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  1. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    Jimmy Zelinski did say they were putting somethings in the old maps, You will not know till the 23, so relax, chill, get excited cause it's going to be worth it.
  2. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    Give a big Round of Applause for Shapeshifter, the guy who would rather pay $15, then get something for FREE. I would, because I would rather support the developers.... They are already getting paid. It all depends on how many people bought the hardened/Prestige edition. I believe not many people did, thus the sales will be good so you are supporting the Developers by Downloading the Map Pack. For Free.
  3. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    Give a big Round of Applause for Shapeshifter, the guy who would rather pay $15, then get something for FREE.
  4. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    It never a fail, when someone does not want something free! Moon is not shit, just because you only see a couple of screen-shot does not automatically Opt out that its Garbage. But I still think its funny how you said and I quote! "I DON'T WANT MOON FOR FREE."
  5. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Will you be buying MW3?

    It's going to be the same, I am going to just get both compare and contrast make a nice video on it and all will be swell, I pre-order both of them cause Honestly I ain't to thrilled about a 'real war simulator' game like BattleField 3, I don't like spending most of my time doing a 20- 30 min team based game ,cause I have a short attention span, and if it can happen I could probably go to McDonalds and back and have no kill or death with out making a single move of the controller but I am willing to give it a try cause, I feel like it. Call of Duty on the other hand I like fast paced games, I like doing all the impossible things cause it is fun, and we can all get laughs out of it, some more then others. I hate Glitching Modding, Hacking and all the other negative stuff. But still I am not a PC gamer and I have heard that BF3 is only going to be Half as good on console as it is on PC, that alone, I believe won't make BF3 beat Call of Duty, cause what BF3 is trying to do is take the Hardcore players of Call of Duty and shift them to BF, its not going to work if the Specs are only half, cause lets face it, (but IDK if its true) all of the Hardcore CoD players play on the console. I still will get them both i will play them, and I will see which is fun. nothing Simulator, just fun. like it was always intended to be.
  6. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    Richtofen, Comrade come we must take you to a world with out impending doom from the wrath of some creepy Limbo child, who seemingly hates your very fiber of your being, cause you locked her and her daddy away to potent limbo, with a mutant poodle, thus ultimately giving her the power to control the undead, but it does not matter, Look ahead there's a escape exit, and look at that I can see deer frolicking, but wait we forgot about your good Colleague Maxis who is also hell bent on killing you too! (Insert doom music and loud roars) This is the part where he kills you! Chapter 7: this is the part where he kills you! Oh and Richtofen check you Achievements I'm pretty sure you got the one that said, "THIS is the part where he kills you" (insert cricket here) Richtofen, I think you need a Dinghy for your ship. Savy?
  7. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Will you be buying MW3?

    Me Buy. Me love Modern Warfare Series. Me love Multiplayer. Me love Cake.
  8. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Girl character rant.

    Meh...a gamer is a gamer no matter what gender they are. Anyone want to start a party up for some Ascension fun, to wait off for CoTD, if not I'm going to take a nap, to pull an all nighter.
  9. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    You see this is called Foreshadowing, we don't know what happen to the origional four yet, which is why this map makes it look like these guys are the new crew, but there not. Treyarch still kept the Formula i have no idea how the Formula isn't there but we'll cross that bridge one-day. Treyarch also made a smart move in not going further into the story right now because I believe as they said they were, were looking through forums many forums hopefully and with Diversion going on between the community it seem to me that Treyarch wanted to make a map where there ain't no diversion any-more. Call of the Dead is your Movie(SCRIPT) Map. S.M.G= Zoey I have no further comments. Kids will be Kids. IMHO: This will be good because I mean we haven't had a break from these Easter Eggs and what not, and with the community being more hostile with each other, Its nice too take a break and go around shooting it up for Fun. IMHO(again): I think you just want to be done with the story line already. IMHO3: FEAR 3 was made with the help of Horror gods, John Carpenter and Steve Niles, Call of the Dead did the same with George Romero, only he just created the Scripture of the map hence the SCRIPT MAP, and left gameplay and design to Treyarch. Simple. PuLsE out.
  10. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    XD SCRIPT MAP! someone understands me! PuLsE out.
  11. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    Its A Script Map. Script Map. Does not pertain too story. It said so many times but I guess they just aren't saying it loud enough. SCRIPT MAP! You think that Treyarch after setting up GKNOVA6 and other stuff in the TERMINAL would really,REALLY get rid of the Story line.. SCRIPT MAP! I Call it this is because thats how i see it, you want to know why if you were paying attention to the cut seen in the Inside Xbox live trailer, when Romero was speaking and we see the 935 doors and stuff, you can tell just by the way he talks it is going to be something for movie purposes another one of Romeros zombie storys. It doesn't pertain to the ORIGIONAL story, just one of George's zombie scriptures. I will say it once more. SCRIPT MAP. Like it. Or Lup it. PuLsE out.
  12. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    George Romero Horror icon and he is know as "GrandFather Of Zombies". This map is supposed to be a new experience one that floats away from the origional four. This map is to lighten up the whole community with something different. I mean playing as the origional four is fun, but come on now give them a brake right now and insert these NEW cast in here besides do you actually think that this will map will pertain to the storyline. No. In the cutscene though with George he explains he went through some Nazi document and then flash the 935 doors and what not. This will be good for the community with all the Diversion that is happening if you know what i mean. So Call of the Dead shall be EXTREAMLY good because its fresh!, Its a BIGGGG map, Shoot everything to get something, Kill George and you get Something or Follow him and get something. Either way Kudos to you Treyarch you pulled another promising map!
  13. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Funny Zombies Quotes

    On Ascension when when the Glorious Doc is killing Zombies he says " There so small now they can fit in a gumball machine! I need a quarter, WHO HAS A QUARTER!?, Dempsey?" I smiled and laughed and laughed and laughed and I got knocked down and Died at mid-20's.
  14. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    Hmm....when they got the DM's and they were shooting at the big locked door the yellow players points went up? what do you think happened their?
  15. PuLsExEdGeZ

    Telixion's hint to us? (Solution to the generator puzzle)?

    I thought that the glowing ball near the four lights was something as it would make that weird whistle me and my mates tried throwing a gersh on it maybe suck the ball of light in but all we get us that " i can see the outline but we need more power!" and if you use too much power it will over load and he will say keep trying!...what more power could we need.

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