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  1. I'd buy it. And I know a lot of people would actually buy it simply because it says "call of duty".
  2. Welcome to the forum. It's great to have you. And I'll be checking that channel out momentarily. :D
  3. This has been talked about quite a bit actually. Same thing stands, it'd be great, but unlikely. :/
  4. Richtofen side: one player. Sounds impossible? Maybe, haven't tried. HOWEVER...the only step that seems impossible to do is the EMP step. How to do it: 1. Get EMP's. 2. Throw EMP at a teleporter (not the one you're about to jump in to) 3. Throw EMP at teleporter (the one you ARE about to jump in to) 4. Jump into teleporter 5. Luckily acquire a Max ammo when you come our at the next teleporter. 6. Throw EMP at a teleporter (one in the distance somewhere) 7. Throw EMP at the teleporter you came out at. 8. Done Possible? Find out on the next episode of Mythbusters! ...or not...
  5. Ohhhh see that makes more sense. I thought it meant the entire story. But yeah interesting question. I'd say it's definitely possible that it's just a movie. But idk it's been a while since I've been deeply involved in the z universe. I'm a bit rusty.
  6. Well idk about it being a movie. But my theory on George is that the electrocution combined with the zombie attack created the "super zombie" that is George. The 115 from the zombie went into George like normal except the volts amped up the power of it. Maxis has pointed out the electrical properties in E115. But idk how it'd be a movie. Not sure how that'd fit in.
  7. I choose headshot. Reason: I love my headshots. Nickname... That one persistent upgrade that let's you deal more damage per headshot. :D
  8. So.... It does have something to do with Turkey. Lol. Still sounds great. If only November 2015 was here...
  9. I haven't played that yet. Although I can say I wouldn't be surprised. After all, Dempsey can be heard in a few Steal Enix games if I'm not mistaken.
  10. *goosebumps* I love it but what exactly is the deal with the title?
  11. I would recommend looking at the firework display through a scoped rifle from the rooftop. ;)
  12. I would say NO the jet gun is not a wonder weapon. YES origins is part of the main timeline (although you have to realize we're dealing with time travel and displacement and possibly alternate realities and/or universes. Even so, it's still part of our universe. I know that makes no sense) and NO it's not just dolls. So I'm all over the place there. As far as future aspects, I wanna see change. What's the point in making a new game if you're using old mechanics. That's the way I see it. In conclusion, I have no idea what I would be considered. I have some conservative opinions regarding story elements, however I would still love to see changes and additions to gameplay.
  13. Now just you wait just a gosh darned minute there, sparky. I happen to find tranzit to be a very fun map. It just requires patience. Don't compare it to other maps, because the truth is, it's nothing like other maps. It gives a huge new feel to zombies, bringing challenges and annoyances alike.
  14. Hello again everyboodddyyyy!! I am back and my spork is golder than ever! For those of you who don't know me, I am not new to this family. I just had to take some time away to deal with some IRL matters. As you all may know, CoDZ, and other things can become giant distractions from real life situations that we should be taking care of. Which was the case with me. So I felt it was best to put aside things here and elsewhere for a few months. But for the most part, the gears are now up and running and I am back. Happy to be back too! I had envisioned this day, CoDZ, the day of my return, for quite some time. And I am relieved to be here once again with my fellow slayers. I only wish I had something to bring you upon my return other than just this topic...and of course my beautiful face of which you cannot see...And I thought long and hard of what I could bring you guys. Perhaps a new and enlightening post that you all could dive into. But I thought and thought and I realized I must have gotten writer's block or something because I could not for the life of me come up with anything. My apologies guys. However I do have an idea for something of a...written series...so to speak...for you to enjoy. I'll be working on that shortly. So stay tuned! Who knows, i may actually create something interesting for a change. Anyways, not only have I been absent from this community, but also from most of the gaming world in its entirety. For instance, I just became aware of the whole Exo survival thing in AW with the "zombies". My point: I have been very "out of the loop" for quite some time now so just be patient with my zombies rehabilitation for a few weeks or so. I may say something or ask something that has become common knowledge around here. If that should occur, please don't frown upon me, laugh at me, or kill me. Much appreciated . <3 But no worries, I shall be poking around the forums in search of new information and findings in zombies so I can avoid this. On another note Congratulations to our Olympics winners!!!!and once again, I apologize for having to withdraw. Hopefully you guys will do another one so I can participate more fully in it. Thanks for your time and understanding, CoDZ, and I look forward to the discussing, debating, learning, and even just the messing around that this amazing community has to offer. With blood, brains, and spleens... Spork
  15. *facepalm* Story does matter. It's just not a make it or break it thing for most people.
  16. The proof vs. no proof thing on that one thread I have. Our discussion. xD lol i'm just kidding.
  17. He's trying to tell us "hey guys, bo2 is over but keep looking for stuff. SNIPE!" Lol Nawh. But it's not just the tower. It's also the elaborate power station. The robotic bus driver, EMP's existence, turbines. Jet gun. Etc etc etc. So much power stuff. :P
  18. I happen to enjoy Shangri la. I just bought ascension a few months ago(I know. Shame. Never got around to it) but I knew the story very well already. So I basically bought it for the gameplay only. I mean I already knew the story.
  19. I'm thinking of something relating to power and electricity. Electricity is used everywhere in the map. Something's powered up perhaps? :/
  20. "Don't go hunting". Well okay that's what we've doing. Now what? XD Lol thanks for posting. I mean I'm not on Twitter so I don't get updates on these things. XD Assuming it's not a troll though it probably is: look at more obvious parts of the map? Idk I don't know how much can change within the map without an update. Which is strange because he says "NOW something will be up and running". :/
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