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  1. Go up to them and check them, sometimes it takes a minute for the texture to display. Also make sure your shooting off 5 arms and 5 helmets/headshots. I recommend doing the lockdown process in order to obtain this as early as possible.
  2. @Schrödinger Do you bieve there's a reason why, like their may be more to it...
  3. Im talking about the 4 Large Apothicon Symbols inside the Blood Circle, lining up perfectly with the Iron Cross. _______ You could be correct about them being similar in nature, due to being of Apothicon Origin. I just find it unlikely they would've made them exactly the same. Thinking about it now, I think this may be more important.
  4. Get your tinfoil hats out CODz this ones going to be a good one. ___________ With the recent release of G.K. on XBone, I finally got to play first hand. Upon getting the Dragon Strikes i noticed a familiar symbol, one i haven't seen alot of people pick up on (anyone for that matter). ____________ We have seen this very symbol way before G.K. __________ The first place is the Apothicon Rift Stone (PaP in Shadows of Evil. Which I don't find to be as important as the next one. The one that stands out to me is the Blood Circle around the Ritual Altars within Shadows. Now i know alot of you may think this is crazy, but look at them both (if anyone here can take both images and overlay them ill add it to the O.P.) they both have the 8 pointed star. If you look at the Iron Cross on the Dragon Strikes, they line up perfectly with the Apothicon symbols on the Blood Circle. Hell even the Apothicon Symbols cirlce the outer ring. _______ Now im not sure the significance of this, I just wanted to point out the connection between the 3 different Symbols. Let me know what you guys/gals the think down below. ________ P.S. I still believe we will go back to Shadows of Evil and finish something.
  5. I would like to request the Prestige V medal as well as the Hot Topic medal. One other thing are we stacking the Solo and Co-Op medals now?!?! If so i need all of those.
  6. See I would agree if it weren't for the fact Gorod Krovi, has an animated opening cinematic way more in depth than that of Der Eisendrache. Not too mention the fact Jason Blundell stated DLC 4 was completed already when G.K. Released for PS4. That could be the case but personally I find it hard to believe.
  7. I haven't seen alot of people talk about this. Why is it Der Eisendrache is the only map to have the Comic Book style opening cinematic. ___________ You could say Treyarch were "Lazy" on this one, however I find that hard to believe. Mainly for the fact both "The Giant" and "Shadows" were animated followed by "Zetsubou" and most recently "Gorod Krovi". I personally believe the reason being, is that's the only map to have a direct reference to the "Children" being there. I also think, that being the "First" DLC map and Dempseys Memory being "Last" wasn't done by mistake. _________ I'm curious to know what you guys/gals opinion on this is.
  8. Been gone a while...how is everyone?!?!

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    2. Ragdo11706


      Only a couple of months...right before Zetsubou No Shima released.

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      w00t! Rag's back!

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      Good to see you back! What did you make of ZNS?

  9. During Black Ops II starting with Trans(h)it, you had to choose who you were going to obey, Richtofen (Blue) or Maxxis (Red). _____ In each of the 3 Main Maps you had to find a NavCard, build a NavCard table, & complete the Main Quest. Once Buried was completed people noticed this "Mysterious Box" that had a big ass Button in the Center. There were 4 Rows of 3 Lights. If you and your 3 Teammates had all 12 Lights the same Color, you could press the Button and you would receive an End-Game of sorts. _________ Richtofens' Reward was all the perks, including Mule Kick 2.0 which allowed yout to ccarry 4 Weapons. He also granted you a permanent Fire Sale. Thats all he wanted was to have these pawns he could play with forever. He also possesses Samuel so he can have fun killing the Zombies himself. (I believe most of this is correct). ___________ Now onto Maxxis' (the real sinister Mother-F****r). Maxxis wanted control of the Aether. Once you press that button for his side, you immediately know you F****d up. The screen turns an almost Blood red color amd shakes violently. Even his voice changes. He also condems Richtofen to Buried along with Misty, Marlton, Russman, Stulinger. Every now and then you would see a Blue Eye Zombie in the mix of Yellow Eyes. You can even hear Richtofen talking. _________ I'm not sure alot of people explored much of the map while it was in this state, but it definitely seemed like a good place for more. The reason the map was called "Buried", it didn't matter whos' side you chose the Tranzit crew was not leaving that map.
  10. Hit the Wunder Fizz 3x and got Widows Wine. This is gonna be a good game, no Q.R. either.

  11. @83457 We have yet to find the Ending for the Noire Side Quest. Once we collect the 4th Gateworm in DLC 3, I'm fairly certain the Arbgwaoth will be obtainable within S.o.E. I still highly believe the map will change and play totally different as we will no longer need to sacrifice the "Innocent 4" as we will have the Summoning Key fully charged with the O4 Souls. The Keepers should be gone as well. If not, well sorry Treyarch you've dropped the ball once again. I could create a better map & Multi-Map Quest.
  12. I agree about Q.R. on solo you should automatically revive 3x without needing to buy it. There should be a Symbol or # somewhere on screen showing lives remaining. As far as the GobbleGums are concerned, the problem is with people such as myself, who dont have Internet access available where they live. Therefore were forced to play on local & only get to use the Classic GobbleGums. By Treyarch removing the Side Quest/Easter Egg to obtain the Perk Bottles, we are forced to run pretty much the same game every time.
  13. My biggest problem with S.o.E. is having to play the map the exact same, every single game. This also happens to be my biggest Pet Peeve for any Map within the Treyarch Zombie saga. Even though I've enjoyed Der Eisendrache & Shadows, I feel both maps have you playing the same way every game. I also feel this is in large part because of GobbleGums. Starting all the way back on Black Ops & Ascension, Treyarch have had an Easter Egg/Side Quest that allowed us (the Player) to obtain more than 4 Perks. With the release of Black Ops III however, this is no longer the case. I feel this is in large part due to "Perkaholic" & 1 or 2 other GobbleGums. Its a real let down for the Solo community, such as myself. As 2/4 perks are already spoken for, Jugg & Q.R. Usually the other 2 are taken up by "Stamin-Up" & "Double Tap 2.0". Treyarch really needs to introduce Tier 2 Perks. Where we can have 2 Tier 1 Perks & 4 Tier 2 Perks. Or come up with something better because for 7 years now, 2/4 perk slots have been taken up by Jugg & Q.R.
  14. @boybad I'm pretty sure leaving the gate leading towards Samanthas room closed, prevents Carpenters from spawning. Regardless doing this is going to F**K up your Drop Cycle & make the game take longer.
  15. @Chopper @boybad @ZombiesAteMyPizza! The HVK strat. When you start the game enter through the Mule Kick tunnel. Turn the power on from this direction, making sure to leave the gate closed that leads to Samanthas Room. This strategy is awesome, very fun. I honestly believe its one of, if not the fastest strat on Der Eisendrache.
  16. So after a lot of thought, I believe I've come up with a pretty damn good theory. ________ So in Der Eisendrache we have the achievement, "My Brothers Keeper". Where we actually defeat one of the "Corrupted Keepers" in order to obtain the soul of "Tank" 1.0. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, "In DLC 2 on the Island, we will indeed defeat/kill another "Corrupted Keeper". _______ If this ends up being the case, in DLC 3 & 4 were going to be defeating/ Killing 2 more "Corrupted Keepers". Which I believe will actually turn out to be, the way the NO4 were seeing themselves in this different "Dimension". (Possibly, if they are in fact the Ancients) _______ In Shadows of Evil we "Summoned 4 Keepers", to help defeat the Apothicons. Now with the NO4, were going back and defeating/killing these same 4 "Keepers". _______ In my opinion, the Summoning Key will act in a similar fashion to the "Nav Card Tables". Once the DLC season is finished, we will take the now "Fully Charged Summoning Key" back to Shadows. This time however, theres going to be a different Quest. The Quest in which we realize we've been the "Apothicons Servants" this entire time. This is when we will be able to do the "Upgrade Quest". The ending will obviously lead into Black Ops IV. ____________________ One other thing I want to add, since I feel this is the most relevant thread for it. Ive just completed D.E. Main Quest, so of course I was fascinated when it first happened. I began looking at the Moon for the most part & I couldn't help but notice, is it just me or does there seem to be an "Apothicon Symbol" in the dead center formed from the debris?!?!
  17. Wooooohhh nature boy! Finally I have made D.E. my B***H. This was a perfect game from the start. I got monkeys on the first Box hit. I received Widows Wine on the 2nd use of Der Wunderfizz, therefore I didn't run Q.R. & was able to run Double Tap, Stamin-Up, & Jugg. And all I can say, is thank GOD for the "Flaming Turd Smasher" ;-D Why I never took 5mins out of my life before to get this thing, I will never know. I used Danger Closest, the Bahamut, & the Storm Bow (Obviously). I also remembered to actually throw my damn Monkeys this time. I will say, this is by far the hardest Side Quest of the series. All though if I had internet, I highly doubt it would've taken me this long.
  18. YES!

    Finally, I have made Der Eisendrache my B***H.


  19. He said, "The Apothicon Servant can't be upgraded... in Shadows of Evil" This could very well mean we will actually be seeing the "Ancients Apothicon Servant" or someway in another map well be able to unlock the Cocoon in Shadows of Evil.
  20. Yea I agree, that would be pretty shitty. Hopefully this is not the case, if it is I'd be pretty bummed out, but life goes on. He also could have meant, something else I've said. In the fact that we may actually end up seeing the "Ancients Apothicon Servant" whereas that'll be the one Richtofen and crew can Upgrade. Only time will tell, but in the end I'm almost certain well be seeing the upgraded form one way or the other.
  21. Check the stream he did yesterday with NoahJ456, that's the one your looking for (I believe). Yeah, I agree. Something is going to tie all of this together. I wouldn't be surprised, when Richtofen enters Shadows through the Rift to steal the "Summoning Key", if that's when the Cocoon is dropped.
  22. Once we understand the "Apothicon/Keeper" Language Treyarch created based solely around the "Apothicon Servant", then we will be able to Upgrade it. We are being given specific commands, and directions we must follow. However, not knowing or understanding the language properly, we cannot do this. Why do you think Jason Blundell was wearing that specific shirt he wore yesterday. Not to laugh in our face, but to show us, this is the answer to what your looking for.
  23. I've only ever received that particular quote once that I remember specifically. However, I feel I may have heard it one other time as well. Regardless I haven't heard it more than twice, so that seems to be the quote that's most important.
  24. Normally when a Margwa spawns if you "Feed" the "Apothicon Servant" in the vicinity, the "Upgrade_Ready" Quote Triggers. ________ The time I got the "Zoroth Orottha" Audio Que, was during an Elemental/Parasite/Margwa Round. All "3" entities were present on the map, I built the "Apothicon Servant" & immediately activated a Ritual. I did NOT feed the "Apothicon Servant" prior to this. As soon as the "Keepers" spawned with the other "Entities" I received the quote. __________ Here's a Fun Fact. Did you know if you wait to place the "Apothicon Rift Stone" until an Elemental/Parasite Round. They will actually attack and kill the "Keepers" instead of going after you. Once the Ritual is completed the Round will end and grant you a, "Max Ammo".

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