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  1. We remember the past. We remember how it felt. To find pieces to a puzzle. The puzzle was never there. I'd like to take us all back to Tranzit where players of all ages wanted more. Wanted something else. We have dubbed this the Tranzit Disease or the Tranzit Virus. It is an infection that drives our brains into a state of 115 delusion. We, as the true primis of our story, must overcome this delusion in order to see what is and what could be. Throughout the lifespan of BO2, we found that humans are fickle in their ability to cope with lack thereof information. The Origins cutscene alone left everyone in a state of hysteria. After being apart of a community that has for so long beat dead horses into a shallow pit, it was clear from Shadows of Evil that this T-Virus would become stronger and more powerful. The state of this virus right now is that of a disease that could end the storyline as we know it. End the obsession over a video game written as they skip along. This is the long story of how it all really began. We heard voices scream. We thought the voices meant something. We followed the voices. Until the voices became more. Nacht Der Untoten, Verrukt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese. The first four maps to reach the population. Nacht was the fabric upon which we as players realized that there had to be more. More to the blood stained walls, more to the howling of the wolves beyond the steel bars. More to the seemingly clear name that the zombies would spout. Yet, there was nothing. Nothing more than an audio recording of someone screaming a name by accident. People consumed the flesh. People thought and had clear opinions about what was happening. No one ever had a clear answer or a grounded story. The T-Virus was getting it's nourishment. Verrukt introduced us to some concepts that weren't understood until years down the line, when the T-Virus was taking full effect. At first, Verrukt for most of us kids was just an asylum. A rip off of the campaign map and the multiplayer map which complimented the zombies story. However, the T-Virus began to eat us even more. We observed the writings on the walls. We hypothesized that these writings could have ever predicted the future events that we see in maps today. However, their evidence is that of a dilapidated city drawn on the walls which can be the premise of any zombies map to date. The T-Virus began a campaign of misusing common sense. Convincing it's infected to believe without using logic or comprehension of any level. Just believe. Shi No Numa presented a huge issue with the T-Virus. It showed gave us that small glimmer of hope that we might be right. We might be on the right path. The T-Virus isn't all bad after all. Yet, the voices in the machines that sounded ominously alien-like. The Telephone that spoke like a demon which followed shortly after was a song. The four cabins which, was observed at first to be the rooms of the four characters, is now considered to be that of Zetsubou's Labs of experimentation. Even still, the T-Virus played a sly game by having a ticket to Der Riese on the floor below spawn. We began to follow the signs. We began to observe even further and deeper. Yet, even still, there was nothing there. Come Der Riese and it's the pinnacle of our storyline. We discover that the T-Virus had been right all along. A Samantha DID exist, a Maxis DID exist! Events had panned out in a way that has left our universe in abomination and no information to present this case in a logical fashion. Yet, we pushed on, looking for answers in the smallest of corners. People begged for things like a secret Type 99 hidden within the map... To no discoveries. People even more so tried to convince themselves and others that there was more to Der Riese. Shooting the moon with Wunderwaffe would do something they said, Shooting the shadow of the Teddy Bear will make him dance they said. Nothing came to be. Besides everything that was discovered, all theories of "More" faded. The T-Virus explodes once a map is released because everyone suffers from the delusion that everything is possibly a step or an easter egg. Our voices were heard. With so much on the line. We believed. We were deceived. As Black Ops came out, we received a bounty of new theories and ideas to help us uncover a story that was never covered in the first place. A story with so many holes that the holes don't even matter now. Black Ops was fantastic in many people's eyes and left little to no Virus left in us all. Ascension is the only map that I can recall that caused so much dissonance in the community. So many wanted "More" from the map. So many wanted there to be something "else". Alas, nothing came to be. Moon was our greatest achievement. The map presented us with answers to all of our delusions. Samantha is trapped and is in control. Others thought she was just trapped. More thought that the whole idea of alien tech on the moon was pointing towards outer space for our next adventure. Alas, as we waited for Black Ops 2, the T-Virus ate some of us whole. Tranzit arrived. The look on our faces when we saw new characters. A seemingly outrageous personality would be driving us around a map that can be broken down into smaller maps. It was awful. However, the terrific part of Tranzit is the Easter Egg. An egg that left even the best of us consumed. A lot of people have been consumed by the Tranzit Virus because you lose yourself in semantics. You forget what matters in an egg. Instead, you look for anything and everything. Going so far as to claim that pieces of the bus can be placed elsewhere simply using the logic that the Hatch can be used elsewhere. Never was the case. People assumed that there was a type of new route the bus could take if we did everything a certain way. No new discoveries other than a tight-ass meme. Black Ops 2 carried this Virus through to the end. And to this day, the Virus still lingers. However, with the release of Revelations and the affect it has had on everyone... It is clear that the Virus is still very strong and in full control of our ability to discover meaningful information or meaningful ideas for the story. We sit on the brink of collapse simply because the satisfactory levels of humans have lowered to a state below the Origins Ending Cutscene. I choose this day to end my love of Zombies not because the story was awful. Not because there are imbeciles who allow the T-Virus to feed off them. But because the story is nothing but the T-Virus. There is no fluidity to any of it. It's about as fluid as vinegar and water. With this new T-Virus breakout occurring, I'm trying my best to understand the story and to grasp the possibility of "more", considering our luck with "more" being in Gorod Krovi long after the community has raped it and tossed it to the gutter. However, my ability to love the people, love the story, and love the madness is fading. As I grow older, I see the madness even clearer and regret parts of myself for coming here and feeding this Virus even more than it has to be fed. And now, we have 3 more years to sit and let the Virus sink its teeth into our veins wasting more and more time sifting through dirt so we can find more dirt, just so later the writers can write out the dirt by saying the dirt was destroyed by an omnipotent being (A la Shadows of Evil). I'm sick of this song and dance and hope the best of us will agree. To, instead of creating a story for someone else (Treyarch), create your own genuine story inspired by this adventure we have been given. Let the new generation sift through dirt while we give the new generation the dirt to sift through. I speak soulfully about the modding scene and the creative scene beyond mods. Those who write comics inspired by the CoDZ fantasy. Those who create maps that carry their own story and easter eggs that most would deem all-the-more better than any map created by our developer slaves. We can create a story that makes sense or doesn't make sense (to each their taste). We can create a new Virus in one map and distinguish it in the next map we create. We have the power to disregard this long and treacherous story for a new and brighter tale about the edges of existence and the fringes of reality. TL;DR Use your imagination to create something that isn't full of shit. Because the story that I have followed for most of my childhood and teenage life has become nothing but shit. Shit after shit after shit. It's like everyone is just shitting all over me and from my perspective everyone is just shitting all over each other. Oh, and sometimes we find something useless and we jerk each other off but it always ends up being a shitshow. Someone is shitting on someone and then there's more shit we have to sift through because shit happens. Fuck this shit. I'm moving on with my life. I thank everyone who has come into contact with me and has given me lessons about community personalities and humans in general along with lessons involving real life discoveries and investigation as well as using what we discovered to apply it practically to either our lives or our imaginations. I sincerely hope that this story straightens out for all of us (Because I'll never stop playing zombies, I'll just stop caring about the story) and I hope we all can be satisfied in a way that leaves us orgasming for years to cum.
  2. I feel as if as a community we feel let down by this anti-climatic outro but I feel as if it was to be expected. Call of Duty Zombies as an entity can be embodied by a stripper. There to tease and excite, to rouse a reaction. NOT to give you any type of ACTUAL release. This is actually why I went off and away from trying to understand the story with the community because I knew that when BO3 was coming, the community was put in the backseat. Blundell spoke of putting brackets on the story and I don't believe there is any way to create brackets on a story like this. Before BO3, it seemed linear and possibly repairable. Now, it's omni-directional and can turn itself inside out once again. Maybe that was the goal, to constantly reinvent the same idea (Which is basically Call of Duty the Franchise). Point being: Leaving the community from a story stand point was very releasing for me, so as to create my own fantasy with my own characters and to have my own linear ending. Call of Duty Zombies was never the climax for me but rather the inspiration for something more. Every story, every cipher, and every radio has inspired me so to create worlds instead of trying to live with theirs. Honestly, this story never made sense. From beginning to end, it's been nothing but fan-fiction. Fan-fics about the nazis and WW2, Fan-fics about conspiracies and time travel, fan-fics about aliens and cthulu. The next Fan-fic might as well be about historical context within the storyline of CoDZ, which might mean sacrificing historical accuracy for story. What I think everyone should do with all this pent up "Frustration" and "Cum" is begin to create your own zombie terror. Write a story that has nothing to do with CoDZ but make it akin to the same concept or make it parallel in style and grit. Then, create a complex tale that reaches beyond the imagination and beyond time itself. Finally, create an ending. Not just any ending, one that makes sense. Once you do, then we can finally talk about how hard it is to actually create a tale like this. More-so, on a fluke. So, just to make it clear... I'm not saying we're spoiled. Yet, Call of Duty Zombies should've never happened. This story, these "Eight Years" I see people spouting. It was a fluke. All of it was a spur of chance. To say that we deserve an ending worthy of our characters is to say that we deserved this story from the get-go. We never deserved this story. Sure, we influenced it and inspired the creators to add storyline to further the popularity. We then as a community went to the troubles of trying to figure out what's going on, but then again we didn't have to. It was a spur of chance that we found something that got our cocks all hard and our cats all wet. The true sign of appreciation for something like "8 years of service" is something more along the lines of a tribute from the fans. Creating an entirely new and fresh story, one separate from our existing tales, and creating a new line of darkness and emotional terror. Thus, the PC community Maps are born. Yet, even if you aren't technologically savvy, you can always write a novel much to the ilk of CoDZ. Fuck, you could write the first Kronorium nd publish it. Even though none of what you said was true, it would still be considered a massive tribute and something for all CoDZ fans to own. It's all about what you take from this experience as it relates to Life in General. Some of us don't depend our lives on what the outcome of a small story in a video game may be. Yet, depend our lives on what comes out of the stories as messages or forwarnings to truths. Dio always said that his songs gave forwarnings to small truths that we all share and know. I believe that CoDZ, in massive subtilty, was giving forwarnings to the old saying "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely."
  3. So far, I have been able to grasp a small idea of what I think is going on in this ending that we have been given. Monty isn't evil. He has the interest of the children to think about. If we take away all that has happened in BO and parts of BO2 we can see how this is a kind of cycle. The problem is incorporating the illegitimate past with the legitimate present. We have no idea what is legitimate or illegitimate. What we do know is that SoE Universe has been squashed. Removed from existence. What we know from the events of The Giant, is that Evil Rick has been murdered by PRIMIS Rick. This caused a new chain of events to take place. This could also mean that all of the events in BO and parts of the events in BO2 could have been re-written. However, with the blood vials in existence, this creates a whole new perspective. Small fragments of BO and BO2 still exist thanks to the blood vials. This is why SoE was even in existence, it was never real. It was a corner of the universe that Shadow Man manipulated in order to consume the universe and use the Summoning Key. What we don't know is what from BO and BO2 universes still exist? The PRIMIS four obviously and quite possibly our Tranzit crew. What's next in this story remains a mystery because although the ending of the cutscene concluded with "THE END". It doesn't mean The End for everything. It means The End for PRIMIS and THIS cycle. They have lived their purpose and have set a one true reality straight. With new enlightenment thanks to Monty, they were sent to a corner of the universe where they can be worshiped for their trials and praised for their triumphs. It's a place where they can wait, too. For a new disaster to strike and for a new timeline to be fixed. This, in terms of story telling, sets up millions of adventures that may have not been told yet. That, surely, we have seen in murals throughout this DLC season. It is possible that Evil Rick knew of the nature behind Takeo, Nikolai, and Dempsey. It's even more-so possible that in this new timeline in the corner of the universe, they have no names and are known collectively as PRIMIS. It is absolutely possible to say that throughout BO and BO2, Evil Rick was working on behalf of the Apothicans. Almost as a type of Shadow Man. Evil Rick could have just as well been listening to the Shadow Man's voice and mistook it for the illuminati. Even more-so, Evil Rick could have known about the Aether but not the Dark Aether, and subsequently was corrupted by the Darkness which lead him to having the 115 delusions. On top of all of this, it's absolutely possible to say that the MPD is what causes all the corruption. It is an Apothican-made device that harnesses the Dark Aether. Whereas, what we saw in Der Eisendrache was the Keeper MPD that harnesses regular, pure Aether. Yet, if we look at the cycle without our PRIMIS characters and if we look at PRIMIS as not defined by the characters in the group but by the characteristics of the people within this group, it's completely fair to say that the PRIMIS Cycle is a cycle of war between Monty and Shadow Man. As Shadow Man stands today, he is a type of Doom-Bringer. The Devil of our story. Yet, he is not your conventional devil. He is a corrupt keeper that now serves an evil that lives off consumption of universes and planets. From Monty's perspective, the only reason PRIMIS consists of these four characters is because these four characters caused the initial kerfuffle. Basically, PRIMIS is the very beginning. PRIMIS is the original Origins. Whereas Origins is the distorted version thanks to Monty's well intended tampering. TL;DR The events of BO and BO2 were erased but are still in small fragments thanks to the blood vials. The cycle begins at Origins and starts again with PRIMIS ending. Meaning, the PRIMIS universe/timeline could be an infinite place of imagination, lost somewhere in the infinite universe. However, after the events of BO, PRIMIS was entangled in the entirety of the universe, causing a stroke. This Stroke caught Monty's attention and after realizing how fucked everything was, Monty began a campaign to enlist the help of the PRIMIS characters by getting the children to create a new beginning. This new beginning consisted of Four Ancient warriors sent to tame the evil. Sent from where, though? From the imagination. Where PRIMIS exists forever unt ever. Monty is simply guiding the children's imagination in the direction of positive thinking and closure so that their nightmares of the past can be laid to rest. The only thing that stands out to me is the house. Where in the universe is the house? Is the House supposed to represent reality? How the imagination of the children, coupled with the awesome power of 115, managed to corrupt and distort actuality? My opinion on this ending for Zombies this season is that it has answered more and asked more than any other map out there in the omniverse. We've learned that the PRIMIS cycle works like a type of Fail Safe against the Shadow Man and that it is possible for there to be corners of the universe, isolated from logic and reality. We've learned that Shadow Man AND Monty can manipulate distorted realities but can not control the actions of Free Willed Humans. We now have to ask, where the House is in the entirety of the Universe. How is it that Monty can exist in said Universe without causing a type of distortion? What reality does PRIMIS exist in, if it does in fact exist in reality. And finally, where was Shadow Man and this Dark Evil taken to? Takeo himself said, "Evil, much like energy, cannot be destroyed... only transferred." So, Monty and our PRIMIS characters only sent Shadow Man away, they didn't destroy him. Meaning, Shadow Man has every chance to come back and do it all over again. And now, with PRIMIS being sent into their own timeline, THEY too can return and send Shadow Man back again. The only question is where The House lies on the universal equation. We know that BO and BO2 have individual events that connect over that time period but now have all been erased and re-written thanks to PRIMIS. Even still, the possibility of the existence of all previous characters is still viable if not sensible to come back to in order to re-write their stories and to become their own PRIMIS. In a sense, all the evil that was done upon the Earth and the universes Earth exists on can be transferred into a light, heroic place. All depending on Free Willed Humans to make the right choice. Much like the Presidential Race in America. TL;DR Part 2: The story still left many holes but filled in the more important holes that was necessary to create, as Blundell put it, "Brackets around the general story". It leaves it open to interpretation as well as allowing enough story telling space for another Director to take the story in a new direction. This ending also allows the PC community to create anything they want and it could be canon as far as the Original tale is concerned. Based on how PRIMIS erased the past and was sent to a corner of the universe where they rule with staffs, PC community made maps can be made canon if told correctly. For example, if this hypothesis of PRIMIS being lost in the infinite universe of imagination were to be true, than this would mean any child coupled with the raw power of 115 can manipulate reality in order to create new worlds. In a sense, we become the children creating new worlds, new stories, and new characters for PRIMIS to embody within the maps we create. It was so great to finally see the ending come to this. It's actually what I've been hoping for the entire time. An ending that reals in the loose ends and creates more loose ends for us to actually play with. It's like the ending to The Grey. No one's for sure if Liam Neeson actually fought the horde of wolves. Yet, we all love to dream about it.
  4. One question you must ask yourself when considering a T-Virus thought is to confirm whether or not what you are thinking about matters. Does it really matter where or which worm goes in what holding area? Does it really matter if the Servant can be upgraded? Does it really matter if what I say is true or false? The T-Virus doesn't think so. The T-Virus believes you are all correct. There's more in every map prior to SoE. Including the WaW maps. Trust me, go on Nacht WaW edition and go outside the map in order to discover a wall-buy for the trench gun... You might be surprised when you find nothing but just wait for that hotfix... It's coming.
  5. Well, this is the direct problem to having a different company make the port for old gen. Everything is different and completely fucked. Leaving me to believe that both consoles have things to keep them separate. I believe this because of the lack of campaign, increase in achievements, and a large change in how things look. To me, the differences in the consoles will rely heavily on the design of the map and possibly the amount of eggs that could be stuffed in. So, considering that and the idea that this map must make an appearance on both generations leaves me to conclude that the only reason there is no more left or not enough in SoE is because of the limitations of previous consoles. Meaning they couldn't fit the Servant upgrade or much of anything else so that both consoles would feel equal in what the game gave to the audience as well as making the player feel as if there aren't any sides being taken. Obviously, they chose to side with next gen but don't tell old gen that... In short, the Servant upgrade might be hotfixed by the end of the season for Next Gen only OR it will be hotfixed across the board OR we can be patient and wait for the next DLC which is exclusive to next gen, right? I hope because I didn't play the entirety of Exo-Zombies waiting for maps to concede quality for old gen performance. This is either the virus talking or the hope that slowly dies inside of my soul.
  6. Here's where the T-Virus really shines inside of me. Remember how the Mega Gumball Randomizer works? You somehow put it on a plate THROUGH a window. With this simple information we can conclude that maybe, possibly, there are other windows that are not static. In the sense that we can interact with the windows granted that we have something that fits the piece. I question this because, deep down in my soul, I always felt suspicion regarding the Coffee Shop 'room', if I can even call it a room. More like a table and a wall. Even still, there are plenty of places where you would think you could interact through the windows. Consider it while investigating and activating certain cues, such as the boat bells, the white gumball itself could be taken somewhere else. Or there is something more that we can do to the ilk of the mystery gumball. The map just feels too empty to look so full... There must be more involving the "side lines" as I'll call it. The areas of the map that aren't the vocal point of the area or aren't exactly apart of where you usually would search. For example, "Detour 2 Diner" could be a reference to Tranzit's infamous detour from Diner to Town but there could also be more to the Diner in Footlight than we anticipate. The design of the diner is small and petite, yet there are plates set, a refrigerator open and contained inside the refrigerator are some bottles of unfamiliarity. The poster of our Gumball machine is found along with flashing lights and a cooking area in the back that beckons to be investigated. Keep in mind, our previous games and what might be referenced could also be pointed at Exo-Zombies. A lot of us don't like Sledgies take on Zombies but I love Bruce Campbell. Although the diner might not show anything related to any other universe besides the Treyarch universe, it's still something I'm personally curious about.
  7. Alright. One of the Super Nurds have relayed information regarding the upgrade cues we receive for the Servant. He stated that the cue known as "Upgrade_ready_0" has never been heard and if it has, it was by mistake. I'm here to say that, after reviewing what the quote is and what it sounds like, I have heard it in a legitimate playthrough. However, I heard it while wielding a sword. Now, I haven't been involved, recently, in discovering new cues and such as I have a life that needs to be lived. Yet, I still have a strong interest in this world of imagination so I'm sticking by until my mind cannot last in this biome. So, this audio cue is related to the servant but only occurs with a sword. It's as if, in order to upgrade the servant, we need to have completed most of everything else. At least when considering the swords in their normal state. The process to upgrade the swords is another quest all their own. The one thing that puts it all together is the audio cues we receive. The question that remains is: "Do we need to reach a point in our journey before attempting an upgrade?" I ask this because if according to Super Nurd, Downtown Fuck, we need these cues to progress than this means we need certain quests to be completed prior to engaging a further quest. Well'p I'm going to head back to hentai and thinking about 'Making a Murderer'. Good luck with this stuff.
  8. It's official, Mr. Numbers! According to some PC Super Nurds, the way the code is designed for the Upgrading of the weapon makes it impossible! At least we can stop trying officially now. I heard people stopping just because they hadn't found anything but now we've found something that legitimately says, "Fuck you, you can't continue." As for the J, you just need to remember that the creators of this game look up to me and my Newspaper stand. Seen that news stand outside the Burlesque? That's MY news stand and they made it clear that I own that stand. I don't know, I've never seen any letters in the Ritual sites. If there were symbols found than maybe that would make sense but a "J" with a mirrored "J"? What a queer occurrence.
  9. Of course, happy gaming! The game is splendid to say the least and is a great start to a possibly enlightening season! Just because one weapon is non-upgradable doesn't mean the whole map is fucked. Look at Die Rise, the one buildable was unable to be upgraded. Stupid. But the weapon was reasonably strong and given the right user could extend various amounts of rounds. Same for the Servant. Run Shadows of Evil with the Reborn Sword, Civil Protector, Servant, and Quick Revive and you will never die. I made it to 41 the other day just by running aimlessly and activating the Civil Protector and by legitimately using and enjoying the Reborn Sword. Honestly, this map is the most OP map considering the tools they give you to survive are completely on your side 100% of the time. Except the Reborn Sword in online play when you run through a portal. That's when you're fucked. Anyways, it's all going to be okay, Mr. Numbers! We will have our cake and eat it too. We will also have our weapon and use it too. Maybe during an eclipse, Treyarch will add in a patch that gives everyone upgraded handjobs- I mean, the servant. They will give everyone the upgraded servant.
  10. @Covert Gunman I'm kind of on a mission to understand more of this lore. So, I added to the madness that is Shangri La. People claimed it was Mars, I claimed it was Brazil, Peru (Like a classy ass), and I had an idea that it was in the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon idea was inspired from a book I wanted to write that captured the fascination of Treyarch zombies story and intricacy inside a linear book that can be understood from cover to cover. However, I never got around to making the book sensible and what not, it was just a series of events that were inspired by the game. Anyways, my post was a comedic post about this topic and how divided some people are about it. I mean, this topic is still a fresh topic in today's gameplay and storyline events considering the whole story is apart of one story and is not divided by the game title or time. We always need to have a fresh look at old material and Shangri La as well as Ascension is getting a lot of attention. My way of putting things is always in the form of humor. You may not like my humor which is completely legitimate but this is how I communicate. I feel that Shangri La is still a mystery and still holds a fresh place in my wanting heart. So, you could say I summerized the whole post and its comments into one crazy post with little to no relation to the original post or you could say that I contributed to my capacity my two cents to an insane topic of discussion: Where does Shangri La take place? My assumptions were Brazil, Mars, Grand Canyon, Peru, or a Stussy Store. I also included with my assumptions an in-depth look at how the future would play out if Treyarch came out legitimately with my assumptions as truth. Using these scenarios as comedic structure for some insane outcomes. I thought it would be funny and yet informative of how diabolically brain numbing this topic is and how wild the theories can get. Such as my apparently radical idea that Shangri La is inside the Earth. After Senpai @Tac schooled me on the fact that Shangri La is the gateway and not the heavens themselves, I conceded my radical idea for a more realistic one. This post was actually made prior to this understanding and is officially given the stamp of old. But that doesn't mean that Shangri La or it's storyline events aren't for today's topics. It's completely relevant in everyday humor and discussions surrounding the story and/or the order of events with which this game tries to follow. Basically, it's a shit post. But imagine if I just put "Bump". I would feel incomplete. So, what happens next is your call. I'm just here as a Gas Zombie and you're here as a Napalm Zombie... I would curl up in a ball and explode but I think by the time I explode, curling up into a ball will be the last of my worries.
  11. To my lack-of-knowledge, there is only one of each quote played. I got the calm and gentle quote upon grabbing the Servant and then the thing started yelling "Zarnash!" at me. To be Frank Reynolds, though, I couldn't quite hear the second quote clearly. A lot of shit was happening on-screen, so my eyes were more focused than my ears.
  12. Shangri La on Mars: The story will break out in hives as Treyarch finally explains that Shangri La is on Mars and the source of the zombie outbreak WAS in-fact an ancient problem... DOOM guy's problem... Suddenly, you are met by a cyber demon and have to face off in the DOOM 2 finale room. You must shoot a rocket in between that cunts beautiful face! Seven times! Shangri La is in Brazil: The story will fall flat on its face as Treyarch finally explains that Shangri La is in Brazil! Where Richtofen found that "fourth" test subject and where the "fourth" test subject will return! As the dead subject rises from his grave, you realize that the game started in black and white. Also, the fourth subject just jumped away. So this entire map is basically CotD with Mexican Subject instead of George Romero. Shangri La is in the Grand Canyon: The story ignites controversy as Treyarch finally explains that Shangri La was under the Grand Canyon! Hallow Earth theorists celebrate as four unlikely characters begin a hike adventure through the canyons in 1869. During their adventure, the four unlikely characters find themselves falling into a pit leading them to the paradise of the underworld. Shadow Man appears and starts masterbating all over the characters. Shangri La is in Peru: I'm only adding this scenario because I said it was in Brazil, Peru. How fucked am I? Anyways, fuck Shangri La. Fuck being logical and fuck me. Anyone? Please, I'm so lonely! Oh, right. Treyarch will amaze the fans as they reveal that Shangri La is in Peru, FUCK! Shangri La is in a Stussy Store: Treyarch trolls fans into the rape chair as they explain that Shangri La is located inside a John K Stussy Store. Once inside as four unlikely characters, you learn that John K wants to eat your John Cock. This has been a walk along the fringes of my mind. Thanks for joining me.
  13. I played earlier today and used the Nar-Ullaqua variant and it gave me the starting quote when I picked it up and a continuance quote the first shot. It's translation is IDGUN-Consume. This must mean that Nar-Ullaqua, one servant variant, only requires being built and being used. How queer!
  14. When I look for the cocoons, I always assume that the Shadow Man doesn't effect the outcome. So until evidence comes along to support the fact that the shadow man may have to be killed, I'll be searching without a dead shadow in a ball.
  15. @mmm chocolate The cocoon locations would more than likely be available in the CoDZ reddit. However, I have taken some liberties... Locations in code: http://pastebin.com/raw/1maJxwG5 Positions on map: http://i.imgur.com/IvolJyc.png -ex-nay on the map, it's not accurate. However, I'll leave the link for possible use in the near future. Album containing pictures of exact/various cocoon spawn locations: http://imgur.com/a/3eF1b

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