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  1. Would love to be white-listed Name: DannyS300194
  2. Everything is now finally done, both co-op and solo in as much detail I possibly could. If I've missed anything out or got anything wrong, just tell me and I'll change it. EDIT: Sorry for double post :?
  3. Just updated the main post with a few co-op steps (Still got the fog horn one to do). Pictures will be coming soon. :)
  4. Since I've just moved and will not have a stable internet connection until the end of May, if anyone fins out the full co-op guide i'll happily add it the the main post and give you full credit. There has to be picture or video evidence before I add it in though. EDIT: Sine the topics were merged I'm no longer the OP yet it has my topic name, so can the original poster change the title to 'Call of the Dead Easter Egg Guide *SOLO* (Co-op soon)' please. Would be appreiciated :)
  5. Easter egg finally completed and main post has been updated! If anyone wants me to explore anything else on the map, just post what and i'll give it a go, try and debunk a few theories 8-)
  6. Right guys, finally got the golden rod, put it in the tube and now Richtofen says i need to find another fuse?!?! If anyone tells me the location i'll give brains main post will be updated shortly...
  7. I will try this final step as soon as I get home from college and, if confirmed, I will credit you in the post.
  8. Yea, my topic has been merged with another topic, think it was 'How to save Richtofen, Dempsey etc..'
  9. It's gonna be tomorrow guys, sorry. Was just about to do the final step (well, what i'm assuming the final step is) and the game screwed me over and started a new round :x . Again, sorry :(
  10. Since a lot of people in groups have being have problems in the control room then i'm assuming this strategy is the solo one, maybe in co-op matches you have to something with the dials but i'm not sure exactly what.
  11. Would there be any chance that this could get stickied once i've completed the guide which should be tonight (if i'm lucky) or tomorrow. I'm still seeing countless threads of people posting the same things over and over again.
  12. I'm not sure if it would mess it up but it shouldn't really. Is the brown handle on the wheel right next to the bottom on the right hand side? Yep, everything is exactly how it should of been. Every barrier has been bought. And no green light is appearing. :S Hmm, the only thing I can think of is that it has glitched along the way for some reason, I've seen a few other posters say that theres has glitched as well. Sorry man :?
  13. I'm not sure if it would mess it up but it shouldn't really. Is the brown handle on the wheel right next to the bottom on the right hand side?
  14. More images are coming, just got to upload them, crappy quality from my iPhone though :? And does anyone know why my topics aren't appearing on the front page? It has done it quite a few times...
  15. I've seen various topics where people are posting what they've found on the egg so far and it seems all over the placer to me. So I've decided to make a topic which will outline all the steps to completing the easter egg, making it easier for people to find out what needs to be done 8-) FINALLY COMPLETED! (Co-op easter egg requires 3-4 people!) Step 1: When you get to the lighthouse you will see a big metal door and hear the crew talking between one another, then after they've stop talking press X or knife the door to start the egg. They will then tell you to find a fuse for them to but into the panel next to it. The Door: The fuse can be in to places (that i know of). Just go upstairs and it will be on either desk. Then pick it up and place it into the panel next to the door. They will then talk some more.... Fuse Location(s): (Co-op Spawn): Fuse goes here: Step 2: After speaking to them again you will need to destroy four generators with explosives (semtex works the best). You need to make sure it goes very near to the glowing red part! 1. The generator right behind you 8-) 2. Go right down to the bottom of the lighthouse and buy the door leading to a back entrance (not the one that leads outside near the stairs). Then go down some stairs through water and you will found a house with double tap in. Go to the back next the the boarded window and the generator will be there. 3. Go back up the stairs and you will find an ice ramp, travel down it and make your way back the the main part of the map. You'll see a wooden walkway to your left, go half way down it and you'll see a generator to you're right. 4. Go all the way to the back of the ship where the claymores are and there will be a generator in the water (took me a while to hit it). The claymore area(Generator is at the far left in the water): Step 3: (Co-op only) When going back to the crew to talk they will ask for you to bring some vodka. The vodka is covered in a block of ice and is hanging on the railing in front of it. Make sure a person is underneath when you knife the ice to catch it ( this is why is on co-op only, it skips this step on solo). Then take the vodka a place it in the message chute to the left of the door. Ice block should be here: Or: Or on the ship outside the mess hall: Bottle goes here: Step 4: After talking to Richtofen he will ask you to bring a golden rod. (DIALS ARE CO-OP STEP ONLY): Some complicated steps ahead, this part requires you put the dials in a certain order (Thanks to jbird for posting the steps to help me out). 1. Press the purple dial (bottom of lighthouse) until it is at 6. 2. Press orange (2nd from the top) until the blue dial is at 4. 3. Press yellow (top of lighthouse) until the orange dial is at 7. 4. Press yellow until it is at 2 and count the number of times it took to get to 2. 5. Press purple the same amount of times. 6. Press blue (2nd from bottom) until it is at the correct number. The dials should look like this: (MORSE CODE STEP CO-OP ONLY): You need all four players positioned at the four radios that play morse code when activated. The locations and order are: 1. Below the power room on top of a server looking thing. 2. The abandoned house near stamin-up on top of a barrel on the right hand side. 3. The far back of the ship hidden in a red container with two barrels. 4. On top of the cabinet behind the stairs in the room where the crew are. These need to be pressed in order and quickly for it to activate. The next step is to go into the control room of the ship and do the following: Turn the wheel so it is 1 tick to the right of the bottom. Pull the first lever down once. Pull the second lever down 3 times This is what it should look like: (FOG HORN CO-OP STEP ONLY): The next step is to activate the fog horns in a certain sequence which is: 1. Outside of the lighthouse to left left, next to the pool of water. 2. Right next to the ice slide on the right. 3. Outside of the lighthouse on the right next to the steps. 4. North of the ice slide near a large rock. And this is what appears in the distance (On solo this will appear after control panel step): The green light leads to the lighthouse and goes all the way to the bottom through the ice here: The next step is to make sure that use have a VR-11 (does not need to be PAP'd) and have a running zombie chasing you (a crawler will also work). Go to the bottom of the light house where the green beam is going through the ice and shoot the zombie with the VR-11. Shoot zombie here: The 'now' human will be abducted into the beam. You need to make sure that you kill him before he reaches the top of the lighthouse or you will have to do it again. Once he's died wait a few seconds and the gold rod will spawn at the bottom of the lighthouse. Go pick it up. Gold Rod: Step 5: Go take the rod and place it into the chute. The crew will talk and thank you but the easter egg is not over yet.... Chute: The fuse next to the door will blow and Richtofen will tell you to find another one. Don't worry! All you have to do is knife the fuse and voilà, the easter egg is complete! Plus you get a Gamer picture after the achievement pops up The power up, as you all already know, is the good ol' DG-2. It lasts for the amount of ammo you have and you aren't able to switch weapons or use anything, just like the death machines. If you get a max ammo whilst holding the DG-2 it will refill that as well.

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