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Der Wunderfizz in previous maps?


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In Black Ops 1, when PS3 and PC got Moon, Xbox got an update adding Mule Kick to all of the previous maps.

What if when PS3 and PC get Origins, Der Wunderfizz will be added to TranZit, (maybe) Nuketown, Die Rise, MotD, and Buried? That way, PhD, EC, and MK will be available in all previous maps!

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That would be a GREAT addition. T'would certainly add replayability in the older maps.

And so would have been a separate DLC pack for Zombies, with re-skinned maps from the previous game.

And so would have been a free OST download code.

And so would have been Grief on Origins.

... You getting my point yet? I don't Think trollarch feels like giving away free Zombies goods anymore.

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I'd be fine if it was just Nuketown. A lot of free perk spaces to be utilized there. As long as it had all the Black Ops 2 and Black Ops perks (maybe except Tombstone or Who's Who, no need for both), it'd be great. Utilise Who's Who or Tombstone, and you could possibly get all 11/12 perks if you're lucky enough!

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You getting my point yet? I don't Think trollarch feels like giving away free Zombies goods anymore.

Yeah, but 5 days after Rezurrection dropped for PS3 and PC, Treyarch released a patch that put Mule Kick across all the other Black Ops 1 maps asides from Moon.

What is to say they will not do a similar thing here? It seems like this is why Wunderfizz was made... to give us more than one more perk on previous maps.

Of course, I could just be clinging to false hope, but do not be surprised if Treyarch has one more trick up it's sleeve before it completely abandons BO2 altogether.

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I agree with max it seems highly unlikely that wunderfizz would be on any of the other maps given the,way it works in origins. By that I mean the generators powering it on.

Wouldn't mind if it was on transit though and motd.

Well, you need the generators to power the box and other perk machines too. I personally think this would be terrific on other maps regardless of its limitations on Origins.

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It doesn't fit the theme or the atmosphere. Also, the lightning bolt that hits Der Wunderfizz would look extremely silly in Buried, Mob of the Dead, and Die Rise, and it would be very insignificant in Tranzit.

The lightning bolt wouldn't have to be a reason to not have it on other maps, it could be replaced with a light like the mystery box but a different color or something.

Also, if this were to happen, I would spend all of the money in my bank to get Flopper in Die Rise. The amount of times I have gone down from fall damage in that map is much too high (LOLOLOL PUNS).

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If we DO see wonderfizz return to older maps, do you think the teddybear perma-perk would link to this as well?

I suppose it could be possible, but what would be considered a "good" perk if you received this perma-perk? I consider PhD Flopper to be an awesome perk, but if you don't have an explosive weapon, one of its main uses is rendered, well, useless. I would also consider Deadshot to not be a very good perk (personal opinion!), unless I have a sniper in my hands. Then that perk can be devastatingly good!

With the box, it seems a lot easier to decide whether a weapon is good or bad. Perks, not so much. It is possible, but I think it would have to be done differently somehow.

Maybe if you had the perma-perk, it always gave you Jug first? Or gave you perks you tended to buy more often in the past? Just throwing out some ideas :P

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