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  1. Nvm about the three lights, i found out they all turn on once the power is turned on, but they still flashed when i shot the door with the jet gun
  2. After spending a couple hours in 4 player tranzit shooting at the laundromat door getting the (blue) lasers to appear multiple times I noticed the lights that were above the bowling alley door, there were three of them lit up. It seemed odd to me as if there arent always 3 lit up. Going into theater mode I checked gameplay from two player and solo games and indeed there were only two lights on as compared to the 3 in four player. Also I notcied these lights seemed to flash as I shot the laundromat door with the Jet Gun. There were two other variables that could have caused the lights to flash though because at the same time, someone went underneath the "tower of babble" and also someone threw a grenade at where the meteorite rock is at the bus depot. So one thing I confirmed is that the lights from the laundromat appear from both easter eggs, and they can appear by simply walking up to the door, shooting it, knifing it, or just jumping by it. Also after shooting the door with the jet gun, a zombie glitched and walked right through the wall into the bowling alley and continued to walk right off the map. In theater mode i was able to attatch myself to the zombie and detatch in the bowling alley and take a good look around. Nothing very unusual in there except that big canister that is also in the bank vault. Please comment below with any questions or suggestions.
  3. Jrrhack

    The Wires!

    Im not saying the wires are the "continuation" to the easter egg, all I am saying is that they have some sort of relevance. Why even bring up ascension and call of the dead, yes obviously those easter eggs are over, but look at you, not even one month into the game and you are positive this ones over. Maybe they will have some sort of connection between maps, in fact im sure of it. All im saying is that there are still things left to be uncovered in tranzit and maybe finding out how all the wires are connected will help. If anyone wants to down on my theory or the fact that tranzits easter egg is over, please feel free to make a new thread entitled "I Give Up"
  4. Jrrhack

    The Wires!

    So are you saying all the buildable parts have little significance? Because they disappear to in theater mode. Also im not saying you have to noclip to find the wires, but it would make it easier. You compare it to the moon building and the church which have nothing to do with this. Sorry no offense but i would never vote you uotm, when ideas are turned down by simply saying they are wrong or insignificant we will never finish this easter egg. You cant say they are insignificant because they dont appear in theater mode, if so then all buildable pieces are insignificant. The reason i think they are hidden is because treyarch didnt want to make it easy for us to find them
  5. the same image with the sedan and the man holding, what i thought was a magnifying glass or a camera, is spread across the billboard which is either between the tunnel and diner or diner and farm. to see it, one must be in theater mode and look at it at just the right angle
  6. Jrrhack

    The Wires!

    no problem, also triple does have a point about some of them just being aesthetics. I thought maybe the sparking wires near the turbine openable doors are just there to signify that the power has been cut and thats why you need a turbine to open the doors. But it still seems strange tht all the wires dissapear once in theater mode
  7. Jrrhack

    The Wires!

    its hard to follow without noclip as most of the wires arent directly over any path you can walk on, and visibility is poor throughout the fog. Noclipping will definately be the way to go here
  8. ive heard those other orb sightings and looked into them and it was nothing more then a lighting texture glitch or a reflection through a window, this was possibly a glitch, im not sure but i doubt it. It was most definately the same energy that you see from the box with swirly flying shit all around it, the same one from the ngt vid on the traffic light except it was blue and on the tower. In my gameplay in theater you cant see it though, just like all the energy that comes out of the box, but if anyone wants to try to recreate then looking at my gameplay might be a good start, i take a good look at where the light was as I walk up from power to the cornfields
  9. I just reviewed my gameplay and all the steps i said i did at round 1 2 and 3 were actually all done at round 3, if anyone wants, i can save the game into my fileshare on xbox and you can take a look, I was playing as samuel and had a blue eyed skull emblem at the time. just leave a post if you want me to put it in my file share and i will
  10. It was another "I saw an orb here but I can't give you proof and you can't replicate it" Thread. Why always orbs? Oh yeah, they're easy to mistake. Triple Ex, your pessimistic views arent needed here
  11. Jrrhack

    The Wires!

    This is just a theory but I think the wires have some part to play in the easter egg. All over the map you can see that they are somehow connected whether it be to the tower, the traffic lights, or the sparking wires near all the turbine-openable doors. But when going into theater mode as if to trace the wires, they are all gone! It seems to me that treyarch doesnt want to make it easy for us to find where the wires lead. The only wires that I see that remain in theater mode are the ones that the traffic lights actually hang on, the one that fals from the tower to the ground, and maybe a few around power. I think if someone could noclip during a game and follow these wires we might get a little closer to finishing the easter egg, thanks.
  12. As I said, I cant provide a visual because I didn't think to take a snapshot when I could just go use theater mode. But like I said, once i went into theater mode it was gone, just like the red orb on the traffic light. But you can take my word that it was the blue orb sitting there, a constant light, not to be confused with the sparking nodes that only light up every other second or so, upon closer examination, i could definately see it was the same blue energy that comes out of the box after doing the easter egg. For any one else asking fof visuals, im sorry, but i swear i know what i saw, and i wouldnt just make this up. I want this easter egg figured out just as much as anyone else so i figured id post what seemed to be an interesting find
  13. Yes, exactly, but it was blue instead of the red one seen in the video, and no, unfortunately i cant provide a snapshot as i thought theater mode would be sufficiant. And i havent been able to recreate it, but i guarantee you i did not mistake it for the sparking nodes that are always there it was definately the same energy that comes out of the box. Also the other two were still sparking and the one with the blue energy had ceased sparking
  14. I have previously completed the richtofen side to turn on the tower and have seen the blue lights appear from the box and what not, but a couple days ago I was playing solo and it was round 2 or 3, I had just bought jug and had the power turned on and was collecting pieces for the jet gun. While heading to the cornfield from power I noticed that same blue sparking orb from the box. It was sitting on the tower. Not on the flashing red lights but on one of the 3 sparking nodes, the lowest one to be exact. I have no clue what I did to make it appear, as I said i was simply setting myself up for a long game; I turned power on round 1, opened bank and bought jug round 2, and started building the jet gun round 3. I havent been able to recreate this and sadly it doesnt appear to be there in theater mode. Hs anyone else seen this? Also, another thing that doesnt appear in theater mode is the sparking wires, like the ones near the teleporter lamp at diner.(just thought that was worth mentioning) (also i have never completed the maxis easter egg)
  15. Im not saying this will make him go permanently but, maybe this is another thing you can do with him like they said in the video, because i sure there is something we havent found with him yet, they say in the video there are other things to do with hi besides killing him, and im trying to find out what those other things are. They said watch him very close and see what he does and the way he acts.
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