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  1. To anyone this would seem like a great opportunity, I tick most of the boxes that Carbon has set out, however im at a time (exam time) where I am struggling to manage my own time never mind such an amazing community. But im sure you will find someone who is capable of such a task and to them I wish good luck.
  2. I would have really loved to take part in this gathering, however due to the many test that are taking place soon I have to do a lot of revising to do as im sure is the case with many other members of this site.
  3. Cos mason was locked up for killing JFK at the end, for someone who is on a site about finding clues and fitting together the hidden story behind this game series you don't really pay attention.
  4. Well treyarch did say something about changing the knifing system on multiplayer and since the new zombies runs no the multiplayer engine the same rules could apply.
  5. I agree, i think treyarch have said one thing and everyone else has misinterpreted it.
  6. By first wave it means there are going to many other preorders with different things at different times, i advice you do not buy this one because the later ones are going to have some much more stuff, hopefully a lot of it zombie related
  7. Well i hear that zombies is running of the multiplayer engine so that means bigger maps and more zombies in it.
  8. Lets just go with the im an idiot option then
  9. After taking a closer look at the trailer I saw something that could mean many things one of them being able to customize your kill streaks even more. This could mean: Putting you clantag or anyname into you killstreaks That the quadrotor may not be a killstreak but a piece of equipment Or this is just in storymode and im an idiot Either way what do you think?
  10. Or maybe it is mason timetravel!
  11. Im just glad that they are trying something new unlike infinty ward doing the same thing every time, treyarch seem to be the innovators in COD they made Zombies which was a huge hit as we all know, they tried a point system to unlock weapon attachment which i think was great but it was just executed wrong, and know this strike force thing and all these robots should really change the multi-player combat, this is why i get exited for treyarch's call of dutys there is always something different.
  12. Due to the rules of this website i am not allowed to say any leaked infomation, however the perk has been leaked and it doesnt let you weild 2 gun at the same time.
  13. They look like the the crystal skulls of Indiana Jones
  14. The bowi knife is also in the new map,also the characters look like the old ones so this map seems to be more based on the older maps
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