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  1. The Map, will Hopefully, bring-back the 'No-Mans-Land' feature, as that could give us an Insight on how are hero's escape and dawn into the next location, where ever they may go!
  2. Remember guys the new way we start out a game of Zombies now, Through 'No Mans Land' I know Treyarch are going to keep that New Feature in cause it was really fun to do! What could happen is, in my tiny opinion is this: The world is in chaos, those who did survive the rocket crash are slowly getting killed by Richtofen and his Zombie Armada! The Four are still stuck on the Moon/Area 51. Here is where the game starts out: Think of it, if you will, The Crew are Stuck on 'No Man's Land', everyone with a respected random weapon of choice via Assault/Sub/Launcher, Crazy? yes, but think about it, How will they get off the Moon, I believe the Gersch Device, comes into play, more respectfully, Yuri himself. Now Someone of Random will be chosen to have one Gersch Device, it's basically survival on 'No mans land' racking up points the longer you stay, keep in mind, the Random Weapons that were selected at the Start only will have a half clip left. Now the Character to have the Device, could be Nikolai, but, I'm just saying that cause Yuri and Nikolai are both Russian, but It could be given to Sam/Richtofen. Now once the player throws the device, Yuri speaks out, Saying to them to go through the Device and it will take you too some place, Richtofen(Ghost), will not let Yuri, Interfere with the Destruction of the Crew! He tries to get the Portal shut, for game sakes , You will not be timed to get through the Portal, and the Portal will not close on you. Now you go through the Gersch Device and Long behold your not at Area 51 no more, you also don't have any of your weapons, your back to just a pistol, but where you are located...is someplace I have yet to think of. It's a thought really, I mean anything can happen at this point! Also, It's good to be back! Site has really Changed!
  3. My theory consists of sighs and big explosions. Why am I compelled to say this like some Tri-guel kind of movie. The Beginning= The Rise of Four Unique Soldiers to Combat an Undead force, one of them is evil and has a certain plan in mind, yet the other 3 do not know of this. The Middle= Four Soldiers escape certain death at the Factory and Time Travel to end up in a cinema in the future, figuring out clues along with trust growing weary with one of the Soldiers, until The Grand Scheme and Betrayal of one of the Soldiers to gain Godly Power, an unlikely Ally is gained swears of revenge are made, and the world gets blown to hell. (Literally) The End= With there new ally, The new group set out on a journey to Acquire certain items, that can take them to where their enemy is, and finally put and end to all this evil. Some where along these lines mark a long sigh of hope and why I continue to dream. anywho. This is what I believe will happen, you just can't leave it like this, I guarantee something will Happen, Samantofen can't be like this forever.
  4. No. I laugh gallantly at his awesome simplicity. Touche, sir, Touche.
  5. Is it possible to do "Cryogenic Slumber Party" with just 1, or is it required to have more then 1. if so I will use 2 controllers, split screen and then poof.
  6. Didnt Maxis' maniacal laughter when he tricked you into blowing up the Earth kinda tip you off that hes not actually your friend? lol True, but he knew incase this happens, he wanted to blow up the world for a reason still in need of figuring out why, and I can garuntee it was not to 'Minimize the damage' Richtofen will due.
  7. I still don't want too lose Sammy. she good character now/ for now.
  8. One Zombies mode ago, Maxis blew up the world and we gamer's just clucking watched. There will be no shortage of Zombies, No aether realms. We gamers will set things right, or die at round 5 trying. XD, The enemy of my enemy is our best friend. In our case Sammy is our best friend.
  9. "Ring around the rosie, Pocket full poison" that is just a loveable line from are now my favorite character, Samantha!
  10. It depends maybe Maxis had a underground facility that could with stand a big bang. Maxis will now play a big role cause he can help us, maybe guide the crew to a new area somehow in order to stop Richtofen. The idea's are endless my friends so many ways it can go.
  11. What he says is true. Richtofen is the new ruler of Aether. Samantha is now, I believe a mere mortal, along with dempsey and the crew, it's going to be funny now, in the days to come to learn more about what samantha will be like. I can picture it now. When Sam is with them she will say something along the lines of "No hard feelings for trying to kill you guys,okay?" and Dempsey and the other give her a big "SUUREE YOU ARE' face XD but thats just me. P.S I feel like somehow Maxis was working with Richtofen. No One Destroys the Earth and say that you will Minimize the damage that Richtofen will Inevitably incure. And by Minimize he means send three rockets to earth and these must have been some highly nuclear rockets to cause that much destruction. P.s.s I have a feeling that whatever happens in the next installation of Zombies, the Finale will be somewhat heart-wrenching. Like losing a favorite character. I hope its not Sam/Richtofen.
  12. This is all true. It won't end like this, Maxis Destroyed the world, Richtofen is the new ruler of Aether. Samantha is Richtofen, and she will play a big role now. We will see what is to come in 2012, in the next Treyarch game. WaW was the origin of Zombies, Black ops showed the Master Plan/end of earth, Black ops/or whatever its called will show the true end of Zombies where everything can go in two directions. A Good or Bad ending. Cause what happens in Zombies HAS to reflect in their next game that Treyarch makes. on a side note, SAMANTHA is very funny in Richtofens body, making funny quotes!
  13. It's not over, Takeo says this, " I will destroy every remnant of 935" and Sam says, "I will get my body back and destroy that evil Richtofen" It not over, this is just the climax. BUT still MAXIS destroyed the earth, why would he do that?
  14. If need of proof my GamertAG is TMG xAzodinx so some higher power come message me or invite me to a game and i will show you.
  15. Okay so I was playing on Moon now I do not know If it was said and done already but I will explain it. So I was walking through the rooms near the big Tele-pad underneath the Pyramid, there is a room that needs a Security Override, which can only be used with Hacker, you would hack the left side, (there are 4 buttons) Now I was playing with Richtofen and everytime I messed up the hacking, he would say "How do you not Recognize me....IT's ME!", now you have 60 seconds to hack the green glowing panels before the Systems shut out, I had done it and that is where I am currently at. Do not know if this has been discovered or not but I wanted to let you guys know. Credit goes to CheezyWeezy for finding first step. P.S Richtofen will also say "I could have used the Master Password) once completed of first step.
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