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  1. SDid you check the tme stamp.... :facepalm:
  2. id think activision could get some free good publisity here. firstly make everyone who has played black ops 1 will unlock five, kino and dead ops in BOII then for each map pack, the zombie map for that pack will be unlocked in BOII this would mean people who have alreadybought the packs would get the maps, while people would go out to buy map packs just to get the old/current zombie maps.
  3. whyis there a bunch of 16 year olds playing a game only sutible for 17/18 and more?
  4. And remember, if the time setting of both 1980's and 2025 is true, the game takes place during or just after mason assassinates JFK and is on the run. After all, Dragovich says "Tried?" beofre his death, showing a possiblity that reznov did not change masons target, but rather "delayed" it, so when all the targets were eliminated, JFK was his next one. And if Woods is there, it suggest that the pentagon has been secured by that time, and that only the top half, outside, of the pentagon had been damaged. And Woods would be there as he has had a lot of contact with mason, and the goverment simply would not like the truth that the russians helped assassinate the president out, would they? ;)
  5. And treyarch is like crap they found our secret. i don't think i said that, i swear i have been framed O_O
  6. its not. the pentagon has been attacked and heavly damaged durign the same time as the battle for LA Indeed, if it was Pentagon Woods would be rolling like badass in his wheelchair and destroying UAV's butthe rubbel would block his path ways D: ... unless he has a flying, jet propelled wheelchair.......
  7. its not. the pentagon has been attacked and heavly damaged durign the same time as the battle for LA
  8. just looking back on the people beleveing woods was dead :lol:
  9. or that black ops 2 take in an alternative future where tech advanced to this stage very quickly, sothe date could be 1980....
  10. "Despite for thefact im still alive; None of this surprises me." - Frank Woods
  11. sorry to ruin on your parid, but ever since ricthofen took over the zombies, aren't there eyes blue...? great job anyway.
  12. all your bans are belong to me... ....wait a second.
  13. you even got the name of it right.
  14. i would go to every town, go to the guards, and put an arrow into there knees. Then after that, go on a rampage and kill every villager that is possible.
  15. Im banned because im an idiot.... ... ...
  16. You know ill be around for a while. But running a site would be to much of a challange.
  17. Good to see you guys get a promotion *ten hut* although i only have mw3 and that for xbox, i hope this playdatecan draw in the players :D
  18. I was going to reply with an epic rap, but then i took an arrow to the knee....
  19. Just after i post mine, i find yours *deletes my thread*
  20. Phillips455


    Now this is the good stuff. (and im back to a noraml dweller now ) EDIT/CJ/ - D: they looked so awwwwesome :twisted:

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