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    Black Ops 4 Zombies Story line Concept

    Link Note: The following are just some notes I put together of where I’d like the storyline to go based on what we know so far. Groups of Characters where are they now? Origins Crew: Trapped in a time loop. Cannot interfere with major events directly. Origins Richtofen maintains a psychic link with Stuhlinger allowing him to relay messages and instructions to the tranzit crew. At the time of this Map Primus Crew is in the middle of a war for Der Eisendrache shortly before they win and fall off the face of history. Where they end up after the battle is yet another mystery which may or may not be discovered later on Tranzit Crew: In the perfect world hiding from Monty. Stuhlinger receives instructions and messages from Origins Richtofen. Tranzit Crew communicates and Raise the Children via radio messages as well as inform them of the situation. They woke up in the New World after the events of the Zombies comic and immediately start taking instructions from Primus Richtofen. Stuhlinger must act for him while he is trapped in the Loop. They were awake during the events of Revelations and managed to hide the children on the remains of the Original Earth. The Children: Now adults hiding among the ruins of the Old Multiverse. Training all their lives to breach the perfect world. They vaguely remember who they were in their past lives and how they came to be on Earth 1. Their version of Richtofen tends to remember the most of who he was before his soul was collected. There are also reasons as to why we don't see Richtofen's soul being collected. Every version of richtofen has secrets thats pretty much the Bane of Monty's Existance. Map Overview: Link takes place in 4 corners of the earth. Japan, Russia, Germany, and America. Each player spawns in a different area and must activate a teleporter to link the areas. There is no Announcer until after the egg. The easter egg revolves around accessing the new world. To do this the players must listen in on the radios for vague instructions from the Tranzit crew. In each of the 4 areas there is a tower that must be lit. Upon lighting up all the towers the players can then initiate a Link which must be done in a time Limit. Lighting the Beacon means the remaining Apothicons can sense a connection to the perfect world. If the rest of the Egg cannot be completed in Time the Apothicons will use the breach to enter the perfect world and the Map will be altered to represent failure. If the Egg is completed in Time the 4 characters will successfully breach and arrive in the perfect version of the map now taking place in Monty’s reality. Post Egg interactions are just bits of Lore from character quotes and Monty interacting with the new crew and catching them up on "His version" of the zombies storyline. Players will be greeted by Monty who will mention that Richtofen and his crew traveled around the multiverse at one point and killed all other versions of themselves save for “The Children”. He tries to convince them that he is not the bad guy but rather just a tired God that wants to let things be as they are. He will also attempt to use guilt into making the new crew think they're doing wrong by allowing the 115 they bring with them to pollute and spread across his world. Anyways. I'm tired of Typing. Sleepy. Night. It's been fun typing something again like the good old days. Maybe not as detailed but whatevs
  2. Black Hand Smith

    Did Blundell Just Kill Zombies?

    So...... elephant in the room. Everything you've worked for over the past 10 years just got thrown in the flusher in favor of a new zombies storyline that has nothing to do with anything. What are your thoughts on the reveal? Personally I am really disappointing with the reveal. Was hoping we would get to continue the storyline but now it feels like it was all for naught except for Blood of the Dead which will probably be our final look into the Real Zombies Storyline.
  3. Black Hand Smith

    Did Blundell Just Kill Zombies?

    In the original Fountain of Worlds Universe the fountain could be used to travel through dimensions and time periods. The oracle was the fortune teller from Carnival of Evil. You can find this in the Zombie Labs section of these forums. Never got to that point in the story though. I got lazy and stopped writing. But she besically becomes the Keeper of the fountain due to her ability to see through dreams and meets another character from one of my other stories
  4. Black Hand Smith

    Did Blundell Just Kill Zombies?

    Only thing that Amuses me though is that I had a concept mapped out called Die-Tanic. Don't think I ever really expanded it much but It was a joke concept and now there's actually a titanic map. Also my fountain of worlds concept with the fountain that acted as a gateway to different time periods and dimensions. Never got around to the reveal of who the oracle was but it amuses me that I once again predicted shit by accident. coincidences aside I'd much prefer the old storyline
  5. Black Hand Smith

    Black Ops 4 Zombies Story line Concept

    Ahhhh I mean. I don't really have any inside information on anything ya know. But if I had to guess we'd either see Monty as an announcer or just get the default demonic voice. We already know Monty Announcer quotes have already been recorded and are unused from revelations. They could always just reuse the unused sound files
  6. Black Hand Smith

    Black Ops 4 Zombies Story line Concept

    As of now I have no real plans to flesh this out. Lately I've been really busy with Work and school but I might do something later down the line to kinda expand this or work on something new just for old times sake. Also there's no announcer until after the egg because there is no one left in the old multiverse. Once you get into the perfect world though Monty begins announcing and narrating
  7. Member when Smith used to make Map Concepts? OOH I MEMBER!



    1. The Meh

      The Meh

      I kinda thought you still did. =I

  8. Black Hand Smith

    The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    Guess whos Back!! Just heard about the new trial system and decided to throw my hat into the ring. It's been a while since my last log in to Codz. Looking forwards to this.
  9. Black Hand Smith

    Xmas 2015 Day 8: The Grand Finale

    ( In samantha’s Room our 4 Heroes stand in front of Samantha Maxis. Many references to every single map are seen as she puts away her toys in the toy chest, Cleaning up) Samantha: Eddy, my dearest friend…you have done well, The Great Evil has been vanquished. Edward: I know sam, However we both know what needs to happen next for everything to be set right once and for all. Dempsey: What do you mead Richtofen? We’re done! We’re finished! Lets go home! Edward: I’m Afraid I have not been entirely truthful. We do not belong in that world….we can never belong. Nikolai: But our families?! Our Old Lives? What about them? Takeo: I have a duty to my emperor! Edward: Your memories are all false. Their only purpose was to give you a reason to fight against the forces of evil. It was your motivation. Edward: I am sorry, but in order to fix the universe we must get rid of all paradoxes that may disrupt the fabric of reality. If even one of us returns then everything will be undone and we will be doomed to repeat these events for all eternity. Dempsey: you lied to us richtofen! Edward: I’m sorry Dempsey…… I am so Sorry… Samantha: You must understand, even if your memories are false the people in those memories are all real. Each and every one of them. So think about it for a bit and then decide. …………………………… …………………………. ……………………….. Nikolai: If it is for the greater good then perhaps it is best…. Dempsey: I’m not happy about this…….. but maybe you might be right nikolai…. ( The door to samantha’s room opens shining a bright light ) Samantha: Are you ready my heroes? You only need to step into the light…. Takeo: Sometimes the most Honorable of actions are left unnoticed…. But without them the world would not be a better place… ( Takeo enters the Light) Nikolai: So…. Little girl…. What is beyond the light? Samantha: Do not worry Nikolai.. even when the world is set straight I will protect you ( Nikolai Nods and Enters the Rift) ( Dempsey looks at Samantha and says nothing as he enters the Light) Edward: Well Samantha… it’s been fun……. It’s all up to you now to make your world a better place. It’s your turn now Sam…. I think I’m finished…. Samantha grabs Edward’s hand and leads him into the Light as the door closes…. Behind them. The sun rises in the Distance shining light to 4 Soldiers in an abandoned Airfield. The Nazi’s are being captured and they share drinks for the Victory of WWII. Maxis is captured by the Americans and is taken away from Germany to work on other projects. You see der riese but without the teleporters or the drawing of hellhounds, not a single trace of 115. Meanwhile Nero perfects his Magic Act and brings back his career. He takes a glass and pours a drink as he sits down and reads a book . Vincent hides in the alley with his partner as they prepare to take down a group of Mobsters. They knock down the backdoor to an apartment and see Finn, Sal, and Billy who are shocked to see that they have been caught. They are arrested and sent to Alcatraz. Where they spent their time in their cells. Reading Albert Arlington’s Comic book, Flight of the Icarus. It is revealed that In this correct timeline Weasel did not go into crime and instead continued his comic book career. Jessica is Finally on her way to becoming an actress as she prepares to leave town. She gets in a car and looks back at the now Normal Morg City. Cambell fights many times and continues to lose and he is given a chance to cheat. He holds in his hands the Brass Knuckles but instead he just drops them on the floor and continues to train in hopes that perhaps one day he can become a champion. Call of the Dead becomes a Hit Film as the 4 actors walk down the Red carpet as George Romero Shakes hands with various Fans. They sit down and begin watching the film premier. Due to the 115 and the secret tests not occurring Russman never gets fired and he does not lose his mind. Russman looks very different, Healthier, younger, and fitter. Stuhlinger is still as paranoid as ever but he has a job as a Reporter and lives a semi normal life. Misty and Martlon Pass by each other in the bus station but don’t know who they are. Marlton Looks back and so does misty as if some form of long forgotten familiarity is remembered but they can’t quite remember what it is. We get one more glimpse at the locations from past maps and we see that they are normal. No Zombies, all in working order. Villagers in the tribe, Scientists working on Rockets, a Fogless Tranzit, The Moon has no bases on it. ( Samantha opens the door to her new room and begins to pull out her toys. Some crayons and paper.) “The Heroes were rewarded with riches beyond imagination….. ( Samantha pulls out the 4 Toys depicting her heroes) “From that day forward they knew That Samantha would keep them Safe…” ( She begins to draw their Story) Forever…………. ( The Screen starts zooming out revealing that Samantha is now a young woman and her drawing with crayons has transformed into a professional comic. She is the writer of the Comic Book and she has kept her promise of rewarding them with riches and keeping them Safe. She has immortalized them in her comic book which shall be read for generations to come. They may be gone but they will be remembered forever and their deeds will never be forgotten although even the world will never know of the events that transpired)
  10. Shadows of evil! Tips, Tricks and Points of Interest Tips and Tricks ( Note, more tips and tricks will be added as I find the best ways to deal with them. Do you have a tip and trick? Feel free to comment with anything that works for you. RITUALS Tips and Tricks Monsters and Beasts Tips and Tricks Training Guide Tips and Tricks Gadgets and Weaponry Tips and Tricks Moving around the Map Tips and Tricks Using GobbleGum (Coming Soon) Misc Tips and Tricks Surviving Glitches Tips and Tricks Points of Interest Mastering Shadows of Evil Tips and Tricks
  11. Legacy of the Damned is getting it's own standalone Story


    I'll be writing the story from the very beginning but this time as an actual journal/narrative rather than a zombies map concept. 

  12. Black Hand Smith

    DLC 3 Ending Cutscene "Concept"

    Richtofen: "This one sure put a fight..... however our mission is almost at an end, All of them have been collected..... now we only need to put them in place..." Nikolai: What do you mean?? Richtofen " We must go back and ensure the events of the past come to pass...." Flash" Teleporting through rift ( Richtofen leaves the Summoning key in the Excavator Tunnels) Richtofen: Now, those chain of events must be set in motion Germany, Breslau 1945 and again....... AND AGAIN Richtofen journeys through Shi No Numa.....ascension, Shanri-la until he arrives on the Moon Takes the Summoning Key and Attempts to Gain control of the MPD's Powers. However this time..... When the MPD is Opened..... it absorbs the Souls of the 4 Characters we have killed. And at this point, at this exact moment in time. 4 heroes will be sent to stop an ancient evil.
  13. Black Hand Smith

    I'm done.

    Hello Old Friend. I came back to Codz just to tell you Dont leave Codz. You've done so much for it and anyone that says you keep spam posting can go eat a D--- You do great work here. However if you ever feel like you need somewhere else to be...... you know where to find me
  14. I think I just uncovered the "key" to unlocking a 3 year old question. I know have reason to believe when and where the events of Mob of the Dead take place


    Soon this beautiful community will be United once more

    and the Zombie Slayers will cover the WEB!

    AAHHH what a glorious day that will be for you!

    You will be the heroes that have saved the entire community!




    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      For some reason I read that in maxis's voice....

    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Which makes even LESS sense as that quote is from richtofen.

  16. I think it might be a new Theory but I can't be sure...

    I can only see EVERYTHING in the community from up here...



    1. PINNAZ


      Well. Congratulations. Why are you telling us?

    2. Tac


      That's awesome, but like PINNAZ said, why?

    3. NaBrZHunter


      If it's not Brains....I can't say I put much stock in its value. 

  18. Fetch me their brains.......THEIR BRAINS!!........

    FETCH ME THEIR TEARS!......and put them in a Jar....

    time for a FORUM SALE!






  19. The POWER!!!!

    THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!





    But first.....Let us finish this little game....


  20. Who are you?

    We are no one....

    Nothing wills stand in our way

    We will finish what TH3 HURTL0CK3R started

    There were stories about what happened

    It's true.....all of it

    TH3 AR3

    The PlaytheGamers

    They're real.....

    The Future.Proof

    It's are calling to you

    Just let it in


    1. NaBrZHunter


      Really, mate? lol :biggrin:

  21. I have an idea for a Curse of the Lycan Spinoff. 

    Not a Sequel to the story but rather a different story all together featuring some gameplay elements that were cut from the concept. 

    I think I would call this spin off

    Order of the Lycan or perhaps Path of the Lycan

    The story would be about 4 tribe members in a distant universe who harness the power to turn into wolves. Using this power they must defeat a hoard of undead that are currently attacking their world. 

    Just a starting Idea nothing Solid yet. 


  22. Curse of the Lycan

    Zombies Concept Reveal 

    Coming to Codz 1/31/16


    1. Black Hand Smith

      Black Hand Smith

      Curse of the Lycan Reveal 

      An old London Town.....Ravaged by a Monster which is half man and half beast. A mysterious Cult and ritualistic ceremonies, . 4 people are brought together as they fight for their lives against an endless hoard of the undead. Will they be able to break the curse? Or are there even darker forces lurking in the Shadows?

      Find out on 1/31/16

      First on Codz

  23. Character Reveal 1

    “ My name is Dr. Henry Engleton. Psychologist. It has come to my attention that a rash wave of Insanity has plagued one of the towns in the lower districts. I have been sent from London to deal with the Matter. I suspect it is nothing more than the ramblings of old drunkards. The district itselfis not known for it’s amount of sober individuals. Nevertheless I will take this assignment”

  24. 5 days till the big unveiling of my new Concept. And for once I plan to stay on scheduled

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