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  1. Are you sure? When you put on the tactical mask all the way it has the same outline as the space helmet, when you go outside. Putting on Tactical Mask: Tactical Mask On: ] I don't think it's the space helmet they are putting on, notice it's not in his inventory. Note that in the first pic that instead of the AK-74fu2 it has P. E. S?
  2. i could see george on the moon, but thats just me wanting the wunderwaffe
  3. That be cool but I think it be cooler if everyone was seperated. :twisted:
  4. Ah the skorpian, I rarely touch that thing. My K/D with it in multiplayer is 1 kill and 0 deaths.
  5. Good plan but on Shangri-La it took a couple or few days to get the main easter egg completed by the first people to complete it... Unless you are talking about the small eggs such as music and the rocket monkeys . I do agree that when one person puts up an easter egg the whole forum gets flooded with the exact same thing shortly after... You could always just go dark if you dont want to spoil anything. Or have people put up spoiler alerts when talking about easter eggs would be easier.
  6. Im still a fan of the original trio and always will be.
  7. Round 19 call of the dead I was had just got ready for the next round and left the box, but when in the lighthouse i saw George's light but it wasn't moving. So i went upstairs and toyed around with him. He seemed fixated on that certain spot instead of me. I tried a bunch of things to him but only the zombies would affect him, and all they would do is move him. He stayed like that until round 23 which is where i killed him with the L115. When he came back everything was normal.
  8. The idea is interesting, im just saddened that as of now there is no killing effect. But we dont know if it has a side effect. :P
  9. Since it looks like he follows you around ill lure him on to the flinger and fling him away! :3 But the more likely thing I will do is try to knife him on round 1 and epicly fail
  10. Usually I just do whatever the other people in the game want do until they go down and i cant get them. Then I etheir circle at Pap or Phd Flopper and by then I will hopefully have the galil, gersch. and raygun. Assuming game isn't ended i can usually make it till 25.
  11. Ascension is great and all but Nuketown is my favorite map. And so far my 'pink' psp is more fun than my xbox right now.....
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