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  1. How do we interrogate a man into the future? I'm very intrigued to see how Treyarch explains this timeline. We're either in for some mind blowing explanation, or a jumping of the shark the likes of which would make the Fonz blush.
  2. Have we considered that the "future is closer than we think" or whatever quote is a reference to our timeframe? Maybe it's Treyarch's way of saying that our assumptions of the game being in the near future is wrong, and the operatives we will be playing as have access to the earliest prototypes of these weapons?
  3. So, I know that it has been confirmed that the Tacitus site is unrelated, but didn't Treyarch claim to not have anything to do with GKNova6 before Black Ops?
  4. Round survival was never Treyarch's idea, so don't try painting that picture. Anyway, I find the contradictions of this site to be very ridiculous. No leaks for Black Ops were allowed, yet they are for MW3. Are you serious? Consistency is apparently too much to ask.
  5. I think a lot of people requested that from World at War because in [email protected] it would just show your MP rank. Now there's just no rank at all.
  6. I'm pretty sure you have to match the pitch of the dial with the corresponding foghorn tone for each level. The only problem is that when you turn the dial, the level above and the level below are also changed. I think that you basically need to solve the puzzle while at the same time testing how good your ear is for being in tune.
  7. Isn't there something about getting Nikolai some vodka?
  8. That's the only way to completely destroy a zombie is to burn it. Having him as a boss wouldn't make sense in zombie lore. :P
  9. Play any genre of game enough and it gets boring. That's why you have to have a good mix. It's like rotating crops for farming. If you only use one crop, you're going to kill the nutrients in the field. That's why I've got stuff like Rock Band, Uncharted, Call of Duty, NCAA Football, and LittleBigPlanet. That's a ton of different genres that can entertain me when I get bored of a different one.
  10. For sure. Modern Warfare 2 did such a good job of making you care about the other characters around you. Treyarch should still be taking notes.
  11. Call of Duty at its best is and always has been better than Battlefield at its best. Call of Duty is much more high energy than Battlefield, which is always slower paced and much less exciting. Then you get your typical games on Call of Duty and Battlefield; with CoD, you have a bunch of homophobic, racist, trash-talking ten year olds. With Battlefield, you get a bunch of kids who snipe exclusively and NEVER play the objective. I'll take CoD, where at least I can use the mute function to shut them up, rather than Battlefield, where their objective-based participation is not in under my control.
  12. Richtofen - "The screams are so...eeeeeerotic!" As well as any time the characters break the fourth wall and start talking to the players. Like Dempsey telling me to focus and get headshots, etc.
  13. But what if they're still at the Pentagon and have been fighting zombies for like thirty years? Or more? WHAT IF IT'S THE FUTURE? Only not really. That was a joke. :lol:
  14. I agree. I'd definitely read that more as a "COME FIND ME (on the next map)" than a tease to continue hunting easter eggs.
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