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  1. I think something small but will make a big impact is paying to reclose doors. They can be used your advantage so you could make sure nobody could kill all the zombies in that room apart from the player or close them to trap another player in. The only thing I am unsure about is the price...
  2. wow much zombie such kill wow

    1. ZombieOfTheDead


      So meme, such comment, very overuse, wow

  3. But if this is really a game, how did she get her hands on those dolls when doing Origins? Why are there dolls of the O4, the N4, the Ascension rocket, MP40 on the wall as well as other things... Unless I missed something?
  4. Mind you, in Moon she had a German accent.
  5. Nope. We have been to Mars, Shangri La was in Mars. I thought we had already established that?
  6. I think it is because of the way you get PAP now... I remember feeling great when PAPing on Der Riese or Ascension. I guess it because there was something you had to do to get it, but now on Die Rise you turn the power on, town it was there for you and on Tranzit you built it, when all the pieces were in the same room. It is too easy to get it, therefore it does not feel as good when PAPing, therefore it does not feel as effective.
  7. I love Die Rise! (late reply due to laziness) Has a close quarters survival feel to it. I did not like the way 3ARC tried to destroy or ruin certain classic strategies with previous maps, Die Rise hits the spot.
  8. I share the same opinion on denizens, it looks like Christmas has come early for us and they are back in Die Rise! (Denizen-like creatures)
  9. World at Wars zombie maps were the best in my point of view. I don't know why but; I did not have that same old feeling of nervousness and excitement when it came to the announcements of Moon, Shangi-La and Die Rise! I remember watching the trailer for Ascension and thinking "I can't wait for this!" Getting over hyped, being addicted to watching gameplay before I had it. Then COTD came and I was exited for that, but when I heard about the moviestars it let me down a'bit. But that did not last long! Shangri-La was the point of loss of excitement. Before we were dreaming of Zombie maps in the shore of the U.K; I was getting hyped up for that. Now I dread the thought. Paris used to excite me. Not any more. I do not know why but ever since the 'new' maps (Moon+) I am thinking of all that could go wrong with them. Not go right. Shame really. I have no idea of what has happened but something has really off-put me about the maps.
  10. Stats as in rank? That always resets/lowers.
  11. To me the whole Black Ops 2 timezone argument is confusing me. When is it set? Call of the Dead is clearly set in the 21st century. In the pre-movie I believe there are modern TV cameras? And SMG did not get her major breakthrough until mid 1990's? Ok. Why would those actors (and George) still be alive if the missiles hit in 1960's, 70's or 80's? Automated busdriver to the public in the 1970's? Please! Anything like that would be in a top secrete research lab! (or in area 51) Area 51? But that is close to green run? COULD THE BUS DRIVER MAGICALLY TURN ON AND START DRIVING TO GREEN RUN AND DO ITS ROUNDS??? Anyway. My point is even though the cars, the bowling alley and the bank are all classically stylised, we all know how lazy 3ARC are and they are just re-using stuff.
  12. I love the EMP when I am in two moods. A; A trolling mood. Love playing Depot with a bunch of 12 year olds and EMPing the box while they trot off after hitting the box to get a few more points. :twisted: B; Grief. Taking the otherteams PAP and Box. At times; perks. :lol:
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