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Everything posted by Phillips455

  1. BZHi0z4g1zM I...... A-mmm.......A-ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! -Richtofen
  2. Out of curiousity, why are you not a dweller anymore? Just got tired of it? inactivity. I have a lot of stuff on my plate and i cant do/visit the site as much as i did.
  3. Phillips455

    Hi :D

    hey, welcome to codz :D
  4. enjoy it while you can :)
  5. Couldn't kneecap be refering to what happened to woods to leave him in a wheel chair? I would imagen that during a mission, woods kneecaps where shot, and he was captured, but mason took his heart penduant, while he escaped. Leaving, how did menedez get it or is menedez an older mason with a desire for revenge...
  6. but, one of the main points of black ops 1 is that the brain washing has made mason borderline insane. what if mason becomes this menedez to take his revenge on the british, american, chinise and other countries for trying to kill him/ruin his life.
  7. Nice guess, They look very much same to me. what this trailer is also suggesting... is that mason and woods are a couple and they adopted masons son 0_0
  8. well lets compare this villan with mason: there is some similarity i believe. maybe the pendant is something that come out during the 80's section of the game....?
  9. This is the offical music that was used in the trailer, but this is the full length version llti8Xd69G0 Its on Carbonfibahs channel, so subscribe to him if you haven't yet! (he's the creator of the site for you n00bs) Also download link for the song too: here
  10. Correct. Just sticking this topic, so no conversation about this in the forums. If you don't remember last time, well itwas a clusterF*** of post regarding to a character, reulting in a site being made to take members off codz and to there website, to make money off advertising. Theyare still in a postion to keep this BS up and are going to profiteer again if it isn't stopped byjust not talking about it.
  11. This new trailer that was shown during the champions league final last night is basically the same as the reveal trailer, althoguht it has been re edited with a few new clips which i'd thought d show yous U9ylkT_f-zA things such as the Anti-Aircraft turret interface.
  12. I saw the Avengers Assemble (its called that here in the uk so not to be confused with "the avengers" movie based on the tv series, and iis not related to marvel in anyway) watched it all, and they got nearly everything right, as nothing is "perfect" They managed to make the hulk into a funny/loved character that most people who watched the two "other" hulk movies may have thought it to be a dead weight on the film. aslo, at first, i thought it was the read skull,but then after i checked it up, i knew i was wrong. And if anyone in america saw the second after credit cutscene, where they are at the resturant that tony mentioned earlier in the film, that was the extra scene they recorded. Also, anyone who was not in america didn't get that part :(
  13. Well that means: Give me that monkeyword nikolai. :? Hmmm... Monkeyword... Who in the hell would use that under any context, ever? Sam?....
  14. "Nukes" NO. nonononononononoononNoN0NONONONONOnonono0no. Nukes were something that ruined mw2 as everyone tried to get them, resulting in the games tatics to be camping or spawn killing. I would enjoy a high killstreak that looks cool, but nothing that would prove deadly tothe gameplay of a multiplayer match.
  15. Anonymous snt into that type of thing, unless they get a grude against microsoft and xbox live. resulting in an DDOS knocking the servers out. they target goverment sights, and would rather go after activion and The main cod site. TD;LR read it.
  16. Actually, it should be no exclusives unless activison extends the contract. It was for 3 cod games (3 year contract), which where MW2, Black ops 1, and mw3. Since the contract will run out at the end of this year, BOII will not be invloved and dlc will be delivered at the same time, and maybe, just maybe, the pc will get the dlc free again (*nostalgia*)
  17. SDid you check the tme stamp.... :facepalm:
  18. anyone wanting to make a server on 360 so we can build a cool codz world? we could help out with achieves such as the minecraft one and nether
  19. id think activision could get some free good publisity here. firstly make everyone who has played black ops 1 will unlock five, kino and dead ops in BOII then for each map pack, the zombie map for that pack will be unlocked in BOII this would mean people who have alreadybought the packs would get the maps, while people would go out to buy map packs just to get the old/current zombie maps.
  20. if you have been provenbefore, then you don't need to prove it again. although im guessing there is currently no NML group, so you would have to give evidence for that.
  21. whyis there a bunch of 16 year olds playing a game only sutible for 17/18 and more?
  22. And if a mod or that chooses to, you will get the grammar medal, but a nomination doesn't always equal a medal.

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