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  1. I just started playing a little bit of the BO3 maps. SO far just SOE And the chronicles maps. AS Far as story goes I’ve got much to learn. LOOKing forward to it. Sorry about that the capitlaziation haha. Typing this on my break and phone doesn’t agree with the mobile site at all. Can’t seem to get tapatalk anymore either
  2. And just like that, I have been resurrected onto this great community...of which I seem to have sadly abandoned(adulthood and responsibilities hit me like a ton of bricks...just an excuse, I know lol) . Lol I got an email notification when you tagged me. Thank you for the kind words, pal. I feel a bit nostalgic after hearing about that post I made ages ago. Glad to know it meant something to ya. Happy slaying, guys! I’ll be sure to pop my head in from time to time. as far as my favorite posts on here...idk..too many great ones to choose just one. To be fair, I think the conversatio
  3. The first map I would go back to for nostalgic purposes would most likely be Der Riese. The countless hours I spent playing that map with friends probably exceeds that of any other map. Well, accept kino. For those who love kino(practically everyone), I think it's safe to say that was the most played map lol Idk actually. Maybe tranzit is my most nostalgic. I used to obsess over that map. Playing it for hours on end just looking around and trying to decipher little eggs here and there. Too many to choose from really. Every map has its own individual nostalgic feeling different from the rest
  4. Reading this post kind of makes me want to start a little mini series of posts here. Say, I was to go back and revisit the maps from waw and bo1&2 and just basically take it all in again and then write a few things of my nostalgic experiences for you guys. I've done similar in the past and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Idk. Lemme know if that's something anyone would be interested in and maybe when I have the time I'll sit down and go through it. Ps.. Super EE? Have a missed something? ..to be fair I've missed quite a bit. I've just barely played BO3 zombies. And what I have played has bee
  5. I can second this, man. Sometimes life just grabs you by the..you know.. and other things arise. Sometimes it's not because you don't have the time, but also it just doesn't seem as important to be considered a priority when juxtaposed to other aspects of your life. Family, work, planning for the future. Everything. It's like you really want for things to be simple like they used to be so you can sit down and actually enjoy a good game of zombitches. But you realize that time just doesn't want to allow that. Personally, I used to be, primarily, a solo player, but now whenever I do get a chanc
  6. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  7. @Nightmare Voyager Interesting, please explain. ...derp first post on CoDZ in months [emoji52]
  8. Whoa whoa....whoa. I just realized Electric Jesus is Arctic Jesus.... I thought...nvm...just wow.
  9. I'd buy it. And I know a lot of people would actually buy it simply because it says "call of duty".
  10. Welcome to the forum. It's great to have you. And I'll be checking that channel out momentarily. :D
  11. This has been talked about quite a bit actually. Same thing stands, it'd be great, but unlikely. :/
  12. To the best of my knowledge, Vril has never been considered an "element". More of a fluid. An "all-permeating fluid", to be exact. Fluids, by definition, can be either liquid or even gas. Taking the gas route, it would be even easier for HAARP to use in their arsenal. Gases in general are easier to use as biological weapons, or 'defense mechanisms'...if they choose to call them that. On another possibly related note, perhaps Nova 6 plays a larger role than we think.
  13. Richtofen side: one player. Sounds impossible? Maybe, haven't tried. HOWEVER...the only step that seems impossible to do is the EMP step. How to do it: 1. Get EMP's. 2. Throw EMP at a teleporter (not the one you're about to jump in to) 3. Throw EMP at teleporter (the one you ARE about to jump in to) 4. Jump into teleporter 5. Luckily acquire a Max ammo when you come our at the next teleporter. 6. Throw EMP at a teleporter (one in the distance somewhere) 7. Throw EMP at the teleporter you came out at. 8. Done Possible? Find out on the next episode of Mythbusters! ...o
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