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  1. What if Russman was supposed to be a Super Soldier? He coulda gotten curious of what was hapening and went into the wrong room of the broken arrow base and was exposed to do much 115 that he lost his memory, much like Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo? Because Russ was no longer valuable to them (forgetting all of his training) they release him, and he lives a while as a hobo, usually sleepinf at the bus station, where Misty met him and stuff like that. Marlton could've of been the one testing on him, and when it failed, he was sent to nuketown to work?
  2. In Black Ops 1, when PS3 and PC got Moon, Xbox got an update adding Mule Kick to all of the previous maps. What if when PS3 and PC get Origins, Der Wunderfizz will be added to TranZit, (maybe) Nuketown, Die Rise, MotD, and Buried? That way, PhD, EC, and MK will be available in all previous maps!
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