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  1. I think the new species are the napalm and screecher or whatever zombies seen in the trailer and mentioned in the achievements
  2. Looks like a dinosaur. I wish the special rounfmd was killing crazy ass raptor zombies instead of monkeys
  3. If you haven't noticed, it's the same noise for every character. We don't care so why should treyarch
  4. To deal with the clothes/scratch/facial hair thing, can we get some pictures of each of the crew in all 4 maps that they've been in so far, and if you can, from shangri-la as well
  5. Serbia is a completely land locked country. Unless you meant Siberia. And i dont see why it was supoosed to be in England
  6. Other than what has already been said, ive noticed that there is now an odd crunching sounds when you kill a zombie by knife
  7. Nice work. At least some people know what they are talking about. I just cant help but point out that aztecs are from Mexico, not Asia.
  8. Why did treyarch put the gang in the black ops verison of necht der untoten and verruckt. it doesnt make any sense and doesnt fitin with the story. i assume the marines from nacht were overrun and killed and we know that dempsey was at verruckt with other marines, but was the only survivor. so what gives?
  9. He is saying that he thinks that the ship is Russian. It is, that's why it is in Siberia. I believe that it is still using the German teleporting technology that richtofen somehow replicated
  10. No it's not. If this isn't hacked, then the wunderwaffe is in the maps coding, and it's there for a reason
  11. I dont think Tank is saying that at all. It could be just a play on words, or a reference to the fact that he's a sociopathic butcher of humans
  12. Just as when ascension was released, I am confused about a big Easter egg. I've gathered that it has something to do with the old crew, but what is it exactly and does anything in call of the dead have to do with the previous Easter egg in which you either released yuri or gersch.
  13. What is the signature on the portraits of the four characters. The artist may be important if you can find out the name.
  14. The tunguska event happened in 1908, in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. It is thought (in zombies at least) that the meteor that hit had ununpentium in it.
  15. Yeah seriously, when does that happen?
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