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  1. Just an afterthought: If this is a child's game with toys and little girl...they have problems. Look at our characters, their language, their attitude, their mental stability. Sam and Eddy need therapy or something...
  2. I can understand why this "ending" has people either outraged, overlooking the ending, or trying to justify it. But, I see it this way: We knew Zombies would end, I personally knew I probably wouldn't like the end when Treyarch pulled the plug on the only game I play anymore. I'm sure they knew people wouldnt like the end either. However, look where we've come from. Zombies was just a fun mimigame, then Verrukt gave us messages we ignored until Shi No Numa, which gave us more questions than answers. I figured that they built the story around the map they were putting out, not the other way round. They may have planned a little, but it can only go so far. I'm happy with the ending. There's nothing wrong with it being a game, I still experienced the epicness that is Zombies, the ending hasn't taken that away from me. If Treyarch continues the storyline of Zombies after this, I wanna see it go bigger, but keeping it's roots at making us work to find our story, not just hearing voices and completing steps like what Ascension-Present had us searching for teammates over.
  3. I love the idea of bringing back a scary feel to zombies, I honestly want to see a creepier "haunted house"-y kind of map. Picture this, kind of like an intro, you remember, we all had that one big, derelict house in our neighborhood that we were willing to believe was haunted, imagine a Huge 1800's style home with a really big yard with grave stones and petrified trees, the iron bar fence door opens and slams with the wind as a heavy thunderstorm rolls in, you and your friends decide to stay in the house, your breathing becomes heavy, the lightning illuminates the house and you could swear that you saw a shadow by the gravestones, suddenly the lights in the den come on, dimly, but just enough for you to see, there's a Winchester Model 1887 shotgun sitting above the fireplace, desperately you grab it, there is a strange noise and voices upstairs, you and your friends slowly ascend the stairwell, to find a giant bell shaped device, one friend mentions that he saw one in the basement, and there's one in the woods outside, you turn a corner in the attic to see from the shadows glow a pair of yellow eyes, and a set of rotted, grimy hands reaching fr your throat, you struggle with this man, dressed in a German uniform oddly enough, but he's far too strong for you, you both fall onto the ground, his decayed mouth opens as he moves closer to your face, but you hear the voices from earlier, and someone kicks in the door and screams "EAT THIS, FLESH EATIN' MAGGOT WHORE" a green light fills the room, and you are introduced to the men you're gonna have to survive with,"Name's Dempsey, kid, what's yours" you hesitate to tell the blood stained man who stands before you, but eventually you manage to mouth "Peter, um sir" you were willing to believe this was the only one. you thought they were dead YOU.WERE.WRONG. sorry bout the wall, i love writing this stuff :mrgreen:
  4. I say hit the supply factory, seems like less people would be around, so less chance of becoming infected...
  5. I can't let this story just die....who else wants to keep writing?
  6. It makes sense to me, but if I may say, the sig just like made me immediately think of Fan fiction, lol, which isn't typically a bad thing. But the theory was really Interesting
  7. market, get yourself some non-perishable food for later on
  8. well, seeing as sam would know a bit about crazy people, i'd say stay back
  9. jtgossett


    racism is wrong bro, even if you don't like the character design , say that, you don't like the chatacter design , you need no more than that to get a point across
  10. jtgossett


    how so? ... Seriously? Sam is in a 50 year old man's body, while Richtofen is in a 7-10 year old girl's body. That is extremely weird and creepy. well, now that you say it like that.... :shock:
  11. well my first thought is that moon is richtofen's dream mainly because it takes everthing we know about zombies out the window i.e playing as sam and you know NUKING EARTH TO KINGDOM COME so it would kinda seem that way in my mind and then in bo 2 like in kino the loading screen has a radio tranmission of richtofen describing moon vividly, please don't flame my opinion and/or prediction
  12. well considering that it's time travel, just go back to der riese to fight richtofen
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