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  1. Can you elaborate on this? I don't recall seeing or hearing about this anywhere previously.
  2. The wall weapon in that picture appears to be the Razorback, which is an SMG in the beta.
  3. Hey guys, so I'm pretty new to Destiny (level 25), and I was wondering if there's anyone here at CODZ who would like to play with me. I haven't done the VoG Raid, so I'm looking to do that, and I'm considering buying the dlc. So if anyone wants to play and just have have a good time, you can add me on Xbox One at Emory11112222. I know a few of you are on my friends list and play Destiny, and it would be cool if you could help out a noob like me.
  4. @PINNAZ You're right, the password has changed. I wonder whether it's just to keep us from viewing it anymore, or if there's a new password we can find. It could possibly update with new info. It's short for the gun. Loved it in Black Ops. I've actually never heard of Aug being used as Augmentation until now. So much info in so little time. Luckily we're all here to catch it. The hype is real my friends!
  5. I don't think so. Everything was there when I read it the first time, including what I posted. However, the part I posted doesn't load in until you scroll down towards the bottom of the page. This is referring to the website where you can view it, not your original post.
  6. You appear to be missing the last part of this. ::MODULE_4.0//:INITIALIZING… Posted 1 week ago Singapore, 2037 The facility Väst mentioned is just a few stops away—no transfers and normally an easy commute. Sadly, the aug’s death has killed that, too. As soon as I input my destination, a barrage of updates confirms it won’t be an easy trip thanks to backed up traffic, pedestrian detours, forensic roadblocks by on-site police. Even delivery drones are being rerouted. Desperate to avoid the congestion, my device warns, attempts to reroute, updates my ETA every ten feet until, exh
  7. So I found an interesting glitch on Five today. After killing the Pentagon thief with the death machine I was able to switch between my two guns and the death machine. I could do this until the death machine power up went away. Just thought that was kind of neat.

    1. YdaJdiMstr®


      Want to see an awesome glitch on 5? Your teammates can kill you between rounds with a bowie... http://www.twitch.tv/ydajdimstr/c/5076325

  8. Those two pictures, both from this thread http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/178522-future-zombies-treyarch-hints-from-dice-chat/: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-117086-0-44278900-1423094658.jpg http://i.gyazo.com/7ce25101cad29fac787d983c6e079dd8.pngThanks, I had seen them in a thread, but I couldn't find them again. Also the filename has the letters jfk in it. Could that refer to the portrait on Five being of John F. Kennedy? The one on Kino doesn't necessarily have to be him as it could be a reused texture, and the one on
  9. This reminds me of those two pictures from Mark Lamia's presentation that had Richtofen crossed out. Sorry I can't find them though. If I remember correctly it was the Origins Richtofen crossed out in both pictures. This leads me to believe that there's a possibility that the unknown portrait could be the Origins Richtofen, which would make sense as that portrait could exist alongside the larger portrait of our other Richtofen. However, the possibility of the unknown portrait being Origins Richtofen isn't my main point. My main point is that what @Tattoo247 said about the time travel havin
  10. What should I do?

    1. Delta


      Get 340 Kills on No Man's Land.

      Or play 2 Box Hit, and Jug + free perk bottles only on any map.

    2. AUG


      Sounds like a plan... for tomorrow!

  11. I still have to do the Buried easter egg on Richtofen' s side. We could not get past the sharpshooter step. If anyone needs help you can add me Xbox.
  12. I like the idea of challenges in zombies. Like the others have said they shouldn't be too difficult, and should also be rewarding. They need to offer a good reward so that instead of feeling like you're being forced to do them you actually want to do them. My idea for challenges has to do with pack a punch. Say you have a Galil. Instead of just spending 5000 points to upgrade it, you have to get 50 headshots and kill 115 zombies before you're allowed to. Or you can complete the challenges for that weapon and get a separate upgrade from a different machine. You could also pack a
  13. Hey guys anyone up for some Black Ops 1? If not that's cool. Feel free to add me on Xbox. Gamertag: Emory11112222

    1. Boom115


      I'll be on in about an hour. If it's not too late.

    2. AUG


      That's fine with me. See you on later.

  14. My connection is pretty bad, so when I play with friends in public match it usually puts only us in a lobby. Otherwise we just wait until the other people leave and then we are good to go.
  15. Welcome to Codzombies! I'm interested in the story myself and I am sure you will enjoy your time here. :D
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