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  1. 1. Bring back the call signs and emblemsthat were in MW2. this was one of the best things about MW2. they were all creative not like the emblems I have seen in Call of Duty Black Ops. I was disappointed in the custom emblem creator in Black Ops because it was so hard to make a good one. 2.bring back online split screen like Black Ops but this time make it like fifa 11 where only one person needs xbox live to play and the other one does not need it. Call of Duty has fantastic co-op options already, but the online split screen was an excellent addition in Black Ops. I used it all the time with my friends. 3. Bring back wager matches. Wager matches were one one my favorite part about Call of Duty Black Ops. They should have a game mode that is all about throwing knives. An all sniper mode would also be welcomed. 4. Have better security online . Hackers ruined MW2 at times. it was very annoying to have the game stopped every time the host left. 5. Add in a vehicle map. Vehicles haven’t always done great in Call of Duty, but it would be nice if they had 1 map that included some type of vehicle in MW3 6. Keep a wide variety of kill streaks. CoD is all about the kill streaks and I hope they have a huge list of them like they did in MW2. The nuke was kind of annoying but it encouraged you to play one and on until you get it which was fun. I think if they disallow tactical insertions in free-for-all that the nuke could possibly be brought back. 7.Add an x-ray vision perk that lets the player see through walls. This would be a pretty nice tool when looking for campers. 8.Add a couple ways to add flair when killing someone who doesn’t suspect it. Halo Reach had assassinations, a few move in CoD would work especially well with provoking opposing teams in killcams and final killcams.
  2. lambeth that is the part of london where i come from hope i see my house in the game
  3. i played mw2 multiplayer for a year and i then played black ops mp for 2 months there was something crap about multiplayer in black ops. was it the determination of getting a nuke or the killstreaks or was it the maps
  4. when i was looking at the map pack 2 for black ops i noticed on top of the lighthouse there was a blue light. i think that is were the mystery box starts and that it does not appear randomly.
  5. could u guys help me. this is the first time it happened my topic is in white not red and it is not on the front page of new topics help pls
  6. some begging for hardened maps if you did not buy the hardened edition then tough and 1 more thing how the hell r we gonna trust a guy with 0 brains if you had like 400 or 500 people will cum forward
  7. could anyone be willing to give me a 48 hour xbox live could people not say oh u are a 12year old kid i am not giving it 2 u actually i am in college studying art
  8. WOLFY never do what you just did by making the codes public because 1 person might use up all the codes you should telll them to message you if they want one and you should give it to them by private. could you send me one by private message please because people just took all the codes without a thank u i am the one which was on the chat with u on codz remember
  9. from this poster i can see the ray gun the thundergun the ice gun and the wunder waffle will be in ascension and the caharacters will be the same you can also see the front character holding the sickle in his right hand
  10. they are gonna ake a 40 second long trailer only on zombies and it is only gonna be on tv not sure what channel
  11. i think the PHD flopper will be a perk which cheapens traps. i think this because treyarch might have made the map so hard to play on that you have to constantly buy traps if you didn't know stamin up is for unlimited sprint
  12. it is because fight has bowhere to run around and kino has big spaces and it is easier
  13. i was searching on the internet and i found this. look at the last screenshot of the maps it says ascension http://www.codblackopsblog.com/ascensio ... d-enemies/ i can see the rocket in the background and it is in the dark but the buildings which are in multiplayer look like they have changed
  14. This may be a longshot, but i think the new zombie map (ascension) is going to be vorkuta. It makes sense, remember step one of reznov's plan? "ASCEND from darkness"
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