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  1. it doesnt though sure the dates of the 'events' come up just as the match is starting do they not
  2. Im sorry if i seem a little slow but i havnt heard what the hell this 'easter egg' or watever the hell it is is about so could someone please explain it to me.
  3. Could someone please explain to me wtf this easter egg is? sorry if im being a little slow
  4. I am now using this shit as my desktop wallpaper
  5. dude why would there be a German theater in France? I'm pretty sure its indicated it's in Berlin. There would be a German theater in France because mybe they built it when they occupied France? Although i also think it is situated in Berlin, just wanted to try and make a point :)
  6. yea same here its happened to me about 3 or 4 times. i play on 360 and it just usually kicks me from the party. Its not my connection cus i was playing with 2 of my mates and me and my friend got kicked from the party then the next day i got kicked from my other friends party once then joined again but it just took a while to find a game
  7. They didnt invent call of duty! Treyarch made the first 3 games in the COD series but I agree that they are not failward cod 4 was good but mw2 was fail. yea man umm treyarch didnt make the first cod games they made WaW and are making black ops. It was infinity ward who actually made up the idea and actually brought it to activision and made the first cod games. Im not dissing treyarch or nothing i love those guys but when it comes to the truth i dont care who its about. Mw2's online wasnt bad, they didnt make it bad, its most of the people who play it, from the 10th prestige hackers to the aimbot users and the noob tubers, they are the people who made MW2's online bad
  8. mate thats exactly what i was guna say lol
  9. GT- LoL x PredZz x Im from Northern Ireland in the Uk just in case you dont know what my accent is
  10. ahh man i was wondering why your sig was '8 months cancer free' i didnt actually know you had cancer. I'm 14 too and i could not imagine having cancer, it would wreck my life tbh, good for you getting through it. Also you seem pretty small for your age, cus im 5 foot 5 and 14 so. sorry if it seems like im talking too much or asking loads of questions lol. yea that would totally work, go for it!
  11. yaay i think i got it. sorry its so big lol
  12. if your wondering what i mean my signatures pic wont appear for some reason, if anyone can help me please do
  13. damn you ackward signature editor! :evil:
  14. guys can someone help me here i keep trying to upload an image for my sig but the pic is not appearing. i think im using the url thing and using a url from my imageshack and the pic does not seem to be appearing, someone help please!
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