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  1. I got to round 23 with 3 mates before I lagged out. :x We were all running seperate circles around the mine cart and starting room areas- was actually a pretty decent strategy.
  2. Yeah it's deffo Punched, looks a bit ghetto though, not like Pack a Punched guns.
  3. Its not... its normal trust me at first I thought I saw a helicopter but I took it frame-by-frame you can see its wings moving, also if its a helicopter shouldn't it go behind the tree...? Yet it goes in front of it, its because its a Dragonfly... Enough said... Krazy Out... 8-) Pretty sure it's a helicopter..
  4. How about when you're playing Solo? Should you be covering Jugg or Revive?
  5. Cheers for that. Just played a game with the PAP'd Ray Gun and LAW and got to round 28.
  6. Imo these are ridiculously hard compared to the Hell Hounds. With Jugg and an MP5K on they're first appearance on about round 6 I always go down and / or loose my perk. Because of this I'm too scared to buy any more perks as I know I'll just loose them next Monkey round. How do you guys deal with this? + With PHD Flopper I don't seem to make an explosion when I dive?
  7. So erm what time will the maps be released in the UK?
  8. Juggernog, Stamin Up, Speed Cola, Quick Revive. Never use Double Tap and don't know what PHD Flopper does.
  9. Yeah, that's what I originally thought it would do. Like, it would pick a random spot on the map and all the zombies and players that went into the black hole get teleported there.
  10. Not sure if he'd get damaged anyway shooting at that distance.. But yeah, seems likely, as well as maybe protecting from fall damage.
  11. Well from the Insider preview from this morning with Josh saying how the Lunar pads have a secret, I'm pretty sure that somehow you can get them to fly you up to the cockpit of the rocket where the PAP machine will be. That or you can take the elevator up the side of the rocket to get to the cockpit.
  12. So, with 3 special grenades to choose from in Ascension, which one will you choose? -Monkey bombs? -Matryoshka dolls? -Gersch device?
  13. I would of said that would of been too overpowered, with each player having a wonderweapon. But after seeing that gameplay, yes I think it could be a possibility.
  14. A Max Ammo perk? Are you retarded?
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