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  1. I can also confirm this, watched the stream as well when it happened.
  2. It also looks as if the teddy bears with astronaut helmets on them in the three things to activate the EE song. I've found 2 out of 3 so far and will update as soon as I've found the third. EDIT: Found all 3 but the third one is stuck behind a metal face thing what looks like canisters behind it and I cant knife it.
  3. Any word whether there is a solo version of the Easter egg yet, like they did in COTD? EDIT: Tried doing the 4 buttons next to quick revive as fast as I could but no luck.
  4. You can use the PaP machine on solo. Once you've turned the power on a button next to quick revive shows, just stand on it until it goes down and then you can PaP your weapon :)
  5. Just found this online, clearing up some of the confusion people have been having: http://oneofswords.com/pdf/CODEliteFAQ.pdf Hope it helps EDIT: Looks like carbon beat me to it :lol:
  6. Here: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=10890 Check see if you missed anything out (the guide is about half way down the page) :)
  7. Don't know if this helps anyone but: Do easter egg in co-op, you only get wunderwaffe in co-op after killing Romero. Do easter egg in single player, you only get wunderwaffe in single player after killing Romero. So if you do easter egg in single payer and kill Romero in co-op you won't get the wunderwaffe and visa versa.
  8. Everything is now finally done, both co-op and solo in as much detail I possibly could. If I've missed anything out or got anything wrong, just tell me and I'll change it. EDIT: Sorry for double post :?
  9. Just updated the main post with a few co-op steps (Still got the fog horn one to do). Pictures will be coming soon. :)
  10. Since I've just moved and will not have a stable internet connection until the end of May, if anyone fins out the full co-op guide i'll happily add it the the main post and give you full credit. There has to be picture or video evidence before I add it in though. EDIT: Sine the topics were merged I'm no longer the OP yet it has my topic name, so can the original poster change the title to 'Call of the Dead Easter Egg Guide *SOLO* (Co-op soon)' please. Would be appreiciated :)
  11. Easter egg finally completed and main post has been updated! If anyone wants me to explore anything else on the map, just post what and i'll give it a go, try and debunk a few theories 8-)
  12. Right guys, finally got the golden rod, put it in the tube and now Richtofen says i need to find another fuse?!?! If anyone tells me the location i'll give brains main post will be updated shortly...
  13. I will try this final step as soon as I get home from college and, if confirmed, I will credit you in the post.
  14. Yea, my topic has been merged with another topic, think it was 'How to save Richtofen, Dempsey etc..'
  15. It's gonna be tomorrow guys, sorry. Was just about to do the final step (well, what i'm assuming the final step is) and the game screwed me over and started a new round :x . Again, sorry :(
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