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  1. Member when Smith used to make Map Concepts? OOH I MEMBER!



    1. Inconcievable


      I kinda thought you still did. =I

  2. Legacy of the Damned is getting it's own standalone Story


    I'll be writing the story from the very beginning but this time as an actual journal/narrative rather than a zombies map concept. 

  3. Richtofen: "This one sure put a fight..... however our mission is almost at an end, All of them have been collected..... now we only need to put them in place..." Nikolai: What do you mean?? Richtofen " We must go back and ensure the events of the past come to pass...." Flash" Teleporting through rift ( Richtofen leaves the Summoning key in the Excavator Tunnels) Richtofen: Now, those chain of events must be set in motion Germany, Breslau 1945 and again....... AND AGAIN Richtofen journeys through Shi No Numa.....ascension, Shanri-la until he arrives on the Moon Takes the Summoning Key and Attempts to Gain control of the MPD's Powers. However this time..... When the MPD is Opened..... it absorbs the Souls of the 4 Characters we have killed. And at this point, at this exact moment in time. 4 heroes will be sent to stop an ancient evil.
  4. I think I just uncovered the "key" to unlocking a 3 year old question. I know have reason to believe when and where the events of Mob of the Dead take place


    Soon this beautiful community will be United once more

    and the Zombie Slayers will cover the WEB!

    AAHHH what a glorious day that will be for you!

    You will be the heroes that have saved the entire community!




    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      For some reason I read that in maxis's voice....

    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Which makes even LESS sense as that quote is from richtofen.

  6. I think it might be a new Theory but I can't be sure...

    I can only see EVERYTHING in the community from up here...



    1. PINNAZ


      Well. Congratulations. Why are you telling us?

    2. Tac


      That's awesome, but like PINNAZ said, why?

    3. NaBrZHunter


      If it's not Brains....I can't say I put much stock in its value. 

  8. Fetch me their brains.......THEIR BRAINS!!........

    FETCH ME THEIR TEARS!......and put them in a Jar....

    time for a FORUM SALE!






  9. The POWER!!!!

    THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!





    But first.....Let us finish this little game....


  10. Welcome to Codz. Oh wait.....you look....familiar....... By any chance are you a 40 year old social worker? Because we have one on the PlaytheGame forums who is also a Vicky
  11. Just remember this phrase Dream Catchers Protect Children From Bad Dreams The Dream Catchers Will Protect the Children from the Nightmares
  12. Who are you?

    We are no one....

    Nothing wills stand in our way

    We will finish what TH3 HURTL0CK3R started

    There were stories about what happened

    It's true.....all of it

    TH3 AR3

    The PlaytheGamers

    They're real.....

    The Future.Proof

    It's are calling to you

    Just let it in


    1. NaBrZHunter


      Really, mate? lol :biggrin:

  13. I have an idea for a Curse of the Lycan Spinoff. 

    Not a Sequel to the story but rather a different story all together featuring some gameplay elements that were cut from the concept. 

    I think I would call this spin off

    Order of the Lycan or perhaps Path of the Lycan

    The story would be about 4 tribe members in a distant universe who harness the power to turn into wolves. Using this power they must defeat a hoard of undead that are currently attacking their world. 

    Just a starting Idea nothing Solid yet. 


  14. Easter Egg Song Zombie LOADING SCREEN MUSIC Curse of the Lycan [Concept] LOADING SCREEN Synopsis: Werewolves… Curses, and cults. A town being ravaged by a demon. An alternate London town. Will you be able to lift the curse? Or are there darker forces at work? Only one way to find out, Experience Curse of the Lycan. Intro: Zombies are Rampaging through the town, No one is safe. Screams can be heard in the distance as the dead rip through the flesh of the living. Suddenly the werewolf starts running through the streets tearing everything apart as it runs. You follow it around the whole town until it reaches a cliff, looks up at the moon and howls. Meanwhile on the other side there is a graveyard. The 4 Characters look down at the town and the horror below, knowing they must return down there or be mauled in the woods. Round Start You spawn in a Misty Graveyard in the outskirts of town. In the distance you can hear Howls coming from the town. The graveyard is actually on a hill so you can look down at a zip line that leads down to the townsquare. You can also get an entire view of town from here.. Zombies spawn from the ground and will hop over the fence that surrounds the graveyard. Wooden signs have your starting room weapons. Once you have acquired enough points pay 750 points to go down to the town Pay 750 to open up the Zipline and Ride it down to the town square. The first thing you will hear when you step foot into the town is a bloodcurdling Howl. The Lycanthrope will appear for the first time and attack players. It will let out a mighty roar which causes all players to experience a flashbang like sensation. From this point the Lyncathrope will start roaming the map. The town square is full of home’s, Shops, and of course, alleyways. In the very center of the square there is a Fountain which is currently filled with Blood. Next to the fountain there is a Gobblegum machine however instead of a Lion it has a Wolf Head. The fountain itself is special. Press X or Square to make a wish. Wishes cost 100 points and each time you pay money the price doubles. What do wishes do? Well, making wishes increases your luck for a single round. Special Pack a Punch ammunition will recharge faster, you will have more odds of a zombie dropping powerups as well as increase the chances of a Zombie dropping a free perk, a Bonfire Sale, or a death machine. The Town Square has 3 areas to go to. Each connected but also separated from each other. All 3 Paths cost 1000 to 2000 points points. The first Path will lead you to Pennsworth Manor. This Manor is the richest location on the map and is a completely interior area. Walk up the broken Gate and open the Door for 2000 points. The Pennsworth Manor is this old Victorian mansion. Once the home of a Doctor and his adopted son, it now lays in ruins. Pennsworth is made up of 3 Areas. The first area being the front gate and entrance stated earlier. The second Area is the Mansion Itself. You’ve got your Mess Hall, Messy Bedrooms, a Ballroom that is almost entirely torn down from the madness and of course you’ve got the Final Area, The Pennsworth Garden which contains a Hedge Maze, a Gazebo a Pond flowing with water and statues. The District is a large area of the map composed mostly of houses in poor but livable conditions. The ground is muddy and all the houses are made up of Wood and Stone. Due to the recent Zombie Infestation the district is in a much worse condition. Some houses are on fire, Doors are broken down and some paths are completely blocked by fires making you go through the wreckage of the houses in search of a path through The Observatory takes place mostly inside. The Telescope room resembles a dome so it is a good place to train zombies. Only downside is there is only one exit. In this particular section of the map the Observatory/Telescope takes up the entire second floor. However the ground floor is a Base for a secret cult known as the Star Cult or The Children of the Stars. This ground floor has small fires and many of the books have been burned and the shelves have been mostly cleaned out. Small relics can be found on the Shelves Perk Machines: Perk machines have no power. Instead players need to get headshots near the perk machines. As players get headshots the meat from their broken bodies will weigh down the scales and when enough weight is reached the perk is activated. Perks spawn in random places except for quick revive which always spawns in the grave. Juggernog: More Health! Speed Cola: Fast Reload! Double Tap II: Double Bullets! Quick Revive: Read the name Slip N Slide Voltage: The New Slip N Slide. Unlike the Original Slip N Slide this new version of the perk swaps Ice for Electricity. Whenever you slide you will leave a trail of electricity on the ground which electrocutes zombies chasing after you. In lower rounds it will kill zombies however in Higher rounds it will cause zombies to stop moving for a bit as they get electrocuted Wolfs Bane Brain Drain: A Brand new Perk. When purchased it will allow you to gain some wolfish characteristics. When the Full Moon is out You get a +50% Melee Attack, You run at a faster speed, and you will have a little extra health. Mule Kick: Triple weapon New Gobblegum! Delivery Service: 2x Activation. First activation Will cause the next weapon you buy from box or Wall to vanish. Second activation will equip you with the weapon. Second Chance: 1X Use. Go back to the beginning of the round, Final Testimate: When Dead all your belongings become drops. Teammates can pick up your perks and your weapons Revenant: 1x Activation. Brings one random player back from the dead ?: A Mystery favored Grey GobbleGum. It will take the effect of any random Gobblegum including mega gobblegums. However you will not know what effect it will have until activated. New Drops Shock Therapy!: A new Powerup drop that resembles an Insane asylum chair. When activated Players will be surrounded in electricity allowing them to become Untouchable by zombies for 30 seconds. In later rounds it will not kill zombies but will keep them electrified long enough for players to get out of a corner. Like a Buffed Up electric cherry combined with Exo Zombie’s Star Powerup Happy Hour!: When Happy Hour is activated it slashes perk prices in Half for a short period of time. New Ammo Type Silver Bullets: This bullet type penetrates zombies more and will occasionally disintegrate zombies in a beam of light. Frost Bullets: Occasionally bullets will cause frost damage, freezing any nearby zombies in place which can then be killed instantly with the next bullet that hits them. New Buildables The Shield: Once more you can Build the Shield However this time it is made from glass and Metal allowing you to see through it. The Monster Hunter: A Blunderbuss. Collect Old Rifles to create this silver weapon that shoots out shiny pellets. Works almost identically to the Blundergat however it does silver damage and can also have a second special ammo type. It also has 2 silver snakes coiled around it The Guillotine: A portable Trap similar to the Buried version but this time made of real steel and professionally made. - Bosses The Lycanthrope: Large Werewolf that wanders the map and can only be killed with silver bullets. Regular Bullets will slow it down but only silver does the trick. This wolf wanders around following the players whenever the Full Moon is out. The Sky has clouds which move around which at times blocks the moon while at other times allows the full brightness of the moon to shine. Each game the patterns are randomized. However occasionally Lightning will strike and hit it in the head. When this happens the Lycanthrope becomes enraged and it grows slightly bigger. It’s eyes glow fiery red with Electric sparks and It will run after players. If it gets a chance it will Pounce at you. The Lycanthrope is vulnerable when it jumps so shooting it in the face when it does so will cause it to be knocked back. If it takes enough damage during the round it will kneel and cover it’s face. While it is in this weakened state it will turn back into a Man and lie there for a round or 2. However it will eventually turn back into a Wolf. Once you acquire Silver Bullets you can kill the beast. When it dies it will go away for 5 whole rounds. It will also drop a free perk. Once the Pack a Punch is opened rifts begin to open in various locations around the map as the shadows begin their invasion. The Zombie Eyes turn Black with small sparks emitting from them The Shadows: Beings that resemble humans but completely shrouded in shadows. When killed they vanish into black smoke. Shadows have the ability to teleport as well as the ability to only be seen by the person they are currently attacking thus making it a bit harder for teammates to cover for their allies. The Night Gaunt: The Night Gaunt is a gargoyle like creature with black leather wings and a Black leathery body. It has a long tail and sharp claws. It has no eyes and no mouth. The Night Gaunts will attack the perk machines and attempt to lift the machines away from the map. If left to their devices for too long they will fly away with the perk in tow making it unavailable for purchase for the next 2 rounds. An alert will tell you when a perk machine is being attacked Characters Soul Surged: The More Kills you get the more souls you collect. When the Soul Meter is Full you can activate your character's special ability. This is called a soul surge. Henry : A british Psychologist. Until now he believed that the town was falling under some form of mass hysteria. However, now he is not so sure. He does not believe in curses but when he falls under it’s spell upon arriving at the site he begins to question not only his own sanity but the state of the world. Henry is a realist, He does not believe in anything supernatural and considers anyone who believes in those things to be beneath him. He pretty much hates everyone in his group but as long as it keeps him alive he will stay in the group. Soul Surge: Henry pulls out a pair of electric prongs which he can use to electrify zombies. The Electricity chains John: John is a town drunk. Nobody likes John. However even before the current mysteries he has always had dreams of shadowy figures lifting him out of his bed and taking him into the night. He finds Rachel Curious and dislikes Henry. He agrees with Rufus but mostly because he believes the Beast should be killed. Soul Surge: John Pulls out molotov cocktails which can be thrown for an explosive impact Rachel: A cultist. She dells into the Black arts and believes that the apocalypse is of her own doing. She believes that the undead are a product of a Spell gone wrong. Rachel Is full of Mystery and her cult may or may not have some truth to it. She dresses up in somewhat fine clothing although her personality is deranged and insane. Soul Surge: Rachel Pulls out a Cane with a Silver Wolf had on the handle. She can swing it around and knock out zombies Rufus: A Hunter. After many reports of a monstrous beast terrorizing the town he arrives in order to find it and kill it. According to him he has hunted a variety of other animals in his life but what he finds in this town is beyond even HIS skills. Rufus can be arrogant and hates Henry. He believes all problems can be shot to death. Soul Surge: Rufus pulls out a Rifle which has unlimited ammo since it runs on the clock. The Bullets do more penetration and can chain zombies Secret Notes Character Bios Henry “ My name is Dr. Henry Engleton. Psychologist. It has come to my attention that a rash wave of Insanity has plagued one of the towns in the lower districts. I have been sent from London to deal with the Matter. I suspect it is nothing more than the ramblings of old drunkards. The district itselfis not known for it’s amount of sober individuals. Nevertheless I will take this assignment” John “ The Name is John…..just John….. I’ve seen things in my life. I’ve seen my family perish, I’ve seen the life wither away, and I myself am witness to what I have become. I am a drunken trash. However, I am not a Liar. I know what I saw coming out of the Pennsworth Manor. I hear plans to have me committed. Everyone think’s I’m crazy, They will see……They Will see….” Rufus “ Call me a Hunter. However I’m more than that. I’ve traveled the world and taken down countless beasts. Lions, Shot them, put their heads on the wall. Rhinos, Had them skinned and turned into boots, Wolves, Serpents, Elephants, you name it. I’ve seen it all. Now I find myself hunting something far more dangerous. Something Part Man……and Part Animal…” Rachel “ They called me crazy but soon I shall show them all. The beast which lurks in the night is of my own doing. There is no other explanation. However I cannot control the beast. In order to gain control of the creature I have summoned I will need to perform a spell. I should have everything together by the morrow. The Diary of Pennsworth. “ It has come to my attention that Mrs. Woodberry has locked herself away in her room and refuses to communicate with the rest of us. She seems to be experiencing some form of breakdown caused by the recent birth of her son Joffrey. The responsibility of taking care of the child has fallen unto me. Her grandmother refuses to take care of her daughter’s, Mind my language, Bastard Child and under the circumstances I cannot consciously leave the situation like this. If this keeps up I will have to hire a nanny for them, It is the least I could do after our long history together “ We have interviewed many women to act as Nanny for the child while his mother recovers from her psychosis. However each time we try introducing them to the child they fall into a daze and begin to lose their minds. One woman was so distraught she could not form coherent words for hours. I cannot comprehend this strange phenomena ” “ It has been some since those strange days. Joffrey has grown to be a fine young child although he lacks companionship from children his own age. Next week will be his 10th birthday and I’ve arranged a party for him at the estate. I’ve invited children from around the town to join us. However when I look into their eyes I sense a small inkling of emotion. Is this fear?” “ Joffrey has locked himself in his room. He keeps shouting for the voices to stop and I keep reminding him that there are no voices. He is not himself lately and keeps having recurring dreams of monstrous beings of unearthly origin that he claims lurk in the nothingness……. When will this stop? “ “ I awoke late one night to the sound of howls. I heard Glass breaking and the sound of heavy feet running through the dark halls of the manor. It was only after these events did I notice that Joffrey was no longer present within the household. To this day I do not know where he went or what exactly happened that fateful night. However ever since that night the town has never been the same, Strange Lights descended from the sky and Illuminated the soils of our land. The food became bitter and inedible, and those who drank the water found themselves going insane and in some cases began to perform acts of Cannibalism.” “ By the time you read this I will have already been dead. Until now I have never truly believed in a higher power. However the event happening before me only assure me that something far greater than ourselves exist. I can only hope that Joffrey is far away from this place, wherever he may be. If you find this note, then I must relay to you Joffrey’s final words before his disappearance. The fountain must be protected . “ The Star Cult “ Since the dawn of man we have looked to the stars. We are led to believe we are the only beings in existence. However, we think differently. I think there are dozens of worlds out there as numerous as the stars themselves and those worlds including our own are connected by a string keeping it all together.” “ In ancient text it is believed that the first humans would practice rituals in order to harness the power of the Gods. We believe that under the right conditions we can recreate those rituals in hopes of opening a gateway and get a glimpse of the worlds beyond our own. However according to the text, it will require a location strong in interdimensional energy“ “ Our ritual….. Could it have been successful? Many years ago we attempted it and now a Monster lurks in the shadows spreading fear and chaos. This creature is not of this world, it could only be from ANOTHER world. Perhaps like our own but different in many ways! We must find it and we must study it! We cannot allow these peasants to kill it in their ignorance.” Minor Easter eggs and Upgrades The Fountain: The fountain may grant you wishes but after the easter egg is completed the Fountain will become Murky. You look inside the fountain and you will see events taking place somewhere else. Pennsworth Diary: Around the Map there are various Pages to a diary. Each time you collect a you will hear what it says as if being read by the writer. If you manage to collect all the pages to the diary you can enter the Pennsworth Manor and place the completed notebook in the fireplace. Doing so will give all players a free Perk Easter Eggs The Last Ritual: Open the Fountain of Worlds Step 1: Go to the Fountain and you will see 4 Holes Step 2: Go to the Pond behind Pennsworth Manor and Throw a Grenade into it. The Pond will drain. When you go back to the fountain a Stream of Blue Water will be spouting from one of the Holes Step 3: Go the Observatory, There will be a Faucet that Is turned on, the knob is broken. Throw another Grenade to break it. The second stream will be Green. Step 4: Head to the Ruined District, There will be a Broken Pipe here leaking water. Throw another grenade to block the water. A red stream will appear in the fountain Step 5: The easiest stream to activate is on the fountain itself. A small rock blocks the flow of Water. Throw a grenade into the fountain to unblock it and release a stream of yellow water. Step 6: Collect a Shovel located in the District Ruins. Go back up the Zipline and head up to the Grave on top of the Hill. Use the Shovel to dig up a woman Step 7: Collect the Woman’s Skull and bring it to the fountain. Step 8: The Skull will begin to glow, turn to dust and enter the fountain, Opening various portals to other worlds and opening the pack a punch In Game Cutscene: Portals begin to open up around the fountain and you see many visions. You see The depths of the Oceans, the Blackness of Space, A Huge forest Landscape and a barren wasteland. However one particular portal opens which is shrouded in darkness. Out of this portal various beings start coming out and a big booming voice starts narrating over the Map. Pack a Punch: The Pack a Punch is Located inside the fountain of Worlds. Occasionally a Portal will Open in the center of the Map allowing you to jump in and access the Machine. When you go inside you will find yourself on top of a Huge Tower. Overhead there is a huge Rip and down below there is a War going on between Mankind and the undead. Looking from the side of the tower you can find Fool looking Puzzled at the Visitors from another reality, a reality far far away from this one. After 30 seconds the portal wills send you back to the Graveyard Spawn Area. - Opening the Gate Step1: Pack a Punch your weapon to get Blast Furnace Step 2: Around the Map there are 4 Lamps. One in Pennsworth Manor, the second in the Ruins of the District, The Third can be found hanging from a tree in the graveyard and the last one can be found inside the observatory near a book case. Light them up Step 3: Press X on each of these Lamps in order to Hold the Flame in your Hand. From this point you cannot run, you cannot Attack, If you get hit you drop the flame. Take each flame and take them to the fountain Step 4: The fountain has 4 wolf head carvings on the sides. Press X to place a Flame inside the mouth. Upon doing this the Carvings will come Alive so that the Fountain has 4 Living Wolf Heads with Glowing Blue Eyes and Electric Sparks. Step 5: Camp near the fountain because each wolf head will need to be fed 50 Zombie souls each. Step 6: Once the wolf heads are fed they will turn back into stone but their eyes will continue to glow blue. Now you will need to ring some bells Step 7: There are bells around the Map. You will need to ring them in a specific order. Use a Sniper rifle for a better view although regular weapon can be used. This step is impossible for solo Players, you will need to use 4 players in order to hit them in time. One Bell can be found in the Pennsworth Garden, two can be found in the observatory first floor, 2 Can be found near the fountain and the last one can be found in the ruins under some rubble. Step 8: Once you have located the Bells, go to the Observatory first floor and collect music sheets which are scattered around the Observatory. Bring them to the Pennsworth Manor Step 9: Place the Notes on a Piano inside the first floor of the Pennsworth Manor. Then press X to hear the Music. Listen closely and try to recreate the exact same tune using the bells. It will require patience, trial and error, and most of all teamwork in order to get the sounds right. Step 10: A Larger Rift will open on top of the Fountain and a huge Wolf with glowing blue eyes and electricity will pop it’s head through. Step 11: boss Battle The Overseer: At this point the Wolf will open it’s mouth and begin inhaling. It will suck up zombies and creatures and start eating them. The Overseer will come to the fountain and begin to attack. The key to this boss right is to keep damaging the overseer with silver bullets in the right place so that the Overseer Stumbles. When the overseer Stumbles it will allow the Wolf God to bite the overseer and deal real damage. Keep doing this till the Wolf God completely drains the Overseer of health. The Overseer will quickly lunge at players arms wide open. Getting hit will drain half your health. The Overseer can also summon Shadows and NightGaunts to attack you Achievements The Last Ritual: Open the Fountain of Worlds Opening the Gate: Summon a God Nightmare Voyage: Prevent the NightGaunts from stealing any perks Power of the Beast: Tame the Wolf - Story Ending The Wolf God begins to devour the overseer until it finally lifts it’s head and swallows. However a few droplets of darkness drip from the lifeless body of the overseer into the fountain waters. The Wolf God Looks down at the players one last time and then vanishes, closing all the portals except for the Pack a Punch portal. The Zombie Eyes continue being black with sparks. Rewards: The Lycan now attacks zombies instead of players. All Perma Perks, Quotes Henry “ You seem to be suffering from Cannibalistic Psychosis. Luckily the best cure is Bullets!” “ These apparitions are probably nothing more than a hallucination caused by water contaminants. However I will continue to play along with this dream” “ John, why do you drink? Could it be that this is your way of coping with pain?” “ Rufus, you hunt because it makes you feel like more of a man. “ “Rachel, you are as insane as they come, if it weren’t for the situation we are in right now I’d have you commited” “ What are these monstrous beings? I must be going insane!” John “ I saw it with my own eyes! The beast is among us!” “ What was that Blinding light?” “ I can feel my inside tingling” “ These contain no alcohol? What’s the point?” “ I can still see them in my mind, I need another drink” “ PLEASE MAKE THEM GO AWAY!” “I must be drunk…shadow people? Flying Demons? “ “ I will do what I must even if it kills me, What else do I have to live for?” Rufus “ I’ve been to far reaches of the earth. If it walks the earth then I can kill it” “ These Brainless buffoon make for a boring hunt!” “ I will stuff you and put you on display!” “ John, I hate you, I think you’re a worthless drunk. However now is no time to choose allies” “ Get your worthless ass up!” “ Hey somebody! I am down!” “ I’m dying…. GAK! It can’t end like this! Not before the final hunt” “ I feel like the hunter has become the hunted” “ I need a more suitable weapon!” “ It appears I have not accumulated enough status to use this facility” “ A drink is a drink I say! ……. Oh lord this is horrible!” “ With this I’ll be able to kill at a much faster pace!” “ This machine will double my kills!” “ I am out of ammunition! How am I supposed to fend of the ravaging hoards of the Undead?!” Rachel “ It’s the Beast! My beast! My monster!” “ I think it wants us to come to him” “ We are not a Cult, we are the children of the Stars! “ “ Is it really so insane for us to believe in multiple worlds? Does man not believe in an almighty god?” “ With this I can have a little fun……yes….lots of fun” “ I’m sending you back to where you came from!” “ Help me up! I can’t do this by myself!” “ This tastes like rubbish……never again..” The Overseer: “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…….. I AM…….AWAKE!” “ It has been a long time since I have seen anything other than darkness. You there! You have awoken me from my slumber. You have even opened the fountain for me! Soon even the Gods won’t be able to stop me! Now….. to take my place on the throne that is rightfully mine…..” “ You DARE! To stop me? Then this world shall know death, come to ME!” “ The Power of the Wolf means nothing to me. Neither is this broken child. Bow down to me or be devoured” “ You Filth! You Have a Summoned a Guardian! I will take care of it as soon as I take care of you.” “ NOOOOOO! IMPOSSIBLE! STAY AWAY YOU FILTHY DOG!” “hehehehehehehe”
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