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  1. i think that the time bomb wil help you bring back takeo and dempnessy for the new DLC that has not been annoucned but it also said that the y are going to make 4 DLC for Bo2. So what are you think about the time bomb to bring back charakters but also possible have the current ones escape? :D
  2. The minute I hear dubstep in zombies is the minute I never buy a Treyarch game again. COME ON. Coming Home is 10103210532959235x better than dial up and beeping noises.
  3. Ok man I believe you now, lol. My MW3 K/D is now a 1.71, I have been T-R-Y-I-N-G recently and got a couple MOAB's in infected. Sam Turret, Stealth Bomber, and EMP. 'Nuff said.
  4. I have trouble believing that dude! Gimme some proof :lol:
  5. I know a lot of people say K/D doesn't matter, but it does, lol. Mine is 1.66.
  6. You can say that again. The AK in MW3 is horrendous.
  7. I really hope that this is good. If it isn't I'm not wasting my hard earned birthday money (lol) on CoD. I'm sure it will though. Treyarch isn't dumb.
  8. SWEET! Commando's back! I hope you unlock it early, unlike BO1 :x
  9. Would you like to see guns that kill quickly, or guns that kill slowly? I personally would like to see guns that kill fast because honestly, Black Ops had molasses slow gameplay because you had to empty a clip into someone to kill them. In World at War and IW games, it seems to be funner and more fast paced because of the strength of the guns. Remember that everyone hated MW2, but then a lot went back to it after Black Ops was dubbed 'boring'?.
  10. I just can't see them changing the zombies' mechanics. Well, that's what I said after Der Riese, but I really mean it this time!
  11. Yeah I changed my opinion. I officially got sucked into this again But guys, go to 1:21 Teddy Bear type laugh?
  12. Worried? Why?! New technologies from the future sounds awesome in zombies and would give it a quite flexible storyline as well. Idk...They might reach too much...look at some of the stuff they came up with already.... I don't think zombies is ready for the future. I HOPE Treyarch knows what they are doing here......I hope I trust them. I thought Black Ops was gonna be bad but it was a good 7.5/10
  13. I can't pass my complete judgment yet but it seems that they're running out of ideas...
  14. Worried? Why?! New technologies from the future sounds awesome in zombies and would give it a quite flexible storyline as well.
  15. This doesn't look like call of duty anymore agreed
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