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  1. i wonder if the crew means tank and the rest of the guys. good find by the way
  2. welcome back! lol things should start heating up again with the release of call of the dead soon approaching!
  3. i asked the same thing to radaustin when he was doing the save me from sam video and he said that he tried stuff with the quick revive but got no results. wouldnt hurt to give it a try though
  4. found this on the xbox.com forums. u can manually open up the additional ports that black ops uses. here they are Inbound / Forwarded Ports: Generic XBox Live Ports: UDP: 88, 1863, 3074 TCP: 1863, 3074 Additional Call of Duty Black-Ops Ports: UDP: 22782, 33233 Outbound Ports * You shouldn't need to do anything about this unless you manually restrict outbound traffic All of the above XBox Live and Black-Ops UDP and TCP Ports UDP: 53, 88 TCP: 53, 80
  5. or maybe instead of bumping it people should use the search function and do some research on the forum before they repost something (not saying that this is a repost). It kinda keeps everything in order so we dont have to deal with too many repost topics. Alot of the ideas are great and everyone is doing a good job on there research. Ive seen too many good posts get buried because of it.
  6. NLmsiaN5dZM find makarov took me here *EDIT* sorry i jumped the gun. It is not modern warfare 3. sorry again. pretty good trailer though
  7. good find! I already posted it but it kinda got overlooked.viewtopic.php?t=7403. but this just proves that it isnt fake. have some [brains]
  8. actually it does have something to do with call of duty. change the time on your computer to march 3rd and the picture will appear. G61aglhQ3dQ
  9. yeah i find that too funny when he blames him
  10. at the beginning of ascension when it turns black and white and dempsey says "its black and white bitches" lol.
  11. theres a video on youtube on how to put your old hard drive into the new slim xboxs. it takes like 10 minutes to do. i had the same problem with the hardened edition maps being on my old harddrive. i did the swap and it worked out good.
  12. your about 6 months late :facepalm:
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