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Red dot up in the sky, seen from GG Bridge?


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I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I'll give it a go:

Last night I was going on a solo run on MotD, and when I got to the bridge, I stumbled upon this:

What is that red dot? Anybody got any clue? I tried shooting at it, but doesn't seem to do anything.

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I actually noticed this while playing the other day. It is definitely not the mystery box light or the retriever, it is a small little dot just hanging out in the sky. It may be nothing, but I don't know for sure.

I tried shooting it, throwing the retriever at it, etc. I felt kind of like a cat chasing a laser pointer when i was finished :roll:

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I believe that is actually where Alcatraz is in relation to the bridge. If a teammate goes down in the jail and you're on the bridge it points to there.

This. When you look for the player arrows while on the Golden Gate Bridge, they always point to this particular instance. ZombieGK is right though about the bridge technically being underneath Alcatraz Island but a very good distance away from it. It allows the game to have a smaller map than actually having the bridge very far out of the map yet playable.

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There's a tester node glitch I found(don't know if anyone else found this particular one it's or not) but when ur in theater, just as your electric chairing back to the island, stop it, go into free roam. Then you'll r able to navigate around the map freely without barriers. Well there's a few barriers still,

But my point is that I actually saw what that dot was coming from. I don't remember exactly. But I think it was washing machine. Not sure: all I remember was that it was something about that size and really had almost no importance to it.

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But my point is that I actually saw what that dot was coming from. I don't remember exactly. But I think it was washing machine.


It has been confirmed to be the fire pit you throw the Retriever into. Someone noclipped the map on the PC version in a video and it can be seen to be the pit.

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