Spawn room - The waterfall - Lap around the entire map - The MPL area - The AK74u room Please, if anyone else would like to add on to this list, be my guest.
  4. RavensFTW

    Create ur own perk

    Grip Grape Gulp Color - Dark Purple Effect - No recoil Cost - 2000 Machine Style - http://blogs.pitch.com/fatcity/assets_c ... 10x305.jpg Logo - A gun, with a grap vine hanging off the barrel Taste - Sweet grape, with a bitter after taste Quotes- Richtofen "Oh, jah, this is serh gut... AHHHH, THE SOUR, IT SCHTINGGGSSS!" Tank "Just like America, so sweet, but it also packs a kick-ass punch!" Takeo "The sweetness is a dishonor, yet, the sour has much honor." Nikolia "Sweet, sour, I don't care unless it's vodka!" Brick Brew Color - Dark Blue Effect - Being hit will not stop your sprint, jumping into a group of zombies will knock them down, causing slight damage Cost - 1500 Machine Style - Tiny mini-fridge on a table, with a blue muscle man statue on top Logo - A muscular stick figure with beams coming off of him Taste - Bland, watery beer Quotes - Richtofen "Ehhh, I hope that it isn't as bad as the taste." Tank "Hand's off Brick Boy, the Jugger Girl is all mine!" (Refering to the statue) Takeo "I will knock them down, along with their honor!" Nikolia "Hey, it kinda taste like beer!"
  5. RavensFTW

    Inside Xbox Annihilation Map Pack Preview Video

    I believe in one video, it showed a room with a b ig machine and something small just floating inside of it. Could it possibly be our apple? :mrgreen:
  6. RavensFTW

    Inside Xbox Annihilation Map Pack Preview Video

    Confirmed perk-a-colas: - Juggernog (By the bamboo walls) - Stammin-Up (By the bowie knife) - Deadshot Daiquri - Double Tap Rootbeer - Quick Review (Spawn room) Yet to be found: - PhD Flopper - Speed Cola - Possible New Perk
  7. I think I would burst into tears if it was another multiplayer preview.
  8. RavensFTW

    Create ur own perk

    AntiFreeze: Colors: White, Gray, and Blue Logo: A Snowflake with water dripping off of it Cost: 1500 Effect: Your mobility is uneffected by water, and you screen does not freeze Taste: Liquid Anti-Freeze Second Shot: Colors: Brown and Yellow Logo: Two glasses of Vodka Cost: 2500 Effect: When you should die, instead of dieing, you stay up, but lose all you perks, and they zombies will not attack you until you attack them Taste: A shot of Vodka Accuracy Apple: Colors: Pink, Red, and Green Logo: An apple with an eye inside of it Cost: 2000 Effect: No recoil, faster ADS, and shoot while running Taste: Preschooler apple juice
  9. It could be as simple as the Ray Gun, the Wunderwaffe DG-2, the Thundergun, and the Gersch Devices. And now with the golden rod, Richtofen only needs one more item...
  10. I guess it just depends on who you are: The favorite for the kids ages 1-12 will be Sarah because "She has a Pu$$y TEEHEE." The favorite for the teens will be Danny Trejo because they've seen "Machette". The favorite for the adults will be Robert Englund because they've LEGALLY seen "Nightmare on Elm Street" And the people who don't like those three will like Michael Rooker.
  11. RavensFTW


    Things I noticed: 1. They are 100% the W@W group. 2. Around 43 seconds, you can see the logo for Stamin-Up in the bottem left (It is a yellow Lightweight perk logo) 3. After watching the mystery box cycle throught, it appears as though the only Wonder Weapon's are the Thundergun, the Ray Gun, the Gersch Device, and the Nesting Dolls. 4. The Lunar Lander things only cost 250 points. 5. The returing drops so far: Fire Sale, Death Machine, Max Ammo 6. You start the map by flying down on a Lunar Lander 7. At 3:21-3:22 you get a decent view of the PhD Flopper machine 8. Also around 43 second, that appears to be the Stamin-Up machine 9. There are switches with pictures of a rocket above it, possibly activate swithes around the map to be able to launch or get in rocket.
  12. RavensFTW


    Is there a website I can watch this on, seeing as how I dont have an Xbox?

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