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  1. Look at you go Lauren. OP asks and you deliver in a timely manner. Good stuff.
  2. Hosting our Community Game Nacht later this evening. Who's with me?!

  3. Yes, for whatever odd reason we are having done really weird login issues and we're attempting to address them, but we have to go through the Invision support team. As such, there's only so much we can do ourselves.
  4. Haha, seems funny that your intro is now getting some action. Might as well jump on the bandwagon. Welcome to the site Boom! :P
  5. I'm excited regardless of whether or not it's a Call of Duty game. Granted, I don't really think this mission they showed off really captured the atmosphere and tone of the game they're going for, but still, it looks good and I'm excited to play. And I definitely can't wait to see what the MP and Zombies gameplay looks like, as well as more of MWR.
  6. Anyone else following the updates and super stoked about the BO3 mod tools?

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    2. DeathBringerZen


      Yep, after watching the video that Steve from Mappers United had make showing off a small box style map made using the zombie mod tools I was instantly blown away. I know it was only a basic room but it looked so polished and detailed. Really has me excited to see what some of the really skilled folks in the custom scene can do with these tools.

    3. DaveLo07


      Been putting off customs for a couple of years (had a very old PC, purchased waw and tried to run and it looked like Minecraft). Everything I've seen so far has looked impressive, gonna have to invest in a decent computer soon.

    4. Covert Gunman

      Covert Gunman

      @Boom, I actually think that Flopper is just included in the mod tools. From what I hear all zombie assets from every zombie experience so far has been included.

  7. You definitely came to the right place if you're looking for good and experienced Zombie slayers to play with. I've been playing and excelling at every map since the mode's inception, and there are many many others in the same boat as me. Honestly there are a lot of players here that I think you'd find would be more than willing to just have you friend them and play with any time. Anyway, enjoy the forums and your time here, and good luck finding a good zombie slaying team! :D
  8. Welcome to the forum boyo! Good to see another fellow Moon fan! One of the best maps, wasn't it? Anyway, enjoy your time here and feel free to hit us up if you have questions. We're all a friendly bunch here.
  9. I, too, think this is just a texture glitch. Like DG, I've seen a similar thing behind the Pack a Punch, and both images are very pixelated, which isn't something that would happen if it were vitally important. It's weird that we can see these glitches, but it is what it is I suppose.
  10. Alright, let's calm it down a little in here. No need to get testy with each other. Now, @NaBrZHunter is indeed correct, we don't really approve too much of glitching here. It's not really a legitimate way of easter egg hunting. Also, there have been numerous instances where these interactable-showing glitches have just simply shown and highlighted items that have no importance to an easter egg of any kind. For example, the theater mode glitch highlighted the fact that the two ships on the docks in the Waterfront District on Shadows of Evil would be one of the items to disappear durin
  11. Just a friendly reminder to make sure that this thread remains about the discussion of the actual map itself, and not what console the map is currently being played on. Cheers.
  12. Can I ask what the point of this post was? It seemed pretty irrelevant compared to the other posts here, especially considering the last post was almost exactly a year ago. We don't need to bring up old topics unless it really is relevant to what is being discussed in relation to today's gameplay and storyline events.
  13. ICYMI: UOTM is now open for nominations! Get those noms in! 

  14. Congratulations Ragdo11706! Well, this is certainly a change in beat from the norm. I'm back in the hot seat running our monthly User of the Month contest. December's been a fantastic month with plenty of competent users, new easter egg discoveries, and plenty of Black Ops 3 news. Not only that but we just had Christmas yesterday, for those who celebrate it, as well as roughly 25 other religion based holidays this month. Not only that, but we saw the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which while I know isn't Zombies related, I've just been obsessed
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