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  1. Reading it my head it sounded like the "Weird Al" Yankovic accent on the words. HTGlUMvbhSw
  2. Wait till it comes on PC then it can be exported out of the game files.
  3. Thats due to the set-up of your mysql, not the script. Check to make sure the passwords of the mysql users match up with the usernames. This is due to the a username or password being incorrect, In you control pannel make sure the usernames are linked up to the CODz Database. Since i don't have any access to the database admin then there is nothing more that i can suggest.
  4. Sorry my fault i looked over it again it was due to some double quotes. Try this. Best of Luck. // phpBB 3.0.x auto-generated configuration file //Usernames $db_user_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon'; $db_user_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon2'; $db_user_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon3'; $db_user_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon4'; //passwords $db_pass_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon_password'; $db_pass_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon2_password'; $db_pass_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon3_password'; $db_pass_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon4_password'; // Do not change anything in this file! $dbms = 'mysql'; $dbhost = 'localhost'; $dbport = ''; $dbname = 'databasename'; //Changed for multi-users $num = rand (0 , count($db_user_array)); $dbuser = $db_user_array[$num]; $dbpasswd = $db_pass_array[$num] ; $table_prefix = 'phpbb3_'; $acm_type = 'file'; $load_extensions = ''; @define('PHPBB_INSTALLED', true); // @define('DEBUG', true); // @define('DEBUG_EXTRA', true); ?>
  5. // phpBB 3.0.x auto-generated configuration file //Usernames $db_user_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon'; $db_user_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon2'; $db_user_array[] = "'callofd3_carbon3'; $db_user_array[] = "'callofd3_carbon4'; //passwords $db_pass_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon_password'; $db_pass_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon2_password'; $db_pass_array[] = "'callofd3_carbon3_password'; $db_pass_array[] = "'callofd3_carbon4_password'; // Do not change anything in this file! $dbms = 'mysql'; $dbhost = 'localhost'; $dbport = ''; $dbname = 'databasename'; //Changed for multi-users $num = rand (0 , count($db_user_array)); $dbuser = $db_user_array[$num]; $dbpasswd = $db_pass_array[$num] ; $table_prefix = 'phpbb3_'; $acm_type = 'file'; $load_extensions = ''; @define('PHPBB_INSTALLED', true); // @define('DEBUG', true); // @define('DEBUG_EXTRA', true); ?> Just enter the usernames and the passwords. Each Username must match its own password. EDIT: corrected syntax.
  6. I believe carbon is attempting to load balance the sites current database to a collection of usernames. Was this something that phpbb supports or are you just trying it. I assume you have gone in to your hosting panel and set up a series of usernames associated with the database. If the passwords of the usernames are all different then you will need the same script but for $db_pass aswell. $db_user_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon'; $db_user_array[] = 'callofd3_carbon2'; $db_user_array[] = "'callofd3_carbon3'; $db_user_array[] = "'callofd3_carbon4'; $db_user = array_rand($db_user_array, 1);
  7. If you watch the video when the player in the Lander, lands above him you can see the red outline of the rocket, about a third of it goes green. I think after so many Lander rides when the icon of the rocket goes from red to green it will take off which will allow assess to the PAP.
  8. I wonder if the game will only have one of these wonder weapons or there is a chance that all of them will be in on map. If so treyrarc wound do that without this map being insanely hard.
  9. I noticed no crawlers in this video i wonder if they have been removed or just did not make the edits.
  10. Anyone notice at 0:13 the rocket is missing perhaps it must move across the launch pad. As you can see the rails for it on the ground.
  11. [brains] for you! Looks very nice. Can't not wait for it.
  12. Pretty much nail on the head to do you just need to noclip and you see from any view you want, if you zoom out far enough you can see all of the arena's in dead ops. With noclip it very much something that can be only be done reliable on a PC.
  13. Speaking of spam the ammout post around ~12 GMT was huge. I think we should be at death-con 5.
  14. I see you have heard of Windows Vista.
  15. I think we should first look at the issue of bots getting past the registration process. We need something like this http://www.captcha.net/, the is a mod for phpbb (this forum software), available somewhere. At least having that during the registration process will limit the bot/spam.
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