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  1. Tagline:"DONT FORGET YOUR FIBAH!" lol
  2. LOVE the ideas. A little thing that i think could help is C4. These would replace claymores and betties. You would have two as usual but again YOU choose when to blow it to hell.
  3. Hello forum! Im Ryan form teh good ol' US. Im 16 and MW2 was my first cod. Im decent at best in multiplayer; yet i do have my moments. I consider myself a quite above average zombies player. I hope i could make some friends on the forum. Hit me up on XBL. Fick houndinnen bekomme geld=fuck bitches get money Gamertag: ryanptitty
  4. Well, since Shi no numa we have all wanted an area 51 map. Me and my group heard the phones on ascension ringing and when you answer we heard Nixon. Now this could just mean that we are hearing him at the pentagon or; he and the other guys, will be on the next map. Area 51 would be a fairly good choice because Nixon, JFK, and Macnamara could all have access to it. What do you guys think?
  5. Personally, I think that they just put those in (wunderwaffe and winters howl) to make the poster more badass.
  6. These are perfect especially Richtofens'. Him saying that would be hilarious!
  7. Halfway through the day and still no trailer that i can find :evil: Will we get one or not??? thoughts?
  8. this seems likely yet, why would they drop the hint of the silverback being in ascension? Though i do agree that i think it will be in a lighthouse. Especially with the lighthouse pictures while teleporting in der riese and the photo. If it happens to be in a map like launch i would be very dissapointed.
  9. Im pretty sure that in one of his reply posts he said that he had trouble getting the photos up on here from his phone. So with you saying that he said he got in there twice i never saw him say anything like that in any of his posts.
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