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  1. @Nightmare Voyager Interesting, please explain. ...derp first post on CoDZ in months [emoji52]
  2. I'd buy it. And I know a lot of people would actually buy it simply because it says "call of duty".
  3. Welcome to the forum. It's great to have you. And I'll be checking that channel out momentarily. :D
  4. This has been talked about quite a bit actually. Same thing stands, it'd be great, but unlikely. :/
  5. To the best of my knowledge, Vril has never been considered an "element". More of a fluid. An "all-permeating fluid", to be exact. Fluids, by definition, can be either liquid or even gas. Taking the gas route, it would be even easier for HAARP to use in their arsenal. Gases in general are easier to use as biological weapons, or 'defense mechanisms'...if they choose to call them that. On another possibly related note, perhaps Nova 6 plays a larger role than we think.
  6. Richtofen side: one player. Sounds impossible? Maybe, haven't tried. HOWEVER...the only step that seems impossible to do is the EMP step. How to do it: 1. Get EMP's. 2. Throw EMP at a teleporter (not the one you're about to jump in to) 3. Throw EMP at teleporter (the one you ARE about to jump in to) 4. Jump into teleporter 5. Luckily acquire a Max ammo when you come our at the next teleporter. 6. Throw EMP at a teleporter (one in the distance somewhere) 7. Throw EMP at the teleporter you came out at. 8. Done Possible? Find out on the next episode of Mythbusters! ...or not...
  7. I wish. Hell we all do. But from now on it looks to be "COD: Future Ops".
  8. To add onto what Tac said about group 935 and Der Riese, let's also take into account the Group's logo in Origins. Such as at gen 2 with the tank station. I doubt they would waste time stamping that on there unless they were indeed there for a long time. (Prior to 1917)
  9. Ohhhh see that makes more sense. I thought it meant the entire story. But yeah interesting question. I'd say it's definitely possible that it's just a movie. But idk it's been a while since I've been deeply involved in the z universe. I'm a bit rusty.
  10. Well idk about it being a movie. But my theory on George is that the electrocution combined with the zombie attack created the "super zombie" that is George. The 115 from the zombie went into George like normal except the volts amped up the power of it. Maxis has pointed out the electrical properties in E115. But idk how it'd be a movie. Not sure how that'd fit in.
  11. I choose headshot. Reason: I love my headshots. Nickname... That one persistent upgrade that let's you deal more damage per headshot. :D
  12. Hellhounds Ever wonder why they have red eyes? Not just the ones on MotD, but all of them. Do they share the same controller as the red eyed zombies from MotD or what? Another thing to think about is how they teleport from random places (frequently inside the teleporters) on Der Riese even during regular zombies rounds. Perhaps they're teleporting from the same place in MotD when they are seen on the walls there. Just some thoughts here.
  13. That is true, the campaign team really doesn't have anything to do once done with the campaign itself. That's assuming it's even accurate to say that there are separate "teams" in development. I'm pretty sure there is indeed a "zombies team". But a multiplayer team and a campaign team? Is that a real thing? Honest question cuz idk.
  14. So.... It does have something to do with Turkey. Lol. Still sounds great. If only November 2015 was here...
  15. I haven't played that yet. Although I can say I wouldn't be surprised. After all, Dempsey can be heard in a few Steal Enix games if I'm not mistaken.
  16. I like the idea of free roam zombies but it'd be too easy to form trains. And it would basically become Dead Rising.
  17. *goosebumps* I love it but what exactly is the deal with the title?
  18. I just enjoy that initial feeling of starting up the new map. It's especially great when you first try it before watching game plays online.
  19. ^ the last time I checked a Turned game, there was one person playing. Just one... XD
  20. With the extra time AND next gen(current gen, whatever) consoles, they better put out some incredible stuff. My only worry is that they may over do it. Or try too hard and create something that really isn't the zombies we all love. And I agree with BHS, although MotD was probably my favorite map, I hope not to see any more "apparently" irrelevant content like it. Stick to the story. A "break", as Treyarch called it from the storyline shouldn't be nezazarry if the story is good enough. Another note, no more unanswered occurances. I mean i'd like to have a decent understanding of all storyline elements come the end of the game. With respect to possible cliff hangers or whatever. Ie what exactly is going on in resolution 1295(wow I still remember map names) that sort of thing should be answered by now. I'm not saying a little mystery is a bad thing, just don't overdo it And yeah I'd like to see more launch maps like kino and five and NOT like green run and NTZ.
  21. I would recommend looking at the firework display through a scoped rifle from the rooftop. ;)
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