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  1. Do you know how to spell OWNED in Russia? OWNED
  2. lolol,look like the chainsaw dude from resident evil 4
  3. Yes they can make space warfare game but just don't name it CALL OF DUTY SPACE WARFARE.The "Call of Duty" doesn't fit it anymore.
  4. I agree,the flickering style is so creepy but very cool
  5. maybe reznov still alive,there still no proof that reznov was actually dead,no dead body,no explanation(how he die).but maybe he really dead,because Hudson said he was dead during vorkuta prison escape(he is CIA how could he have no proof?)
  6. This is an email that carbonfibah received.Henry Langhams changed the phrase How's the wife to How's your wife. CONCLUSION!!!How's the wife and How's your wife are different.
  7. Likes: All the character in Black Ops Environment Zombies(Especially FIVE) The Story Dislikes: Gun sound(I know it is recorded from real guns but the volume just too small,it doesn't hit up my speaker seriously...doesn't feel like shooting.) Doesn't have nuke The crawling mutant with NOVA gas,annoying as hell
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