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December UOTM (Ragdo11706 won!)

Covert Gunman

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Congratulations Ragdo11706!



Well, this is certainly a change in beat from the norm. I'm back in the hot seat running our monthly User of the Month contest.

December's been a fantastic month with plenty of competent users, new easter egg discoveries, and plenty of Black Ops 3 news. Not only that but we just had Christmas yesterday, for those who celebrate it, as well as roughly 25 other religion based holidays this month. Not only that, but we saw the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which while I know isn't Zombies related, I've just been obsessed with it this past week. In honor of that, I suggest it's now time to begin the passing of the proverbial UOTM lightsaber to the next winner. So, let's get to the nominations!

How It Works

Step 1. Browse the forum. Look around, if you really weren't here during the month, please don't put up a random nomination or vote. Just look around. Spend 15 minutes, or even 7 hours scanning around the entire forum! There are lots of great things to read!

Step 2. Decide on your nominations. Pick a few people who you think could be worthy to be added into the poll. You aren't limited to one, but please don't nominate more than a few users. If they're worthy of nominations, they'll be mentioned by someone else. Trust your fellow users, and don't go on a nomination streak, you don't get a care package for 5 nominations.

Also, at your convenience please read this thread by Ehjookayted on the qualities that are looked for in User of the Month candidates.

Step 3. Post your nominations, and explanations or example links. When you've decided who you would like to nominate, please post it below in a reply to this topic. I will also be looking for a brief explanation, and/or a link or two showing examples of why they should be User of the Month.

Step 4. Wait. We will leave nominations open for about 2-3 days after posting this thread if time permits. This is simply to ensure that most of our regular users have the opportunity to chip in. Just be patient, and thank you for your time.

Step 5. Vote! Out of the nominations, I will add those that meet the required criteria to a poll, which will run for about 3 days. I hope to end the poll on the last day of each month, but time can be a cruel mistress sometimes, so bare with me if things are a day or so off.

Step 6. Celebrate! Congrats, you helped a great member be recognized for his/her greatness. You should be feeling warm and tingly now. Be sure to congratulate them! After the voting is closed, I will remove the old User of the Month from the title, and the new winner will don the Cyan robe and become our new User of the Month!


You can also remember the process using this nifty Acronym:

Barf Double Portions When Varnish Consumed


Rules And Requirements

Any nomination will require a brief explanation, and example links of posts that show the qualities necessary for a User of the Month.

A user may not nominate themselves or anyone sharing the same IP address. This is to avoid cheating.

You need at least 50 posts, and have been a member for at least 30 days in order for your nominations to be considered valid.

A user may not nominate more than three other users per competition.

If there is an abundance of votes for two-three users where upon the total number of users is more than six, a second round of voting may occur if requested by the community. The second round will only consist of the top voted users.

A user may not win User of the Month if they have won the title in the last 3 months. A staff member may not win the title if they have won in the last 6 months.

Users will only be part of the User of the Month group for the month after they won. They will however keep a medal to recognize their victory.


Previous Winners Archive:

December 2015: Tac

November 2015: Kill_All_Monkeys

October 2015: NaBrZHunter

September 2015: Shooter

August 2015: Lenne

May 2015: @Amantha77

April 2015: @Chopper

March 2015: @ZombieOfTheDead

February 2015: Nightmare Voyager

January 2015: Black Hand Smith

December 2014: Stop mocking me0

November 2014: Undad

October 2014: The boring guy

September 2014: the_clay_bird

August 2014: GRILL

July 2014: InfestLithium + ETEl2NAL407

June 2014: Jolteon

May 2014: Naitrax

February 2014-March 2014: DeathBringerZen

January 2014: Hells Warrrior

December 2013: ----------

November 2013: 83457

October 2013: Boom

September 2013: Samara + Slade

August 2013: TheBSZombie

July 2013: ----------

June 2013: RequixEclipse

May 2013: FatedTitan

April 2013: Flammenwerfer

March 2013: l GRILL l

February 2013: InfestLithium

January 2013: MurderMachineX

December 2012: PINNAZ + Lenne

November 2012: Electric Jesus

October 2012: Punkrockzombie

September 2012: Jake-Duck

August 2012: MyLittleHellhound

July 2012: Rissole25

June 2012: perfectlemonade

May 2012: MixMasterNut

April 2012: BlindBusDrvr

March 2012: way2g00

February 2012: SuperHands

January 2012: Ehjookayted

December 2011: Tom852

November 2011: OstonedshooterO

October 2011: LiamFTWinter

September 2011: Phillips455

August 2011: Faust

July 2011: TacticalInsertion

June 2011: MrRoflWaffles

May 2011: XAvengedLullabyX

April 2011: cjdog23

March 2011: xXDaRkLeGeNdSXx

February 2011: DigitalShadowZZ

January 2011: ----------

December 2010: Graffiti Skys

November 2010: Mikeh12

October 2010: Undeadwolfy

September 2010: RedDeadRiot

August 2010: Alpha Snake

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My nominations for this month are @83457 @Ragdo11706 and @steviewonder87 who have all been ripping It up this month in the BO3 section. Special mention to @DrVonstool who also deserves a nomination for his continued efforts.


Bravo for being highly active members and for continuing to search for this elusive WW upgrade. I am searching everyday myself but have not even come close to progressing.

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I want to nominate @Ragdo11706, boy do I love that guy! He is so nice and always has something good to say when discussing. He has really shined, among others and I think he should get UotM for being so devoted over this busy December time!

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3 hours ago, Ragdo11706 said:

Thanx bro. I still believe it exists, and I won't stop hunting.

Ha. I'd rather believe that it is hidden in a special way that code mining missed, rather than believe they simply made Tranzit2: Fight the Glitches for No Reward.

Hopefully it was edited out until it could be properly implemented. Trollarch doesn't have much respect left to lose, they should do their best to reassure the community that it's in the game or will be shortly.

I mean, we played with it, you can't just say 'oops, we're taking that out now, permanently'. Of course it will be back. I just won't buy another Treyarch product until it's fixed. I'm done with them if this is how they treat us. Unfinished cod mess again and they take the upgraded WW away, charge us for LD, and refuse to fix actual glitches.

Why are idiot children running a multimillion dollar company? I won't tolerate this behavior anymore. It's the main reason i didn't buy xbone: i wanted this zombie game to be worth it, if it was well made, i would upgrade just for the zombies. Currently it is making me not want them to have my money.

Happy Cyanning!

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Tell me why I bought an Xbone, and the only game I play is COD Zombies (on a regular basis). It's crazy though, we actually got to use the Upgraded version. Then they do everything they can in order to make it not be found thru "Cheating/Mining". 

This is why I ultimately believe it's in the game, and we can actually acquire it right now. In Trans(h)it we never got to go on that elusive Bus Route B, only for them to take it away.

Like I've said time & time again, I truly believe either for the first time ever we can actually "Fail" or "Progress to Far". Which would make sense because of how powerful it really is(if used correctly). 

Or they've coded it into the game in such a way that the "Cocoons" are in an off state, until either a certain action is performed, during a specific Round, or there's a strict path you must follow.

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